Been fading for a while now, as much as I enjoyed my time here the past few years I've just lost interest in RWBY over the past few months and the Fanon in general  

I'm sorry mostly to Sebi that our RP isn't going anywhere and I've ultimatly wasted your time with it. I do hope you find a group for Thorald because he is fun. I'm just a crappy roleplayer/writer anyway so don't feel like this is your fault.

As a final thing I wanna say, unless my interest in RWBY comes back I won't be back any time soon. Don't mess with my pages just in case I decide to rear my ugly face here again. 

Oh and if you could, please delete my other Blog posts. Please and thank you. 

It's been a weird wild time, so Goodbye for Now.

-An Emerald

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