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"I always fight alone. I can't hurt anyone that way. "
— Urdin

Urdin Meadows
Urdin Meadows by Midna Emiko
Age 17
Nickname Mr. Blanket
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 6'2"
Weight 221 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team None
Partner Luna Fengari
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Vardon Meadows II-Father, Alive

Vardon Meadows-Grandfather, Alive

Additional Info
Likes Combat
Dislikes Social interaction
Special Skills Strength
Weaknesses Emotional, overprotective


Urdin is a tall, broad shouldered, muscular young man. His dark brown hair is kept short but is unkempt and tends to be messy and sometimes tangled; his bangs are just long enough to reach his eyes. His face is scarred from years of combat training accidents. The most prominent are a large scar that runs across the bridge of his nose from cheek to cheek and a pair of deep cuts running from his left earlobe to just past the middle of his chin parallel to each other. His muscular chest is host of two scars. One running diagonally from his right shoulder to his left hip sweeping back and forth. The second from a stab wound just underneath the right side of his ribs.

He usually wears a large tattered brown robe keeping his hood up hiding most of his appearance aside from his feet and mouth. However underneath the robe is a contradictory appearance of thick dark blue armor with gold accents on the edges of the plates. Polished so as to shine, the blue plates are connected by black chainmail at the joints. The armor has no shoulder, elbow or knee guards and cuts off at the wrist leaving his hands to only be protected by brown leather gloves. The armor on either forearm has a special circular mount to mount his Shield-Axe weapon's blade. His armors leggings are one piece including the feet which are rounded at the toes.

Despite the large flashy appearance the armor makes little noise when moving, only on hard surfaces while walking, which has caused Urdin to tie white cloths around the feet to help mute the noise. He also has a pair of blue goggles around his neck, to wear while in combat.


He's very protective of his friends, and will rush into a fight to protect them. Otherwise his personality when inside and outside of combat or a mission are a sharp contrast to each other. In combat or on a mission, he usually stays focused on the task at hand and will deviate little from it. He doesn't view himself as a leader and as such will take orders when working with others. By himself his tactics usually involve identifying a threat and then taking that threat out with brute force. He doesn't plan ahead in combat usually just rushing in and simply attacking and reacting until the battle is over.

When a conflict starts he will often try to make himself the only combatant, trying to draw as much attention to himself and attacking his enemies aggressively. When others are attacked he'll usually do everything he can to put himself between the attacker and it's target while usually telling others to run while he fights the enemies himself, even if he knows he's outnumbered/outmatched. It's in part because he has a low regard for himself as a person. He sees himself as useless and invaluable, regardless of any evidence to contradict his argument. He feels that the others around him are more important so he places himself in danger so as to "Only risk the least valuable asset" He tends to take failure harshly, and when he is defeated in combat, tends to internalize it as being weak regardless of what the actual odds of success would have been. He views being injured in the same way. He sees it as a mistake that he should have avoided. As such, he will often turn others away when offered medical attention unless he is in immediate danger of death, (and even then sometimes it's an argument.)

Urdin is completely capable of killing another person, even not in a blind rage, after meeting Usha Goldstein. Though disturbed with it at first he was quickly able to overcome the mental barrier of killing other people. He is aware of thhe line between killing someonein defense, and outright cold blooded murder. He doesn't kill for fun or without reason, but in a hostile situation he is capable and more times than not, will kill someone even if he could easily knock them out or otherwise disable them.

When being addressed by those of authority he tends to straighten up and act almost like a soldier speaking with a superior officer. This is in part due to his father being a second generation soldier and teach Urdin from an early age how to speak those higher ranking then ones self. Urdin will come to attention and reply curtly with sir or ma'am when dealing with those of authority over him such as Police, Hunters, or Ozpin.

