Hello friends and strangers, this is Piscean, friendly neighborhood reviewer and RWBY fan, with another blog posting. And wow, another insanely long title [AND INTRO] from me...I really need to learn to shorten these things. Maybe next time.

But, in all seriousness, according to RoosterTeeth Twitter account, along with some, err, rather spoilery (I prefer hype-inducing) images of the new Weiss Schnee Character Short in regards to Volume 5 along with the caption "Monday" for both, I figured now would be the perfect time to discuss some theories on what the trailer will center on, general predictions for Volume 5, as well as some general Weiss appreciation.

What we currently know about the trailer & Volume 5:

[(Very little of course, but given the images, we can speculate a few things.) P.S: This will be edited to new information as the trailer is released and info becomes public. I might also link to it here.]

1) Weiss has her old outfit on, which probably all but cements the fact it's a flashback sequence.

2) Supposedly, if you look closely at the latest picture, she doesn't have her scar on her eye, which may or may not be true, and is difficult to tell since when blown up the image gets a little grainy.

3) Rumor has it that Weiss is going to fight some sort of Grimm creature, and rumors from the Anime Expo reported it was a white Beowolf, leading to speculation of a Weiss v. Winter fight. Now though, I'm not so sure, given the creature in the background is indistinct, but who knows...I might be wrong. EDIT: Okay, yeah it's a White Beowolf...definitely some sort of Weiss & Winter training session.

4) The background is snowy, which leads me to believe its taking place in Atlas.

5) Volume 5 is set to premiere for FIRST members on October 14th, get your calendars marked, and get a ticket for the Hype Train, because even now its ready to leave. The new Weiss Character Short is set to come out on Monday, July 17th...though I don't know if that's publicly or if its for FIRST or RT Account members only. Let's hope it's public.

Speculation and theories:

I've heard several things for what people either wish to see or think will happen during Volume 5 or the character short, but I'd like some opinions here in the comments below. I'll likely share my thoughts down there as well, in response to comments.

The original reason for this blog post:

Okay, so now...I figured it would be a good time that ever since the White Trailer , Weiss has been one of those characters that has dazzled me in their story and overall character. Ever since we first met her, back in February of 2013 (to think I would never even hear of the series for the next to years....yeesh), she has consistently ranked as one of my favorite characters, if just for being one cool lady. (Yeah, I know...that was even worse than one of Yang's ill-received puns. You'll probably be feline much better when I likely do this for Blake (and Yang) later on when their respective character shorts are released.)

Why I like Weiss:

1) Her fighting style is such a treat to watch . I mean, seeing her fly around the battle-field with elegant, precise, and piercing strikes, combined with her acrobatic style, make her one of the most hilariously imbalanced and amazing characters to see fight. Not to mention how she uses her assets in conjunction with Dust and her glyph Semblance, which is probably one of the most OP utility abilities I've seen in a long time. Sure, I'm biased because I love acrobatic gymnastics & magic, but that's why I love her combat so much, and it pained me to see her out of action for an entire Volume.

2) Her character development struck me as at least mostly genuine and showcased just how much she's grown over the course of the series. Throughout the series, she and Blake have been the most consistently developed characters, and they shine for it. Watching her struggle is great, and I always find myself rooting for her in every situation. One thing she has over Blake though, is change of character. While Blake expresses this to a lesser degree but has overall remained close to what she originally was, Weiss is the easiest example to showcase from RWBY of a character who's been influenced and changed by her surroundings. She went from Volume 1's ignorant, bitchy, racist rich girl with a horrible & kinda lonely childhood, to Volume 2's caring, funny, and morally aware version of her, to Volume 3's independent girl with a purpose and feelings of not being good enough, working to protect the people she once discriminated against (*COUGH COUGH Faunus COUGH COUGH*), to Volume 4's caged bird who struggles to free herself from her very much imperfect family while working against stigmas. Speaking of which...

3) Her family is probably the largest we've seen, in terms of immediate relatives. While most characters are only children, Weiss has two siblings and both parents, all alive and well. It's also a great representation of the imperfect family, where her rich (potentially abusive) asshole of a father, Jacques, actively works to keep her down and cares only for his own reputation, her mother (speculated to be named "Willow") is emotionally unpresent due to her alcohol problems, her older sister Winter is physically unpresent but usually a halfway decent role model when she does talk to her, her younger brother Whitley is an asshole who's been dealt a lucky hand and plays his cards right to take over the company, but at the same time may or may not show genuine care towards Weiss, even when gloating, as he's only a product of his environment. While these characters could ultimately show more depth, they only cement the implied toxic home life she first talked about in Volume 1.

4) Her songs are always expressing a pain and suffering that few can say they've experienced. Continually they have been some of my favorite songs. Mirror, Mirror; It's My Turn; Mirror, Mirror Part 2; & This Life is Mine have all consistently been some of my favorite RWBY songs in the series.

Look, I could probably go on with why Weiss is a great character with so much potential, but I figure that would bore you a great deal. Let me know what you guys think....I'm excited to read what you guys have in store for me! More importantly though, I can't wait to see what the trailer's going to reveal to us...Oh God I could die of excitement. 'Til that point though, peace out.

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