Hey guys and galsl! Just me here! Team SHVR is ready for some adventure! Some peril! And definitely some Grimm smashing fun! One problem, though. I don't know where they should go.


I made the decision to let YOU, the audience, help decide for them. I KNOW. Crazy huh? But, I think it's going to be a lot of fun! I'll start the story and we'll bounce ideas for the direction of this story around the blog. Right! Let's start. I'll give you guys a brief teaser here and I'll post the rest of the first chapter on my page! Hope you enjoy Team SHVR!

P.S. Read my characters descriptions below.

Teaser Trailer: "Schrode! Duuuuuuuuuuude! Wake uuuuuup!" Schrodinger's eyes flew open and he sat bolt upright. "Ahhh! Are we dying?!" Schrodinger's eyes started to focus as he noticed Henry rubbing his nose. Henry shoots him a "really dude?!" look as the rest of Team SHVR wakes up. "You could've just used an alarm clock" Henry suddenly lost interest in his nose as he turns to Veronica and gives her his classic lopsided, kind of apologetic grin, as he responded "But then I don't get to see Schrode freak out and yowl like a tiger." He winked at Veronica, who was still looking at Henry like he was the most beautiful thing in the world. Schrodinger thought to himself, "Just get on with it already!" but didn't say anything. Schrodinger looked over to Veronica and asked "Is Reyna awake yet?" Veronica replied "Yes, she's on the roof." Before Henry took the opportunity to tease him for the millionth time, Schrodinger threw on his ironically awesome t-shirt, pulled on a hopefully clean pair of black jeans, donned his cloak, and ran out the door as Henry said "Be back before midnight or she'll turn into a pumpkin!" The last thing he thought before he saw Reyna was "That reference was wrong," and Schrodinger sprinted up the stairs to the roof.

Team SHVR (Shiver)

Name: Schrodinger Pearle Age: 16 Height: 6’0” Weight: 175 lbs. Male. Leads Team SHVR

Appearance: Tiger Faunus. Rainbow colored eyes, messy medium-length black hair, same-colored full beard. He also has retractable, razor sharp claws that reach half an inch out of his fingers.

Personality: Reserved and shy, but vicious when provoked. His fighting style is not unlike a tiger’s onslaught. His Semblance is unlike any of team RWBY’s or JNPR’s. Unlike them his Semblance activates independently when his aura drops below one-half.

Attire: Wears a hooded cloak that shimmers like Abalone shells over a black t-shirt with the phrase “Neither Dead nor Alive” written across it in Latin.

Weapon: “Purgatory’s Reckoning,” dual silver axes with the Greek letter Alpha on one and Omega on the other. They combine to create a double-barrel shotgun.

Semblance: “Astral Warrior” When activated, Schrodinger’s Astral body will emerge out of his Physical body and they both fight together. When Schrodinger’s fight is over, the two will merge back into one being. Schrodinger’s Astral body can only be inflicted damage by other projected weapons, like Velvet’s projection weapons or Sun’s clones. It is also one-half the strength of his Physical body. His Astral body is considered a sentient being because it activates on its own and it trash talks Schrodinger’s enemy/enemies that it fights.

Background: When he was six, Schrodinger was kidnapped by an extremist scientific faction of the White Fang because of his Semblance. He was experimented on and subjected to extreme stress conditions. At age 10, Schrodinger finally escaped, leaving a trail of shredded bodies in his wake. He terrified himself so much after he saw what happened that he never activated his Semblance again. At Beacon he leads Team SHVR, and has a certain knack for leadership. He is in complete love with his girlfriend Reyna.

Name: Henry Lavenderia Age: 16 Height: 6’6” Weight: 210 lbs. Male.

Appearance: Wide bright fuchsia eyes with short, spiky lavender hair. He has a Jolly Roger flag tattooed on his left shoulder.

Personality: Hyper, somewhat arrogant, loves ironic statements.

Attire: Wears an orange headband. Orange-dyed jeans and a purple button-up vest. Wears dirty white fingerless gloves with matching sneakers and pirate hat with a black Jolly Roger on the front.

Weapon: Crossbow with 6 explosive-tipped bolts. When out of shots, it will expand into a trident spear. Called “Kraken’s Bane.”

Semblance: Whenever there is any body of water, Henry grows more powerful as he draws strength from it. Much like Yang Xiao-Long’s Semblance but his power grows from water instead of hits taken.

Background: Henry is the son of a former vicious pirate Captain Bradley Lavenderia who turned to fighting Grimm at sea rather than other ships. He died shortly before Henry joined Beacon Academy. Out of Team SHVR, has the most fighting experience. Leader Schrodinger asks for his help with planning as he has a certain knack for battle strategy. Has huge crush on Veronica.

Name: Veronica Forester Age: 16 Height: 5’8” Weight: 110 lbs. Female.

Appearance: Hazel eyes with long dark green hair down to the middle of her back. She has a pine tree tattooed on her lower back.

Personality: Reserved but has an intelligent gleam in her eyes. Carries herself with a graceful pride.

Attire: Wears a crimson gown that has no back and a gold circlet with an emerald set in it.

Weapon: A long bow embedded with Dust that shoots earth Dust arrows. She pulls back on the string as if to dry-fire and a forest green arrow appears. The bow can turn into a sword imbued with earth Dust. Named “Gaea’s Gift.”

Semblance: Veronica can create two Stone Guardians, eight-foot tall rock atronaches that defend her and her companions until they are destroyed. Electricity weakens the Guardians the fastest.

Background: Born and abandoned in Patch, the Mistral Academy’s headmaster found and adopted her. Veronica started receiving unwanted attention from older male students so she swore off men. She moved to Beacon Academy to get away. acquiring intel for missions.

She has a huge crush on Henry.

Name: Reyna J. Vulcan (Jupiter) Age: 16 Height: 5’0” Weight: 90 lbs. Female.

Appearance: Lightning yellow eyes with strawberry-blonde hair down to her shoulders. She has a light bite scar on her left shoulder.

Personality: Witty, goofy, loves pranks. She sees the best in everyone and the most likely to blend into any crowd.

Attire: Reyna wears black elbow-long gloves, a tight black dress down to her knees with lightning yellow trim, and a circlet shaped to look like flames.

Weapon: Reyna carries a lightning bolt shaped pike that turns into a flamethrower. Named “Burning Thunder.”

Semblance: Summons a fire/lightning cyclone around her that uses a fourth of her aura and chips away at it the longer the fight lasts until her fight is over or she dissipates it.

Background: Daughter to the two most revered scientists in Remnant. She received her semblance when her parents lost control of an experiment to try to create a controlled weather environment. Reyna was caught in an inferno during this accident and struck by electrical surges from the haywire machines after rescuing her parents from the fire. She woke up in an Atlas hospital in perfect health and enrolled in Beacon Academy after being turned away from the Atlas academy for "safety concerns". She is in absolute love with her boyfriend Schrodinger. Reyna has a certain knack for She has a certain knack for analyzing and breaking down enemy movements and attacks.

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