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What Undina Bay would look like

Undina Bay is a tropical town located in the world of Remnant.


Undina Bay is a seaside town located between Menagerie and Mistral of the world's map. It's a great tourist attraction for families and couples on vacation because of its clear waters and beautiful plant-life. Many palm trees grow here as well as tropical fruit in the nearby jungle biome.

The locals will tell you there's a myth of treasure in the ruins further into the jungle area, said to be a home to the island's deity Undine. In the center of the island, there lies a dormant volcano, which hasn't had much activity in decades.


The weather is mostly sunny and warm, and varies between 60F-90F. There's usually a few cool breezes now and then along with the warm weather as well.

It does get a bit of rain in the Fall season, and the temp drops to around 45F-55F. This time of year is when the winds get more fierce and some storms along the ocean occure.


Of cours there are human and Faunus residents in the area, but there are also wild animals as well as some creatures of Grimm that live in the deeper parts of the ocean as well as in the jungle nearby. Not to worry though, as a number of Hunters and Huntresses have decided to make a permanant living there to keep the numbers of Grimm down in the area, and are paid well for their excellent results. Because of them the whole town is pretty serene.


On the land

Boarbatusk- Resides in the Jungles by the town. Beringal- Reside in the deepest parts of the Jungles.

King Taijitu- Also can be found in the Jungles.

Beowolves- Live in the Jungles.

By the Shore

Shellfish type Grimm- Commonly in secluded areas away from the public.

In the Sea

Pteryx Chondri- One of the aquatic-based Grimm that live in the ocean.

Jellyfish type- Likes to cause havoc to ships, shorting them out with electricity.

Squid type- Found in small schools far from the shore.


Because it's a good vacation spot, Undina Bay gets a lot of their money through various resorts and merchandise. They also have a wide range of tropical fruits which get delivered across the world to increase income. Other money made is from events such as the Undina Bay Festival, celebrating the founding of the town.


You can get around by walking mostly, but there are some areas that can be accessed by boat through small canals. Cars and motorbikes are limited to town and residential areas.

The main ways to get to this place of paradise is by an airship, or traveling by sea. There's a port big enough for ships of all sizes as well as a few landing pads nearby.


The culture is pretty standard and simple just like any normal town. There are a few schools in the area, but none that relate to combat (such as Beacon or Signal). There are human and Faunus who reside in the town and get along quite well with each other, opposite of most of the world's views.

A good chunk of the residents even share the same love for fairytales an mythology, specifically one pertaining to the goddess Undine who had made the island flourish with life.

Everyone normally wears a set of clothing fit for the area: being shorts, T-shirts, sandals, etc. your normal beach-wear.


  • The name comes from the elemental being of water, Undine.
  • The image used to interpret Undina Bay is New Bodhum from Final Fantasy 13-2.
  • Themes down below are taken from Tales of Graces F (Port and Resorts), Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (Town and Beach), and Pokemon B2/W2 respecitively.

A set of Music for the Bay

Some to be added in or taken out later on maybe.

  • Theme for the Port
    3 - 01 To the Fascinating Oceans -Tales of Graces
  • Theme for the Resorts
    2 - 23 A Wharf Mixed with Men Things and Sand -Tal
  • Town Theme
    SUPER DANGANRONPA 2 OST 2-03 Beautiful Ruin
  • Beach Theme
    SUPER DANGANRONPA 2 OST 1-05 Beautiful Ruin Summer
  • For those "touching beach moments"
    Pokemon Black White - Undella Town Winter
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