Valencia Sunneva is the third member of team LAVA and cousin of its leader Lýsing Sunneva. Valencia is the archer of her team, although she personally prefers the term "Walking Artillery"

Valencia Sunneva
Age 19 (vol 1) 20 (Vol 4)
Color Vermillion
Race Caucasian
Species human
Handedness right-handed
Complexion tanned
Hair pale blonde
Eyes grey-blue
Semblance Raging Light
Height 5ft9
Weight 142lbs
Professional Status
Team Team LAVA
Partner Aurelia Teuta
Occupation huntress in training
Personal Status
Relatives Lýsing Sunneva - first cousin father's side

Merel Serac - first cousin mother's side


Valencia is a woman of above average height and with a fit, well toned body showing her years of training and travelling the wilderness of Remnant and her training with heavy weaponry. The characteristic pale skin of her family slightly tanned now from her time in the Vacuo desert and her training outdoors this summer. Valencia prefers to keep her make-up and hairstyle simple, to save time in the field but still look good. Her pale gold hair reaches to below her shoulder blades but is usually kept in a loose braid concealed in her hood.

On her shoulderblades are two stylized tattoos of wings coated in lightning, similar to the design of her personal emblem, infused with Gold Pine Resin Dust that while not enough to be of use for an attack will glow bright golden when she uses the dust from he weapons. She got the tattoo when she was accepted by the huntsman Houyi as an apprentice and left her home for the next four years.

Her typical combat outfit she designed to be practical in the field but still comfortable in more extreme climates. she wears black pants with a white stripe on the outer sides running and a backless, shoulderless black top with white sides as well, showing off her tattoo. Over that she wears a hooded cloak the colour of the sunset worn like a poncho that covers the upper half of her chest and arms and proving her enough shade in the Vacuo sun. She also wears a halfskirt matching her poncho/cloak that hides her ammo pouches from sight and GRP dust infused gloves also with the same sunset orange colour that reach to her elbows, her right glove has the hand area reinforced with black leather to form an archery glove.


Valencia has always been a strange contradiction of terms that can put people off-balance when dealing with her personally. Normally she is quiet and gives an air of disinterest in her surroundings, not usually drawing attention to herself. However behind this passive façade she takes in every detail she observes and methodically works out how to best steer the situation to benefit her. Living up to the Sunneva name Valencia is actually very spirited, ambitious and even adventurous and has spent years planning and preparing herself to ascend the social ladder through her planned exploits as a huntress. Her quiet, carefree attitude is caused mostly by the fact that she plans for the long term and is very confident in her actions because of it. Naturally she knows how to have some fun too and you'll find she is more the type that just acts without really discussing it with her friends, leaving them to catch up with her schemes.


Sunset Spear: Valencia's dust infused archery gloves, imbued with Gold Pine Resin Dust that allows Valencia to use lightning based attacks. her preferred method is by creating a spear of pure lightning contained by her aura which can be thrown like a javelin for high damage or used as a quick makeshift melee weapon to be used in her offhand. Unlike her cousin's iteration of the technique Valencia's spears are sturdier and smoother and can actually block an attack once before fully shattering, allowing Valencia a few surprise moves when her sword is not fast enough to intercept a threat.

The Dawn Machine: Valencia's primary weapon is a big but deceptively complex weapon using a combination of large dust reservoirs and servos to switch between the three forms suitable for close, medium and long range combat. With help of her mentor Houyi she made it a versatile and reliable weapon to engage and eliminate single high priority targets with ease. while it is a heavy weapon thanks to her training Valencia can wield it with surprising speed, often taking enemies by surprise with her swift strikes.

Sword mode: a 2hander sword with dust vents worked into the length of the blade that allow Valencia to unleash powerful strikes augmented with the various types of Dust stored in the blade. It only takes a small amount of Dust to set the blade alight with fire or charge it with the characteristic Gold Pine Resin Dust. She can also release the uppermost vents during a swing for an explosive attack that is sometimes as dangerous to Valencia as it is to her enemies.

Gauss Rifle Mode: With a simple transformation the blade of the sword splits down the middle and slides away from the barrel and fore grip of the Gauss rifle mode while Valencia grabs the cross guard which now turns into the grip and trigger of the rifle on one side while the other half folds forward to reveal the holographic scope. Valencia loads the gauss rifle with single 6 inch long heavy bolts that come with a few varieties of Dust core, including gravity, fire and ice. Valencia has her spare bolts hanging from her belt on her left hip. Fire core bolts ignite mid flight and partially melt their shell before exploding on impact. Frost bolts cause the metal shell to shatter into deadly frozen shrapnel along with a massive ice formation on the point of impact. Gravity bolts cause a crushing implosion on the point of impact.

