One thing I've noticed many users doing is, for their OCs theme music, simply adding a hyperlink to the song on youtube, or even simply a video. Hyperlinks make people less likely to listen to the music, and videos often just plain make the page look messy. Here's how to add music to your OCs page.

  1. Acquire MP3 or other audio file of song. If you already have the song in .ogg format, you may skip straight to step 3. You can acquire the song via a youtube-mp3 converter, although this may be considered piracy.
  2. Convert MP3 to OGG. You can use an online convertor for this. A common one would be this. You can simply click "Choose File", select the file, and click "Convert File" to convert it to the correct format. Then, you can download the file, and it is now in the .ogg format used for wikia.
  3. Upload and add to the page. You can upload the .ogg file as if it were a picture.  You can add it to a page the same as any picture, as well as to a template like the fan character box the same way as you would a picture.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post them into the comments below.