Outside of combat, Urdin lacks self confidence, often viewing himself as being lower than others, and in viewing others as more important, will often put himself at a lower priority to others. He tends to act rather meekly when placed in a situation where he's the focal point of the attention. He however has a short temper and low regard to those who act rude to others or who act they are higher beings than others and tends to get angry quickly, usually ending in him shouting others down, but physical confrontation is not uncommon. After these outburst of rage when he raises his voice however he almost immediately becomes embarrassed and will typically shy away from petty outburst (such as yelling at a store full of rowdy first year students) accusing himself of being 'out of line'

When he opens up or is by himself he tends to be fairly laid back about things. He utilizes a form of organization called "Organized Chaos" throwing things in any place and just remembering where it is. He takes pride in his armor and while he is typically viewed as a messy individual will take measures to clean and polish his armor contradictory to is desire to not stand out. He tends not to look people in the eye when speaking, only to acknowledge them then will look away from their eyes. He feels it's uncomfortable to have someone look into his eyes as he truly believes it will allow them to see inside him (metaphorically)

He can be easy to read, no matter how hard he tries to hide his expressions. He shifts his weight from one foot to another and tends to touch or pull on his hood when he is nervous and when he's not wearing it often finds himself raising his hands to nothing. When he's angry he tends to tighten his muscles and ball his fists, when he is frustrated with something he'll sometimes bare his teeth. When he is comfortable he tends to speak loudly and can at times be excitable, however he only acts this way when he's with only people he trusts and is close too.

He gets embarrassed when complimented and will typically claim to be undeserving of them. He usually attempts to console people he knows when they're upset however he's rarely successful as he is usually unsure what to say. He is content simply listening to people talk and rarely interrupts someone unless he has something important to say.

He has chronic nightmares, often relating to defeat and failure. Two things he fears in himself. He rarely gets a restful nights sleep and as such is not a morning person. At times they can be so terrible that he will often wake up in the middle of the night. He rarely sleeps after this fooling many people into thinking he's just an early riser. He is never willing to discuss the nature of his nightmares, or about how they are as frequent as they are. He feels that it's a weakness, and a pathetic one to have. 


Urdin grew up with only his father. His mother had disappeared shortly after his birth and his father never explained what happened. Urdin's father was a second generation officer in the military, and expected the same future for Urdin. As such, Urdin spent most of his childhood training in combat. His father taught Urdin how to fight, by forcing Urdin into one sided battles until he learned how to defeat his opponent (his father). When not combat training Urdin spent almost all of his free time exercising, building his strength up so that he could over power his father in combat. This continued for years, during the time Urdin had received several small scars on his face and body, including the one across the bridge of his nose. His father felt no shame in scarring his son, telling him that each was "A mark of a lesson you've failed to learn." and as such Urdin began to associate injury with failure. He kept fighting his father, learning to block and strike until Urdin was usually the victor in their skirmishes.

When Urdin was thirteen, he was accepted to Signal academy. Urdin, had already hit his growth spurt and towered above most kids his age. That with the blue and gold armor his grandfather gave him as a gift for attending Signal, Urdin stood out in a crowd. Despite being nearly twice the size of most people in school, he was picked on constantly. They would often stare at him and call him names regarding his height and scars. Urdin talked little in school and outside of weapons and combat training Urdin struggled to keep his grades passing.

Eventually, with only a quarter of the year remaining, a fellow classmate stood up for Urdin. A girl named Raleigh wearing an old brown hooded cloak. She was one of the better students and reached out to Urdin as a friend. Though wary at first, Urdin eventually allowed himself to open up to her, and the two became inseparable. Urdin would become friendly and smiled when she was around, and even tried to make new friends (with much encouraging). Urdin kept up on his training, often with his father and Raleigh at times. She was fast and agile, usually able to evade Urdin's attacks and wear him down. He eventually learned to brush off his multiple defeats to her as mere fun and games, and stopped taking failure so harshly.

Half way through their second year at Signal, during a break. The two had decided to head out to a forest to hunt Grimm, something they did fairly regularly, however never in this particular forest. While in there they battled many Grimm, but after becoming lost, what was going to be a couple hours turned into a whole day; and they became tired and weak. 

After defeating a pair of Ursa, Urdin was ambushed by a King Taijitu, to tired to react he couldn't get out of the way, Raleigh intervened, knocking Urdin away. However she was killed by the Grimm, her aura being to weak to protect her. Witnessing the death of his closest and only friend Urdin blacked out. Not remembering what happened after that. In fact he had snapped, channeling all of his rage and sorrow into utilizing the full strength of his Semblance he had slain the Grimm, and destroyed most of the surrounding foliage. When he came too, he found himself alone in a new clearing of the forest. Holding the body of his friend.