Bow mode: Similar to the Gauss Rifle mode the blade splits in two and slides away from the barrel of the gauss rifle. however the barrel slides back into the base of the sword. The blade halves, both connected at the tip of the barrel and a pivoting arm that connects the midpoint of the blade segment with the base of the sword, fold outward during transformation to form the arms of the bow form. The barrel slides back into the hilt and compacts so the coils are closer together and the barrel only extends from the base of the cross guard by a third of the blade's total length in sword form. The barrel splits into four parts and widens to allow the elemental bolt to form. The bow is fired by pulling the charger rod built into the hilt that causes the selected Dust types to inject into the barrel, on release of the rod the Coils surrounding the barrel fire the dust spear forward at ballistic speeds. The Dust spears use the same supply of Dust as the sword form and Valencia holds several back-up cartridges that can be inserted in one of six slots in the base of the blade to refill the supply, this takes some time and usually is only done before or after a fight.


Semblance: Raging Light

Valencia's semblance is one of great power, but not one that can be readily used. Requiring to be charged in light it can take between 60 and 20 minutes before the semblance can be activated. Exposure to any light works, but sunlight drastically speeds up the process, cutting the time necessary by two thirds. When Valencia activates her semblance she releases a bright flash of white light light followed by a lingering brilliant glow that partly obscures her form, making it hard to see her exact movements and form. While active, for thirty seconds her perception of time slows and her own body speeds up by a factor of three, making the duration of her semblance seem more like a minute and a half from her point of view.

Aura: Her skill with Dust constructs is very focussed and makes her spears look like something both fluid and sharp, like a flame or molten glass. Due to her patience and determination Valencia has deep wells to draw her aura from, but her techniques also require focus and tend to drain her reserves faster too. this leads to her having a better chance at defending herself against blows earlier in a fight.

Combat: Normally Valencia is a typical glass cannon, she hits hard but has only average defences and has to rely on her speed to evade attacks more than anything else, typically by jumping out of reach of her attackers or dodging the incoming attacks. Naturally to avoid facing an enemy in the first place she prefers to find a vantage point to snipe her enemies from afar. However when she uses her semblance for a few seconds Valencia can take the offence, with her strengthened aura and incredible speed she can usually overwhelm a singular target with ease or fend off a group of targets enough to buy her allies time to rally and finish them off.

Other: Having spent the last 5 years apprenticed to a travelling huntsman and having traversed both the Vacuo desert and the mountains of Vale, Valencia is very much adept in operating in the wild on her own. Capable of hunting for food, setting up camp and other survival skills from years of preparation and field experience.


Valencia grew up as daughter of one of the main branches of the Sunneva family, a wealthy and influential clan from Vacuo. The Sunneva's are an old family with long established traditions, the most important of which is the Sun Journey, where the young adults of the family are sent out to find their own way in the world and work to improve the family's influence across the globe. Valencia took this tradition seriously from a young age and began preparing herself for the day she would go chase her own sun early. Although in recent years most in the family would encourage a journey that would build new trade relations in the other lands of Remnant, Valencia went for a more old fashioned route. Seeking glory and fame for her family Valencia, only 12 years old at the time, journeyed to a remote frontier village to seek apprenticeship with a renowned huntsman by the name of Houyi Avond, one of the best archers in the land. She managed to prove her talent to the archer and convinced him to take her on as an apprentice and learn his craft. eventually travelling along with her Master into the Frontier south of vale to protect the villages from Grimm and bandits. During this time Valencia made sure learn as much about the lands of Vacuo and Vale as she did about her trade and weaponry. It was also during this time she constructed Dawn machine, an advanced piece of equipment she is extremely proud of.

When she was 19 she parted ways with her master in order to learn more about the Huntsman trade at Beacon Academy, using her family connections to arrange proper accommodation until the school year began and taking on a job at one of the many Dust shops in down-town Vale to get a little extra money.

When Valencia started at beacon she learned that she wasn't the only Sunneva to attend Beacon, as she found her cousin Lýsing amongst the other First-years during the year opening ceremony. It was good to see family again so far from home. During the initiation in the Emerald Forest Valencia partnered up with Aurelia Teuta and the two ferociously tore apart any Grimm in their path until they came across Valencia's cousin again, who had by that time had also partnered up with Aurea Melankranz. the four of them were surprisingly effective in traversing the forest and by the end of the day team LAVA was born with Lýsing Sunneva assigned it's captain, and Valencia could get started on the second phase in her becoming a fully fledged Huntress.


  • Valencia can refer to Valencia oranges.
  • Valencia's equipment and backstory draw inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise, in particular the story of Solaire of Astora and the warriors of Sunlight. Her weapon is based on the powerful greatbows and 2-hander greatswords in the games.
  • Valencia is actually attending Beacon with not just one but two cousins. Although they don't know it Valencia and Merel Serac are first cousins from their mothers' side, Merel never had contact with her mother's family.

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