Name: Ujiyasu Tora.

Nickname: Man of the mountains.

Age: 17.

Gender: Male.

Height: 6'7.

Hair colour: Light golden hair.

Eye colour: Yellow.

Species: Human.


He is a large tanned muscular man with long light golden dreadlocks and a black headband with a gold omega symbol on the middle. He wears a dark blue vest with carbon fiber body armour on his chest, upper torso and shoulders. He has bandages on his lower arms and hands due to injuries he gets in his personal training schedule. He has a heavy brow and wears black mountain climbing boots and trousers and a metal belt.


He is a quite individual who rarely speaks unless spoken to or asked a question. He hates doing nothing and can become very impatient. He likes to fight fairly and due to his very strong sense of justice, hates it when someone cheats, often hunting them down to 'teach them a lesson.'

He has bad table manners, but he is a very good guitar player and loves calming music.

Weapons and abilities

Ujiyasu is a skilled gunman and can endure very high altitudes due to living with his family in a recent settlement made on the mountains. He learned a few skills of close combat from his father. Though he is strong his movements aren't as fast as most of the other students at Beacon.

He learned at a young age how to trace humans, fauna, animals and Grimm from the other settlers so that they could look after each other and warn each other when there was a Grimm or a intruder in the settlement. 

His semblance allows him to control small areas of sand and turn them into objects like a small projectile or a weak shield.

He possesses excellent hearing abilities and he plays the guitar really well.

He is horrible with electronics.


Ujiyasu was born on a settlement on one of the eastern mountains on Vale. Due to the amount of Grimm that roamed the mountains, most of the settlers were skilled hunters. Due to the Grimm, they all taught their children how to look after themselves in the wild. Ujiyasu learned from his parents how to trace, hunt and how to use firearms in his early teens.

After a few years, Ujiyasus parents wanted him to have a proper education and sent him to a combat school in Vale. After he finished, he was enrolled into Beacon and became part of team DUDE.

Notes and trivia

  • Ujiyasus first name is based on Ujiyasu Hojo. 
  • Ujiyasus last name means tiger.

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