If you believe this to be obvious, yes, some of it is. And yes, I've seen all of the things not to do done. This may be updated at a later date.

Raga's Basic Tips for Roleplaying on the RWBY Fanon Wiki

  1. Post Length
    • Err on the side of your post being too long, if anything. Nothing can make people not want to roleplay with you quite in the same way as seeing you post on a roleplay with one-liners, two-liners, or posts that are only long because you popped a few extra spaces in here or there, or spammed your enter key. Try to expand upon what your OC is doing, perhaps the environment. If a cold wind picks up, say so, in detail. If your OC has a nervous habit, by all means, have them start when they are nervous. Simply put, get more creative in your writing while still explaining the base concept.
  1. Bunnying/Autohit
    • Combat scenes are among the longest kind in a roleplay. Why? Because of how much bunnying/autohit are discouraged. Never, in a combat roleplay, do you make part of your post landing a successful hit on another OC, unless they have given you permission prior to the post. Do not have a post that is along the lines of "X, dodging Y's hit, punched Y in the face". Instead, "X dodged Y's hit, and used xir own fist to strike at Y's face." What does this mean? It means that any time there is combat between OCs, the ending must be worked out between the roleplayers, or it'll never end.
  1. Misc.
    • Make sure to actually name which OC you are using in your post. Yes, I have seen people legitimately not do this.
    • It can help some of the people you roleplay with if you link to your OC in your post, especially if they're not familiar with it.
    • To expand on the previous one, make sure to look into who your fellow roleplayers are using.
    • A bit of character creation, Aura is not a generic anime power-up. It is not a Gear-second Super Saiyan ability which your character uses to make themselves faster or stronger; characters in the RWBYverse are merely fast and strong on their own power.

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