Even though I only started Role Playing recently, I'm here with another guide on Role Playing.

What is Role Play:

Role Play (RP) is 'Playing as a character in a turn based thread/post/forum/board'. You get to pick a character (canon or OC) and play as them, interact them with other characters.

The common mistakes that drives others away ?

Not every one is perfect, I agree. But if you ever come across another great RPer and managed to get him/her to RP with you, but shortly after the RP starts, he/she dropped out, and it keeps you wondering what ON EARTH did you go wrong, here's a list of the mistakes you might've made during the RP.

1. Grammar:

While I'm not the one who should be saying this because I make grammar mistakes way too often to excuse myself, it's on top of the mistake list that WILL drive people away. Of course one or two mistakes is acceptable, butt if u talk liek dis, no one would want to RP with you.

2. Godmodding:

Dear god, you have no idea how many RP I've dropped just because one of the other RPer godmodding mine and other people's characters. What is godmodding you might ask ? It's controlling characters that isn't yours to control.

Two things that need to be noted:

Controling another character through your own character: i.e "A grabbed B by the hand and started dragging her through the hall". This is acceptable, as long as you don't do it too often in the RP, because no one wants to be pushed around against their will.

Controlling another character directly (You play as God): i.e "A pointed the blade at B. B starts sobbing and got on his knees, begging A to spare his life" (You played A). This is a big No in every RP, and by all mean please do not makes this kind of mistake, like ever. You are basically pushing other RPer away to have the RP your way.

3. Length:

Another thing that bound to shut other RPer away is the length of your reply. Now be honest, would you like to receive one/two lines replies from that good RPer who impressed you by their lengthy replies (Not to mention deep and emotional but I'll get to that later). Of course not!

So why should that good RPer receives one/two lines replies from you ? It will shut people away, giving them the impression that you're not a serious RPer, and they most likely won't RP with you again. Here's the tips: Keep the length of your replies close to the length of the previous reply. It doesn't have to be longer, but if you are capable of writing long post, go for it.

4. Graphic content:

While it's not a mistake to begin with, some graphic content can make other people feels uncomfortable reading it. It's best to discuss this with your RP partner before you begin,

How to improve your RP skill:

After reading through the mistakes list, you can improve the quality of your RP by proof-read, controlling your characters only, put some effort in the length of the post and discuss about the graphic content.

I will offer a tip that will boost the quality to another level: Be your character. Look through their eyes. Get in touch with them.

Describe what your character sees, feels, thinks. Bring it to a certain level of depth by adding their thoughts, emotions, how they react in certain situations. However, don't stray too far from reality, control them through the storyline (I'll assume that you already discuss about the storyline and important events with your partner before you start) and there you go.


Though RP takes time to improve from your current level, it's best to ask other RPers what they think of your RP. Learning from mistakes is the fastest way to become better at something, and while you are at it, don't forget to have fun while you RP. Flora's out!

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