Sooo, recently I have had a lot of time to think ,even more since until next thursday i will be in Vegas visiting family, and i thought of an idea: a RWBY game, styled as an RTS

Ive already made some ideas for factions, units, and buildings, but if anyone wants to add onto this, I would appreciate it! I may also just might send the final product of the idea to RoosterTeeth and make a new wiki for it, so hope they get the idea and answer!


The idea came to me as i was playing some RTS games, and i thought "What if RWBY was an RTS?" and i started making some ideas


Simply put, i will use both canon and fanon vehicles and units to fill slots in, but for the most part i will stick to the show.

To keep things a bit fair, I will use a tier system, as your command base is upgraded, you can unlock new buildings which in turn can create more powerful units. So for starters, Atlas would have AK-130s as main infantry, and as they level up they go to AK-200s, and then to a specialized system, where the infantry have branching roles, like anti vehicles or support. And grimm would start out with boarbatusk, then beowulfs, and then ursas.

Super Units:

Super units are powerful weapons used usually near the endgame as they take so long to get, but are well worth the wait. As such, i will have 2 super units for each faction, an Air and Land.

Atlas will have as a superunit the spider droid for land and an airship for air.


Ah yes, the grunts of any army. Each will have a research system, so they will start with weaker units, Atlas the AK-130s and possibly Militia, Grimm Boarbatusks and Beowulfs. These will then be upgraded to more powerful units as the match goes on.


This will basically be any sort of mechanical large things, so prepare for mech warfare. Grimm will have in this category the larger variants, such as deathstalkers, King CatDog, and mammoths. 


This will be quite the fun one, and simple as there are only 2 real units for both Atlas and Grimm, and each have some sort of superunit.


A big if on this one, as there is no real diverse naval factor.


If i do make heroes, i would likely have some sort of class loadout setting, allowing people to create a custom unit, and have a power rating on them to determine how much they need to spawn them in, so spawning someone like Juane in would be easy to get, while in contrast Salem would be a very hard unit to create.


The only way to create units, Buildings are key to victory. From the HQ to the extractors, they are all essential.

To make diversity, each faction has a unique build style.


Buildings will be a challenge, as Grimm dont have one 

To help me, I referred to the RTS Grey Goo for building systems and found ones that match both The Goo faction has somewhat of a mobile base, and splits up to form new units. I decided to modify this to have some sort of cloud of negative energy that will build up and will create the tar pits that Grimm come from. For buildings i thought why not make them look like they were built by evil? So any real buildings are mostly natural caves, small huts, or pits.

To keep balance, Grimm need to stay near a constant supply of energy, like a dust vein, so making outposts to attack is nearly impossible as they need the power to fuel the creation of their weapons and systems. To enforce this, Grimm need a sort of "Negativity generator" placed near dust veins to harvest the energy, and have a radius that can be extended by some sort of linking sytem, like a telephone pole, and if it breaks, unless the base has its own supply to self sustain itself, it will shut down and will not produce or research anything.


Atlas will take inspiration from the Human faction of the game, having a central "Node" and will build outwards with piping connecting the whole thing, and it will also feature a radius of where you can build things. This idea of connection is enforced by having them be roads for troops, and if you have them built, it will add a speed buff and in some cases a defensive bonus to them and your resources will take a shorter time to get into your system. So it doesnt mean you have to build out, but its recommended for its bonuses.

This also encourages a central base, and if you create a secondary one, you need to create a unit that will plop down to make a smaller base, and the process starts all over again.

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