Think like God, act like a human.
— Melira

She'll have you flying all over the world, make you risk your life, and lecture you the whole way for nothing more then to take a useless object from point A to B and make sure it meets every other letter of the alphabet first.
— Urdin Meadows

Usha Goldstein
Age 44
Title Goldstein
Alias Μεληρα IX
Nickname Melly
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Female
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair Gold
Eyes Purple
Height 194 cm
Weight 70 kg
Professional Status
  • Writer
  • Ex-Huntress
  • Inheritor of the Legacy of Melira
Personal Status


Additional Info
Emblem Melira's Emblem
Character Theme

We've Got to Believe in Something (Xenosaga Episode III)
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Usha Goldstein (Better known by her alias/pen name Melira) is an amateur writer renowned for her work among aspiring Hunters. Though quite famous, her writings are not prominent enough to reach global fame. She owns an airship called Fafnir.

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Usha is simply put, quite well-endowed. She dwarfs most people in height and has a very above average build. She has knee length disheveled hair. An easy way to describe it is it looks like she recently woke up. A black ribbon can be seen at the left tip of her hair.

She wears a black renaissance era dress adorned with Greek letters. She wears black gloves and thigh-length black socks to complement her dress. A gold rose can be seen in her chest, forming a number "9". She wears a white earring on her right ear that resembles the wing of a phoenix. She also wears a golden cross necklace. A blue orb can be seen attached on one of the loose parts of her clothing.

Her emblem resembles a traditional magic circle, except she was the one that crafted it. It looks like something that can be used for Dust spells.


Being a writer, her way of talking is quite refined. It gives her an air of dignity and pride.

Thanks to this, she has a tendency to not stop talking. Her speeches are often far too dramatic to be considered part of a conversation that it might as well be a monologue. She didn't even memorize it; she just talks like she's a narrator because she can.

Notably is the way she treats people. Often, she will be rather nice, sometimes she will be cold and distant, often sounding like a being overlooking humanity. She does not mean harm, however. It's just that her style of writing has leaked into her personality overtime.

She does not tolerate reckless behavior when she hires someone. While she knows they will take independent actions once in a while, she only accepts actions that are effective in getting the job done. She does not condone behaviors that can compromise the job she offers. By extension, she does not tolerate failure.

One of the things she despise is someone challenging her point and proving her wrong. She will rarely ever concede against someone, especially when they're younger than her.

Weapons and Abilities

Usha does not fight. She can use her own word as a weapon though.

Her true skill is shown as her ability to create and destroy conflicts with just her own words. She has earned the ire of countless for her inhuman ability to cause chaos.

Often, she watches from the sidelines, observing how a situation will go. If the situation no longer suits her tastes, she will often intervene, and with a few choice of words, ignite another spark.

She carries what appears to be a prop sword with her. However, underneath the fake blade is a real blade with a noticeable glimmer; It was former the weapon of choice of her predecessor, the Reflective Fencing Valkyrie Sword (RFVS), Holy Transcendence. It can divide into a two-sided sword with a complicated mechanism on the hilt. In its base form, Usha wields it like a rapier, specializing in rapid thrusts and slashes that leaves the opponent entirely in the defensive. She's also very skilled in disarming foes who hold their weapons once in a certain distance.

In the defensive, Usha is a master of parrying, being able to instantly retaliate in a near-split second the moment her foe attacks.

At the moment, she lost almost all the skills she had for the sword due to not having faught for decades. All she remembers are defense-based moves, which gives a glimpse of how much she has learned in the way of the sword when she was younger.

She has a below average amount of aura, having at least half the amount of an average Hunter, which is why she relies on actions that end the battle quickly, or at least prevent her from getting hit.

Her semblance is Phantasm Glimmer, the manipulation of light. She can weaponize a source of light or, concentrate it elsewhere. However, it's not effective in a bright room, as the light dissipates faster due to the light reflecting in the surfaces of the area.

It's potential is at its peak in dark places with only few light sources. She concentrates the source of light into a single point, usually at her sword, which has the effect of blinding her foes or harming them.

In concept, she turns light into lasers which are more effective the more concentrated it is.

The worst part is that she can make them home towards her desired target.

However, due to being a writer, combat to her has become meaningless, so she never fights at her fullest, preferring to take down her foes in a swift manner that leaves the enemy near dead and bloodied.


What was known

Melira is quite aged, having drifted through the world of Remnant all her life. She's aware of many things that a common person would not.

She recently settled down in Vale as a writer, commonly doing stories for Hunters to read in their past time. Sometimes, she writes books that can be used for inspiration and motivation. An example of that is her most famous book, "Discipline for the Hunter".

Her first work has become synonymous to her that it eventually became a title to refer to her, becoming her pen name afterwards. Very few people know her original name.

However, before she was a writer, she was a traveler.

All that is known from her past is that she has connections with a scythe-wielder turned terrorist, known as Arya.

The rest of her past is shrouded in fabrication. Often, she would say she was a former treasure hunter, challenging ruins and fighting golems made of gold, or a mad scientist who created new forms of Dust unknown to the general public, or even a retired Huntress who can single-handedly kill colossal Grimms with ease.

Due to this, her true past becomes unknown among the sea of possibilities she presented. It comes to a head when even her own fans began theorizing who she really was.

This is her true goal. She enjoys the theories surrounding herself, often claiming to be an immortal who fought in the original war with the Grimm.

