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  • EvergreenLeaf

    This guide is meant to serve as a helpful updated version of the current character creation guide which we have that is almost three years old. The purpose of this is because while that guide is effective, things change with the times and thus, having a guide which is old and oudated is going to do none of us any good, so, without further ado, let's get down into it.

    I must note that this guide is meant for characters that one may RP with and throw into Pending, if you intend to write AU fanfics and whatnot, this guide may not be for you, however, if you intend to throw your character into the gauntlet known as Pending, then I highly recommend that you read this through.

    So, each character has a basis, a first name. I'll stop here and say th…

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  • EvergreenLeaf

    Yes, hello again Fanonners, I hope you're having yourself a fantastic day so far. Now, without further waiting, onto the point.

    In essence, nigh a year ago, I started a thingus called "Reviews Upon Request" where in essence, on this blog, or on my message wall, if one wished to have their OC's reviewed, well, here I am. 

    The thing is that I took a year off from this place to get accustomed to a new life, new opportunities and such, and spent a crapton of time getting ready for exams and such, and as a result, I couldn't review many of the OC's after my sudden leave without warning. I apologize profusely for that and to those who were inconvenienced suddenly.

    Now, as a way of making it up(?) [And mostly because I really have nothing left to do…

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  • EvergreenLeaf

    Hello everyone, just your friendly neighbourhood Leaf over here with some plans for a kind of alternate universe RP! Interested? Well then read on good fellow read on!

    The Premise:

    You've awoken with a few other people in a seemingly abandoned location. You hold nothing except for one item, a backpack, a scroll and the clothes on your back. Your memories are hazy, but all you can remember are certain snippets of a war against human and Grimm alike. You don't know how long you've been asleep, all you do know is that these people you are with are your only chance of survival. 

    Travel this broken world with your comrades to find clues as to how this happened, encounter other survivors, find remnants of civilization on this broken planet, you wil…

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  • EvergreenLeaf

    Reviews Upon Request

    November 2, 2014 by EvergreenLeaf

    Hey Guys, Leaf here. God It's been a while since I last made one of these. Anyways, let's get STRAIGHT to the point.

    So, I'll be doing a reviews upon request thing. Now, yes, the re-review thingy is gonna happen. However, upon talking to a few people, they agree that it's not going to happen for a bit. So, I'll be doing my own freelance reviewing for the while. 

    Now, you may be thinking, "Why should I trust this guy to do reviews?" well, here are the reasons.

    As a previous official reviewer I think my history speaks for itself on that accord. Not only do I know the rules like the back of my hand as well as having a good sense of judgement, I also held many lengtly vocal coversations with Amet Revfold regarding latest episodes and such, each o…

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  • EvergreenLeaf

    So since I always jump on the bandwagon later. Mainly due to ignorance and not realizing it existed. Here it is.

    Ask my OC's anything and i'll answer in character to the best of my ability.

    Here's a list.

    Sven Searfeld

    Hex Fusion

    Leaf Evergreen

    Arden Blaze Forsenthe

    Julian Gestalt

    Stephan Noir Kalashnikov

    Daemon Spade

    Clay Burgundy

    Frost Ice

    Reverend Stone

    Salem Nightlock

    Oliver Durine

    Finn Silver

    Aaron Randall

    And just for the giggles.

    Chuck Norris

    Supernova Lumia

    Mr. Diddlez


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