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Sweets make sweet people, sweeter! As you might know, we need all the sweet people we can get.
— Urdina Antzarak

Team MAUV. She is rivals with Team FRST.

Urdina Antzarak
Age 17
Title Charming
Nickname Dina
Status Active
Color Royal Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team MAUV
Partner Morgan Branson
Additional Info
Weaknesses Manipulative


She is a kind, good-willed person but is a pushover. She is often pushed around by others because she is seen as an easy target. She lets them because of her timid spirit. She is shy and insecure about herself. She is soft spoken so many of the things she says never are heard. Morgan boosts her confidence often, while she makes Morgan more caring about the people around her.

Since Morgan cares for her, Urdina is willing to defend her against Flanagan and his comrades. Her personality changes over time when she realizes that she is being used by one of her classmates for her essays. She snaps and becomes more confident but she is still very soft spoken. She manipulates people since she has such a timid deamonr that they barely realize it. Even if they do it is only for small things like getting sugary snacks or saving her team some seats in the next class. She slips up and every now and then into her old ways and her teammates have to remind her that she is to be respected. 

She loves to eat sweets and she is always seen with something sweet or sugary every where she goes. She gets upset and starts to whine if she doesn't have something sweet.  


  • Urdina Antzarak's color is royal blue.
    • Urdina means blue in Basque (feminine adjectival form)
    • The fairy tale character she is based off of is the princess, hence 'majesty.'
  • She is loosely based off of the princess in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Goose Girl."
  • Antzarak, her last name means geese in Basque 

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