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No matter how bad the history the town may have, it has become my home. Therefore, I won't allow any harm threaten my town.
— Gauth
Venduros is my garden. There is no place that goes off my attention.
— Symin

~Welcome to the Town of Golden Gale - Venduros~
(W - Purification)

Venduros is a bustling town located at the south of Kingdom of Mistral between the mountains, the forest and the ocean. Its also the hometown of the team that once was GSBP. The town is divided into five districts, which are Business District at north, Passion District at east, Technology District at west, Art District at south, and the outskirt.

The Five Tower of Winds are the iconic building of Venduros. It also represented as the town's symbol.The town held various activities and event which attracts visitor from out of town. Each district has their own distinctive activities while still keeping the basic commodities.

However, Grimms are wandering around the mountain coast, and the forest.Sometimes they would even reach the road at the outskirt. But fortunately, huntsman/huntress are often wandering around. It is thanks to the job opportunities provided by the towns that attracts them.


1. Climate

Venduros is located between mountain, forest, and sea south of the Kingdom of Mistral. The mountain is up north of the town, the sea is south of the town, and the forest is west of the town. The forest is rich with fruits, and herbal plant. Most part of the lands are high, giving a beautiful panorama of the ocean from high hill.

The weather is mostly breezy and windy. Sometimes it can get rainy and warm. The temperature of the town is around 17°C-64°C. Sometimes one can feel chilled when walk the outside during the morning.

2. Districts

Venduros is separated into five district, which are Business District, Passion District, Technology District, Art District, and the outskirt.

Basically, the town appear to establish high tech environment such as futuristic HUD screen. But however, each district have distinctive culture of their own aside of the common.

~Business District Theme~
(Dennis Martin - Royal Capital)

Business District is located at the north segment of the town. The area is decorated with water decoration such as fountain, artificial waterfall, and lining column that has top that connect each other to flows the water. The area is filled with company centers. bank center as well as resident area.

Most of residential around the area are belongs to the people with high social rank. This means the building are luxurious and few of it is a mansion. The mayor of Venduros and nobles are also took resident in this area. Some of the most luxurious house are located on the uphill to the mountain along with the winding road. The mountain aren't that steep to the point they're able to build houses. But they never build houses near the mountain peak due to the wandering Grimm.

~Theme of Casino~
(JDK - Arc-n-ciel)

One thing that attract visitors the most around this area is the Casino. The casino is grand and decorated with high tech giant hologram that display many sort of attractive animations.

Hotels are also available in this area.

~Dharmakshetra Headquarter Theme~
(Suikoden V - We Gather Near the Water)

The central of the Dharmakshetra Guild quest shop is stationed in this area. It is owned by Gauth. The building is quite grand as it could accommodate an entire battalion. This building also has one of the five iconic Tower of Wind. It is built on the roof. Huntsman and Huntress are often to come visit this place to look for a job. They sometimes hangout on the building as it have facilities offered specially for the Huntsman/Huntress. Outside the building is a large yard with decoratve pool where huntsman/huntress can be seen training. The yard is fenced, one way to access is by entering it from inside the quest shop.

~Home of Gauth and Symin Theme~
(Suikoden II - Gremio's Special Stew)

Alongside that, Gauth and Symin mansion is located at the northwest part of this area. The house itself isn't as big as average mansion. It just large enough for 3 people (With Butler) to live and do their hobbies in a spacious room. However, the yard is pretty large. It is filled with grass, few trees, fountains, pound of fishes, trimmed bushes and gazebo. There also greenhouse on the northeast of the yard. It is filled with herbal plants.


The culture of people in this area is either luxurious and elegant yet sometimes futuristic. Most of them doesn't wear normal clothing such as T-shirts, jeans, jacket, and such. They tends to make themselves looks classy. It also often to see people with formal suit, work uniform traveling out from the district during resting hour as the area is the center of the local companies.