Urdin returned to school, wearing the hooded cloak of his fallen friend.  A memento of her. He had blamed himself for her death, feeling that if he had been stronger she'd be alive. Urdin reverted back to his old self. Keeping to himself, nearly flunking grades, and spending his free time training and making himself stronger. However one thing he did not go back to was letting himself be bullied. He felt it a disgrace for him to allow himself to be bullied, after Raleigh died for him. He got into several fights at school. Often leaving his opponent battered and bloodied. Urdin spent his last month at Signal in and out of detention. The final week of school however, someone confronted Urdin. Insulting him, and then. They brought up Raleigh. Asking Urdin what happened, and calling her names. Urdin snapped and retaliated with full aggression. Urdin had used all of his strength to attack the bully and two others who joined. He accidently went to far. Ruining the hall in Signal and left the three bullies so damaged they couldn't return.

Urdin faced immediate expulsion from Signal, and as such was no longer applicable for military service. After such Urdin's father all but disowned him. Not speaking to his son, or trying to help him cope with the loss of his friend. Urdin coped the only way he knew how. Removing himself from the world and fighting. He would often go out to hunt Grimm, and at times ended up in street brawls. He would find odd jobs around mostly lifting heavy items at warehouses. Until he turned seventeen.

Raleigh's parents were rather wealthy real estate tycoons. They, with Urdin's grandfather managed to pool their influence to get a transcript to Beacon for him. However, they couldn't influence whether he was accepted. To everyone's surprise Urdin was invited to study at Beacon. However when told, Urdin's father gave him a choice. Study at Beacon and consider himself no longer of the Meadows lineage, or stay and try to get into the military. Urdin didn't hesitate to choose Beacon. Now he attends Beacon, and though his training wasn't the best, he wanted nothing more to become a Hunter, so he could prove to everyone that he wasn't a lost cause, and to prove to himself that Raleigh hadn't gave her life for nothing.  

Life in Beacon

Urdin takes interest in his classes, especially combat classes, however he has trouble with tests and often forgets to complete assignments due to his leading of a second life, although he can easily answer most questions in lectures he has a low testing score. Flunking out of school is a possibility.

When not in class, Urdin spends his free time unsurprisingly training. However, he also participates in organized street fights some nights, even joining an underground fight club Blood Letters. He uses the alias 'Bluefield' when fighting and has somewhat of a reputation. These bouts usually leave him bruised and bloody by the end of the night but the extra lien in his pocket brings him back, despite the protests of friends who know of the fighting.

He doesn't mind loaning people extra cash, though rarely more than enough for food at one time. This comes from his fight club earnings. When questioned about the extra money he always seems to have he usually comes up with random unconvincing excuses, usually about wining it in random giveaways or lotto.

Multiple attempts on his life have been made by various mercenaries and assassins for varying reasons. Because of this he is naturally distrustful of strangers, even fellow Beacon students.


Urdin is incredibly strong, allowing him to preform most heavy lifting tasks with ease.

Urdin's Semblance is powerful, if somewhat uncontrolable. It allows him to release massive amounts of energy into a type of radial force blast ranging in strength from little more than a shove to something akin to a missle strike. While Urdin has control over the Semblance it grows more powerful the more emotionally unstable he becomes. Meaning it's greatest power can only be achieved when he is in the worst mindset to be using it.


Urdin's incredible strength In addition to an elevated pain tolerance and aggressive fighting style allows him to end most fights quickly by overpowering is foes outright. However, he is rather slow and if he's unable to defeat his opponent quickly he can be at a disadvantage as he doesn't have the agility to avoid many quicker attacks, needing to opt for either blocking the attacks if possible or just taking it full force outright. He is a close quarters fighter, using large sweeping attacks to dispatch foes even in groups. He is also rather adept in hand to hand combat, however when in full armor he's forced to resort to a mo

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Urdin's Sword and Shield/ Ax weapon, Harbinger

re brawler fighting style.

