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Uchia Ying
Age 31
Title Huntress, Teacher
Nickname Uchi, Bull-lady
Color Brown
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Feb 12th
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5'6
Professional Status
Partner Lust
Occupation Teacher(Currently)


Uchia is an (OLD) OC made by opaquanity. (I dont even know if I want her to get accepted right now. She needs major editing.)


Uchia is an average height, 5'6, thin woman with pale skin and freckles lining her cheeks and nose. Her hair is just below shoulder length, and is light brown on her left side while dark brown on the other.

Uchia's outfits vary, but she never fails to add her favorite color into the mix; brown.

Her most frequant outfit consists of a sleevless light brown shirt with her emblem on it and shoulder armor on her left shoulder. And for her lower half she wears a one legged ripped pants with a ribbon trailing around the right leg and holes cut into the left. Most of the time she wears plain brown sandles. 


Uchia with Ying


Uchia is very down to earth and practical. As a teenager she took her studies seriously and becoming a huntress was a backup plan if she didnt succeed in becoming a scientist. 

Uchia also cant help but put stereotypes on people. As a child her parents were very blunt with how they felt and she felt she should do the same. She dosnt truly hate faunas but believes they are questioning human authority by being rebellious. 

Uchia is very hard on herself when she fails, usually locking herself up by herself and refusing to see anyone. Eventually though when she lets go of her pride, she accepts her friends help. Uchia is a perfectionist and dust 'prodigy' but feels she can do better and strives to do so each day.

Despite Uchia's negative qualities, she will come to accept the things she disagree's with when she gets used to them. Such as when she finally befriended Lust and T.R.E.E, both of who she found annoying at first.

Uchia is fluent in many languages and can memorize anything she reads within a few hours.

Fun fact: Uchia's secret pleasure as a child was sliding down stair rails when no one was around.


Uchia's primary and only weapon is Ying, a dust based staff in the shape of a question mark. Ying absorbs any dust its assigned to, the color of the current dust glowing in the creases of the staff. Ying mostly absorbs and emits White, Red, and Violet dust.

Uchia's staff has 3 main dust usage functions: 

Force: Ying absorbs white dust, causing it to glow white, and Uchia uses this function as a mainly aura damaging spell. Uchia's symbol appears in white on the center of the question mark, and Uchia can send blasts of force at her opponet. She can also emit a white forcefield around herself using this function. 

Fire: Ying absorbs red dust, causing it to glow red, and Uchia uses this function as a destructive defense spell. Uchia's symbol appears in red on the center of the question mark, and Uchia sends a firey shockwave of force at her opponets, destroying and exploding everything in its path. 

Paralyze: Ying absorbs violet dust, causing it to glow violet, and Uchia uses this function as a paralyzation spell. An X symbol appears on the center of the question mark, and Uchia sends a shock of violet streams at her victim, trapping and immobolizing them. Depending on how strong the opponet is, Uchia can hold them for a decent amount of time. Uchia can use this spell only once every 24 hours. 


Uchia's aura appears as light brown circular streams around her whole body, appearing as a sort of forcefield. Uchia can use her aura to appear as small brown solid circular disks on the palms of her hands, much like Ren, and can block some attacks. 

Uchia's semblence is Objective teleportation, the ability to transport not only her own body, but other organisms and objects. This power is limited, as she can only do one person/object at a time. And depending on the person, the persons strong will can actually block her semblence. 


Uchia's parents were both teachers at the academy Uchia attended for training as a scientist, and then a huntress. They were both well known and very strict people who only accepted perfection.

And Uchia, being their only child, was expected to be a perfect example.

Uchia became a prodigy in her studies, a prodigy in dust, and a fine user of aura. But even so her parents expected more from her. She lived a solitary childhood, only working and never having time for friends.

This did not make her bitter though, just more of a loner and a hard worker. She eventually began to accept that she didnt need friends or fun, that if she was perfect no one could touch her. 

Uchia finally decided at the age of 16 that becoming a scientist would not benefit her, and that becoming a huntress would make her family even more well known. Hoping to please her parents Uchia enrolled into an academy in the city.

There she became a better fighter and a better person as thats where she first met Lust, who she looked down on at first. Eventually at the academy Uchia's teammates encourage her to become more social. Realizing her parents would not be there to ridicule her, Uchia became more laid back but still held on to her beliefs and stubborness. 

Eventually she rebels against her parents and cuts ties with them when they refuse to accept the new her. After she graduates from the academy she becomes 'room mates' with Lust and she still participates with her team even after she gains a status of a 'Lone huntress'. 

When her team gets ambushed though at the age of 21, Uchia stays a huntress unlike Lust, but postpones her missions to help T.R.E.E recover. Eventually she abandons her huntress status a few years later and becomes a teacher at Beacon. 

Right after she settles down though, Uchia gets a surprise invitation from Lust and thats where the craziness begins.


'Lust Amoebia'''':

'Her and Uchia got off at a rough start at their first meeting, Lust not liking Uchia's racism for Faunas due to being a sympathizer, and Uchia not liking Lust for her untamed personality. Eventually though they grew to accept eachother as they were to be partners and Lust was to be her leader. Soon enough Uchia and Lust become close like sisters.

Lust has black eyes, red hair, and a Red/Purple/Gray theme. 

T.R.E.EUchia and T.R.E.E never really talked. Though their feelings for eachother were evident. Uchia found T.R.E.E to be odd and an attention seeker because of her secretiveness. But eventually after learning her backstory, TREE and Uchia both become closer and get along well. Usually Uchia and TREE are both amused at Lust's antics and they often team up together in a fight. 

TREE has honey blond hair, brown eyes, and a green theme. 

Sitrus(Future OC): Sitrus was much like Uchia, overly confident, a prodigy, and antisocial. They never talked much but at one point after they graduated Sitrus confessed to Uchia, which surprised her. She rejected him but afterwards began to act friendlier and they became like siblings. She often helps with his inventions, usually encouraging him to make dust a main factor as it would make his weapons more powerful.  Sitrus has indigo hair, green eyes, and a blue theme.

Favorite quotes

  • "You have no right to judge me. You dont know me. Think before you speak." 

-Uchia to Lust when Lust reprimends her. 

  • "I have no idea what friends are supposed to do. Do we hold hands? Talk about boys? Why are you laughing at me!?"                                                                                                                                                 -Uchia to T.R.E.E and Lust when they encourage her to be more social. 
  • "I am Corneo. You killed my mother. Prepare to...okay this is pathetic, my mother isnt even dead!"

-Uchia during a play Lust created as a joke. 

  • "I know I'm not perfect and I never will be. But I'm going to be the perfect friend, I wont leave you." 

-A crying Uchia to T.R.E.E after TREE gets injured and passes out.

  • Uchia with Ying and in one of her outfits.
  • Sketch of team:Uchia on top left


  • Uchia's last name is Ying, an explosive and also one of the name for her staff.
  • Uchia's staff is Ying, one of the symbol of opposites in china. 
  • Uchia looks down on Faunas
  • Uchia is somewhat of a Tsundere
  • Uchia's actual first name is Luchia, but everyone calls her Uchia instead.

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