It also not rare for people outside the district or town to come looking for business. Especially the huntsman and huntress as well as those who would visit the casino.

The majority of people here are human than faunus. Normally they could get along with faunus, but some of them don't. In which at rare occasion, a fight between human and faunus can occur.

~Passion District Theme~
(JDK - Ballons and Confetti)

Passion District is located at the east segment of the town. The panorama and decoration around this area are perfect for those who want to express passion. They have parks and stages, adorn with abstract sculpture and decoration. Graffiti can be found around the alley of this area.

Dancing event are often to take place in this area. As well as that, it is often to see people performing stunning tricks with bicycles, skateboard, and sort of stuff. These event are what alluring visitors to come.

~Antic Shop Theme~
(W - Run Run Wind Metropolitan)

Hobby shops are often to be found here. From RC toys to hardware shop. But one notable shop around the area is the Antic Shop. It is owned by Gauth but supervised by Symin and her subordinate. It is quite huge. The shop sold various tool of antics designed by her. But she never sold her greater tools unless the customer is someone who close to her. The very shop is what caused some people around the area to be mischievous.

Above the antic shop is one of the five iconic Tower of Wind are built.


Other than casual clothing and retro fashion, people who dress like a funky, gansta, street and modern dancer person are also often to be found in this area.

Various events such as street dancing, stunning parkour, RC racing are often to be held by the people around. Most people on this area are just love to express their passion through their talent.

Visitor of this area might want to watch out for the prankster around the area.

Human and Faunus are live in harmony in this area. They don't care about the differences. All they care is expressing their passion which they shared together.

Technology District is just east of the town segment. The place is semi-futuristic, HUD screen and hologram decorates most section of the area, dust shop are more often to be found around the area. But aside of that, the businesses on the district offers various kind of custom technology invention commission. From daily appliance, to vehicle, even to hunters and huntress equipment.

One of the district's main attraction is the technology and scientific demonstration that often to be performed by some people inhabited the area. It is an entertainment for the brain of those who visited the area.

One of the Technology workshop around the area belongs to Gauth. It is supervised by Brizio who also work as an engineer in the shop. The building is not that large, but it has basement to test their creation. The service is more private because their technology is rather exotic and only specific type of people who would commission them. Though they do provide repair service publicly. Their motto is "The strongest weapon are the weapon that chooses its user" which is inspired from a traveling huntsman named Summanus. Rumor has it that the technology style applied on the workshop is nearly the same to the technique that was once applied on the disbanded company known as the Abnekhos Foundation.

Alongside that, One of the iconic Tower of Wind is also build around the workshop.


Though the fashion are mostly retro and casual, it is more often to see people wearing weird gadget, and a semi-futuristic casual clothing.

One interesting point about the people on the area is that they often to perform scientific to technological demonstration that can entertain the brain of those who had curiosity. Aside of entertaining the visitor, the demonstrator also inspiring each other. But sometimes the people can be seen competing each other.

For a new visitor, the demonstration can be an exciting thing to watch. But for the local people, they consider it as common thing and it took a luck to actually found something inspiring.



The Five Tower of Wind



Crimes also can occur around this town knowing the bustling town provide them many opportunities. Which is why police department are also applied in the town like normally a town would. However, the blue collar criminals feared one thing to the point of discouraged of doing their crimes : Symin

She goes around the town, seeking things that may caught her interest. She have always seems plotting. She sets unexpected traps around the town that mostly alluring to the criminals. When they thought they'd pickpocket a wallet, their hands getting snapped by a mouse trap. When they thought they'd obtained a wallet with money, they obtained a wallet with a remote explosive. When they thought, they'd rob a helpless person, they found Symin in disguise and suffered her huntress experiences. When they thought Symin isn't around, they encounter her well-trained "apprentice" who learned the art of antics.

These prank had rather traumatized the blue collar criminals around the town.

<to be continued>








  • Venduros derived from the Latin "Ventus" which means "Wind".

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