He is easily capable of overpowering most opponents, even an Ursa Grimm without much effort. However faster enemies such as Beowolves are problematic as he can't always react fast enough to fight them. When fighting quicker targets he'll typically resort to his Sword and Shield to allow him to block attacks and attempt to retaliate with a quick slash or stab. Even though he's at a disadvantage because he has trouble landing blows against nimble targets he can quickly gain the upper hand when he does make a strike as smaller nimble foes don't have the ability to take one of his attacks full force. Once he's landed a hit he'll immediately follow by either finishing the injured foe (if the first hit didn't in fact kill/defeat them) or using the chance to grab ahold and subdue the enemy so that he can finish them off.

His weapon of choice is a weapon of two parts. When assembled it acts as a two handed ax, however the blade resembles that of a spade. However, the head of the ax can mount to his wrist and act as a shield, while then hilt converts into a one handed sword. This disassembly of the battle ax can happen in a second, as all Urdin must do is place his armored forearm against what will become the blade of the sword and bring it up to the ax blade in a single motion. This allows him not only to switch fighting style on the fly but even in mid swing, a technique Urdin has nearly perfected. However this tactic can only be preformed while he is wearing his armor. This adaptable weapon allows him to fight aggressively and defensively in nearly any situation.

He typically rushes into battle head on without analyzing the situation. This has been the reason for more than one of his scars. If an ally is in danger, Urdin will usually immediately disengage his current opponent if needed and rush to their aid. He will recklessly put his life in danger to protect others, usually telling them to get to safety and fight the opponent on his own. He prefers drawing attention to himself in battle allowing his allies (if any) to flank his enemy. However he doesn't fight with friends often so he resorts to rushing to close the gap and over power his enemies with several powerful cleaves from his ax or slashes when it's in its sword form.

He tends to let his emotions get the better of him in combat, and in drawn out or difficult battles he tends to lose focus in battle, causing him to stop pacing himself and throwing everything he's got at his enemies, overwhelming them but exhausting himself. He tends to also get carried away, continuing to attack someone or something well after they've been defeated or given up. This is one reason he prefers fighting alone, so as not to get so wrapped up in the heat of the moment and mistakenly attack a friend.


Zaffre Perrault- Urdin's closest friend and current love intrest. Though he won't always admit it openly.

Lila Meadows- Urdin's twin sister. Though seperated at birth they have recently met thanks to her transferring to Beacon for the Vytal festival.

Vardon Meadows II-Urdin's father, though Vardon has disowned Urdin.

Vardon Meadows I-Urdin's Grandfather. The two don't see each other much, but they both respect each other. Vardon the first hand made Urdin's armor as a gift for making it into Signal. He is very proud of his grandson, though he won't always admit it.

Blume Meadows-Urdin's Mother. She disappeared after Urdin was born. Urdin knows nothing about her, as noone seems to know or willing to tell him any information about her. He assumes she is dead.

Raleigh Leroux (deceased)-Urdin's closest friend while in Signal. Killed when she saved Urdin from a King Taijitu. Urdin blames himself for her death and believes that he is the one who killed her.

Arela Leroux-Raleigh's mother. Though she had been upset at the death of her daughter she knows that it was noone's fault but the Grimm. She still sees Urdin as like a son, and does not hold Raleigh's death against him.

Blaine Leroux-Raleigh's father. Though he secretly wishes that Urdin had died instead of his daughter, he doesn't blame him for it. He doesn't see Urdin as any more then Raleigh's friend.

Tenebris Peregrinus-The Leroux family's butler. Urdin considers his relationship with him "uneasy" Servus outright hates Urdin and has made an attempt on his life more than once.


Urdin is Blue in Basque

The concept of Urdin is a combination of how I've been described to myself by others and how I view myself.

The visual concept of Urdin was inspired in part by the Megaman series. The choice of using blue armor from Megaman himself and the cloak is inspired by the character Bass.

The concept of Harbinger came from a small delve into Dagohir, where I would often be indecisive about using either two handed hammers and axes or a sword and shield. The decision for Harbinger was made when I asked myself "Why not both?"

Zaffre and Urdin's relationship is a ship often refferred to by 'Zaffrdin' by those who shipped it. Trust me it was not originally my idea XD

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