That was the theory of those who were old enough to have met her before.

The Truth

The truth of the matter is that Melira was formerly known as Usha Goldstein, a member of Team LAUX, a famous prodigy team. She alongside Arya were separated from their teammates in a mission and was presumed killed in action afterwards.

Having lost their way, they eventually stumbled upon Aglaia, who bore the name of Melira's, home within a mountainside outside of the four kingdoms.

After years of training under her, Usha would then inherit the name of Melira, much to the envy of Arya. Not only because Usha inherited the name, but because Usha now bears the legend of Melira, an immortal surrounded by fabrication.

A fateful night, the Nyarlathotep would strike, ending in the supposed death of Aglaia and the disappearance of Arya. Usha, then now known as Melira, would then travel across Remnant, starting her own tale as the 9th Melira. She cut her ties with her past, now fully embracing the legacy of her name. She mostly stopped honing her swordsmanship, focusing on telling a story instead.

And with that, starts her career as a writer. Using the name she inherited as a pen name. Her first work was a tribute to her mentor, as well as a starting ground for her future works.

As of late, she's been hiring several first year teams studying in Beacon for some odd, mundane and often absurdly difficult missions. She mentions that this is great training for aspiring hunters. Those she hired greatly disagree though.

A prominent team that she had hired multiple times in the past is Team EHVA. Team leader Hisei Tokuhana often said that Melira's missions were hellish.

Meanwhile, Aki Tokuhana trained under her for four years after a couple of missions during their first year, making him one of the only people who actually shared her viewpoint... until recently, when he began rejecting it.

"My existence is a sea of endless truths and lies. Everything or nothing could be true. No matter how much you try, only I know the truth of myself. And that truth shall die with me."

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Books she wrote:

A common style seen in her writing is the protagonists usually being solely female, with the exception of My Apologies (and technically, Discipline for the Hunter, which wasn't a novel.) They tend to be rather somber too, though a small glimmer of hope tends to happen near the end.

  • Melira: The first book she ever wrote. It details the story of a young huntress who was possessed by a Grimm spirit. The story ends on a cliffhanger wherein the huntress was contemplating ending her life.
  • Empress of Change: The first novel she wrote and also the longest. It speaks of a young lady who would eventually succeed a dying king and fulfill his wish to conquer the world. It appears to be an expanded version of Goldstein. It's also the first use of her constructed world, the world of Lunah.
  • Ode to the Powerless: A short story detailing the life of a child with an uncontrollable Aura, that eventually ovewhelmed her. The main character appears to be based on Arya in terms of abilities. It also takes place in the world of Lunah, but 200 years into the past.
  • Discipline for the Hunter: Her most famous book. It's a wisdom-filled page that teaches how to become a great Hunter. It also pays tribute to the residents of Tenth, specifically a particular Huntress, Mulan Jade.
  • Mage of Lorelei: The second novel she wrote. It tells the story of a young magician from her youth to adulthood. Like prior stories, it takes place in Lunah, around the same time as Empress of Change. Though the title shares it's name with Margarethe Lorelei's surname, it has nothing to do with her.
  • Murderer, Amen: The third novel she wrote and unlike the rest, takes place in modern day Remnant. It tells the story of a vigilante in the streets of Vale who sold her soul to a demon to be given supernatural powers. It's written in a darker tone, being more gruesome than her previous works.
  • My Apologies: Her latest book. A collection of sidestories detailing the many different kinds of Teams in Beacon with a common theme of regret and forgiveness. It's written in a way that's asking for forgiveness from someone. So far, nobody knows who Melira is paying tribute to when she wrote this. It seems to be based on the stories of the Hunters that she had hired.
  • Fate: Her next book. She began a draft for it but it's currently unfinished. It pays tribute to all the friends she encountered throughout her life. Most notably, her former team, LAUX. It currently lacks inspiration.

Accessories: Ornamental Sword

  • Sometimes when she's taking a stroll, she carries a sword. A prop sword made from aluminum, even. She has stated several times that she no longer considers fighting to be enjoyable so she only carries a fake sword as a force of habit she developed during her youth. It's not as fake as it looks...

Alignment: True Neutral

  • She's neither good nor evil. She merely enjoys watching the situation unfold from the sidelines.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

RPG Stats: n/a


  • Melira is a meaningless name written in Greek (Μεληρα). It has basis in Meliora, a name derived from latin melior, meaning "better".
  • Melira predates Noname even more, being created in early 2009.
  • Several of the books Melira wrote is a reference to multiple stories that my best friend wrote.
  • Among my older characters, Melira has the highest amount of different versions, reaching up to 21.
  • Unlike Maki and Noname, she has the most minimal changes during her transition to the standards of RWBY.
  • Due to the concept of immortality not existing in Remnant at the moment, Melira is considered "immortal" via the method of Legacy Immortality.
  • Aglaia and Usha are both separate aspects of the non-RWBY version of Melira. Usha has her appearance as well as intellect, Aglaia has her skills, weapon mastery, and morals.
  • Despite being referred to as the 9th Melira, Usha is based directly on the non-RWBY version of Melira, far more so than Aglaia, and as such, should be considered as the 'real' Melira in the RWBYverse.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Her name, Usha, is sanskrit for "dawn".
  • Her surname, Goldstein, translates to Golden Stone.
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