This is an idea i've been thinking about for the past week. 5 students get summoned to a variation of our world by a mysterious power left there by unknown forces. That same power is being used to summon grimm and make abominations. The government seeing this used the same power to make a megabase to use as a front line defense against their unknown enemy. They chose LA as their battlefield. As to protect the citizens the city was retrofitted to allow all the buildings to go under ground. As the first battle draws close the artifact Used to make all this possible glows.

Goal and how it works.

The RP will be split into 2 separate phase mission phase and free phase. During mission phase there will be an emphasis on combat. During this phase there will be a posting order so people do not step on each others toes.

During free Phase you will be allowed to explore LA and the Base. you can also talk to NPCs to potentially unlock new gear based on what you suggest. They will have a development time similar to Xcom.  


Morphing is highly suggested as the grimm are buffed and the Grimmlings and the named enemies are far stronger than traditional grimm.

As per usual there are Zords and you get to pick one

B-2 Bomber as a the head

A tank as the body and the cannon is the right arm so the cannon is a bit blocky

A bomb-cat  Bomb disposal as the left arm

A combat jeep is the left leg

A Semi-truck with a large sleeper is the right leg. It also tows the Zords sword. (taken by spud)


The trees are split into 5 trees, each with its own benefits and outcomes. And depending on which trees get to a certain point first altar which optional ranger you get as well as different Zords.

The Dimensional tree which gives defensive based gear and weapons that can freeze enemies and has a ranger attached, and it’s tied to getting the best ending. Not gonna say how much though.

The Aura tree allows for stronger shield armour and weapons the deal extra damage,

The zord tree which is drone zords and basic combat upgrades such as speed and attack it can be influenced by other trees,

The Robotics tree allows for weapons upgrades as well as special weapons that can be summon by the rangers,

The Recon tree has a lot less influence over combat and skills, hitting certain thresholds allow you to advance the story, it naturally raises by one with every mission completed but it is possible to invest in it


You have 2 points per mission round. One that you can place directly and another that will be placed based on who you interact with in the free phase

Finally you decide the design on your outfit and colours are based on the OCs name. Can you find the truth about how and why you are there?

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