vali & hel are linda kogneece's weapons


vali and hel are two nearly entirly identical katanaswith the exeption of the hilts. both are very long and extremely sharp, the hilt of vali has an engraving that says "the world is unforgiving" and hel's says "trust only those with power and courage" both blades are made of pure Euclase. the pomel is made of bronze painted to match the hilt as a silvery color. vali has an engraving of a wolf on the blade and hel has an icey aura coming from it.


a dust crystal can make both the blades respond to the crystals "personality" i.e. if a red dust crystal is near they can burn a victim. if angered linda can move vali at high speeds and hel will almost freeze anywere it cuts. the blades of both katanas can be fired from their hilts. both blades will react to any dust crystal with in a 10 foot radius but will use the closest one. 


  • the swords are based off norse gods
  • both vali and hel are offspring of loki
  • further info will be given after my story revels them

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