Umbra ultricies

"I must live with the the choices I have made for they are what differ me from others."

-Umbra Ultricies


Name:Umbra Ultricies



Race:human/ Caucasian


190 lbs


He is tall and skinny, but also muscular. He has a scar along the right of his face and because of this he usually wears an eyepatch over his right eye as the scar tissue scares his students. He also has scars along his forehead which he covers with bandages.

When he teaches he wears a black, long sleeved button up shirt with a white tie along with his usual cargo pants and combat boots. When the weather gets cold he wears a tattered, old, military issued travel cloak and a long black scarf.He has messy premature white hair and a graying beard. His eyes are the color his hair ounce was, a light shade of blue.


He is a often quiet and soft spoken however when he teaches he makes sure that he talks loud enough so that everyone can hear him. He has a very odd way of speaking, taking his time to think about and chose each word carefully. As such he doesn't care much for loud people or those who speak without thinking.However despite this he is often a generally happy person and often tries to smile to make himself seem more approachable.

As a previous soldier he has no qualms about killing however he does try his best to avoid killing or even fighting other humans, however he will not hesitate to kill grimm.Do to his training he is very good at keeping calm in any situation.

Weapon and Abilites

He carries an umbrella everywhere he goes that he calls "Ictus" in addition to protecting him from rain it also has three functions that it can fulfill.

For long range the entire umbrella can become a silenced sniper rifle which he can use with pinpoint accuracy up to one mile out.For short range the handle of the umbrella pulls out into a silenced  handgun that he can use with extreme precision up to twenty-five feet away.Finally for melee the umbrella (excluding the handle) becomes a machete styled sword that he can use in his main hand well he uses the pistol with his off hand,however this decreases his aucrassy with it by half.

In addition to his weapon training he also knows many forms of hand to hand combat from his time in the service,however the fighting style he uses most for hand to hand combat was taught to him well on an undercover mission overseas by a strange man who called himself “Torrent” who after years of teaching taught him how to use “Nevermore” a style of Grimm Chance that he now uses to it fullest potential and sometimes even uses its stances when using his sword.


Military records- Umbra Interfectorem discharged with honours and purple heart

Little is known about Umbra before he joined the Military what is known is classified beyond top secret but a little has been declassified for the purpose of this document.

He was born a single child to a father without love for him as his mother died during birth and his father seemed to have blamed him.People who were interviewed about his early years all seem to say the same thing,that he always did well in school but would some days show up late with a bruise or not be in a couple days and have no explanation as to why.As he went into middle school very little had changed however around this time is when we first start seeing his intrest in combat as we have records of him takeing differnt classes on both hand to hand and sword fighting outside of school. He also displayed noticeably better attendance to school with fewer unexplained absences and injuries.However it is in highschool when things get interesting with him having perfect grades,attendance and never ounce a hint of injury or even illness also along with all of this we have records of him taking many fight classes along with a metal shaping class? It is also around this time that he is always seen with an umbrella.

After school he just sort of...vanished? We have no records or sightings of him for about a year untill when he just strolled up to a recruiting station and signed up for 5 years of service,he was immediately sent to basic training.It is there were he distanquished himself from the other recruets, he won a boxing match agenst a surpior offecer during a tournement, set the recored for the obstical course twice and most noteably graduated at the top of his class. It is because of this that he was approached by (Name withheld) who was at the time in charge of secret operations. All we know about the meeting that the next day Umbra once again dropped of the face of this earth and in fact only appeared recently with the creation of this document which is to be classified at top secret.

After being discharged Umbra took a job as a teacher for Beacon academy where he currently teaches stealth and basic survival to students.

Military records officer

Jean Grey

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