Venetus Animam Dividitur
Age 17
Color Venetus
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 4th of November
Handedness Varies
Hair Black with streaks of dark blue
Eyes Grey
Height 180cm
Weight 71kg
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Venetus had an easy life when he was young, a vivid imagination coupled with a few friends. At about the age of six, he started to realise that he could actually see what he imagined. Not that they were really there, but he could make himself think that they were. A year later, he got into a fight with another boy. Venetus was losing, badly. The stray thought had come into his head. If he could change how he saw the world, maybe he could change how he saw himself? He closed his eyes, and in that brief second he saw a different version of him. One that was confident in a fight, and capable of winning in any situation. As he opened his eyes he felt like he was pulled back, away from his body but not quite. He could still feel it, everything was the same, but he was not the one throwing the punches anymore. Venetus could feel his fists making contact, and saw the other boy reeling under his blows. In that moment he knew. He was the one in the fight, but he wasn't the one at the controls. The stab of fear drove itself straight into his thoughts, eradicating everything else. He wasn't himself anymore, he had make another him and it had his body. His fist delivered the final blow, and he felt his own mind brush against his.

You made me for this, its not what you planned but it works just as well.

His hand was shaking as he was lifting it up to look at it. One of his friends was saying something but Vita wasn't listening. He had realised he was back in control. He ran. Ten minutes later he had found a secluded spot, hiding in a corner.

"What are you?" He questioned himself.

You wanted to be strong, confident and dangerous. And you made me.

Venetus didn't understand, "But are you me? Or someone else? Why are you in me?"

I am not you, but not someone else. A shadow of you perhaps....

Comprehension was dawning within him, "You're a part of me?"

Yes, the part that will fight. The part that will make us survive.

Venetus had taken his word, they would fight. They would survive.

With this in mind he had applied to Signal as he got older. As he progressed, he found he wasn't the best warrior but the other part was fantastic. When he came forward, he wasn't any stronger or faster or even more knowledgeable. He was better because his only goal was to be alive at the end, not matter what. The more he learnt about fighting, the more he learnt about the other part of him. Now he knows how to bring him forward. As he found himself at the end of his time at Signal, he considered Beacon. His transcripts seemed adequate enough to get him in and it followed his idea of being one that will fight until the end. He had decided to think over it during a training bout with a friend.

Doubt started forming in his mind. As he stood across from his friend he strained his mind to remember his name. This small worm of doubt changed into a freight train as they engaged each other. He couldn't remember his style either, nor his weapon. Venetus started to lose ground, leaving the way open for his other self. He didn't step in. His friend kept pressing him, slightly confused as Venetus usually was the winner of these fights. He pushed a thought back, hoping to bring him forward.

I need you. We wouldn't want to lose to him now would we?

The whisper drifted back.

You're losing yourself. I'm slowly stripping away the person you are.

Venetus hesitated, taking a blow to his arm. He knew what was wrong, he didn't want to eradicate him just to win this fight. He sifted through his memories, eventually finding the person in front of him. Relief flooded through him.

I remember.

The voice came back.

That's not the point, you know it isn't.

The doubt was still with him, but he felt that it wasn't serious enough to worry about now.

I can remember. I will always be stronger.

Nothing came to him but he felt him move forwards, suddenly taking the offensive with his opponent. Within two minutes he had beaten his way to victory. A cold shudder went through his body.

Let me back.

Confusion swept over Venetus , he hadn't ever done anything to stop him, he had thought he'd been let forwards afterwards.

I can't be you, let me back.......  You're not controlling it are you?

This stab of fear of the other him spurred him on, making him push forwards. He quickly looked down at his weapon. He was back. The thought of Beacon drifted into his mind.

I will push forwards. I will fight.

The voice barely came to him.

What if there isn't any of you left to fight?


Venetus keeps it simple. Dark blue jeans in good condition. A plain shirt the colour of venetus has faded somewhat, his emblem, a body being divided by a gap diagonally, is barely visible across his left breat. His blue runners also bear this emblem on the back of the heel. He himself is nothing stunning, a slightly narrow and plain face is starting to get traces of a beard. His hair is black with streaks of blue running through it, kept short and left to figure itself out.

Weapon's and skills

Venetus' weapons are Pistol Batons. They are rather simple, the hand-grip being in line with the barrel they look very much like he's fighting with two metal bars. They are just under half a metre long and are reasonable strong, despite housing the barrel. Twenty round magazines are in the handles, the pistols not being a very large calibre but enough to slow down even some of the slightly larger opponents. Venetus is competent with these, knowing his way around them and able to hold his ground in many situations. This said, he isn't the strongest fighter. That's where his semblance comes into it. Venetus is able to change how he perceives anything. At first this doesn't seem like it would help him, but after attempting to change how he saw himself he created a personality that was perfect for combat. This other him cared for two things, being able to fight, and surviving. He is no more skilled nor stronger or faster, but his focus and determination make him just that bit better in a fight. Added to this, he can change his preferred hand and change pain into a numb feeling, allowing him to stay on his feet when injured. One major side effect of his semblance is the mental strain this puts upon his mind, as it is slowly starting to affect it, eroding the memories within.


Venetus has a hard personality to judge, he was a nice guy that was happy most of the time. But recently he has been unsure of himself. His semblance has started to take its toll on his mind. Though no permanent damage has been done, he feels as if who he is will be slowly stripped away, until just a husk remains. Because of this, his usually friendly nature can slip into reclusive. He will effectively shut down until he is sure his mind is intact. This is gradually taking more time with the use of his semblance. The other side of him is also being affected. He is losing nothing, being a mere shadow of Venetus, but is finding it hard to retreat back into his mind after coming forwards. This side of Venetus is becoming reluctant to show itself, the will to survive overriding the need to help fight, though in life threatening situations this would be a small matter. The decline scares both of them, and Venetus worries that who he is could be gone too easily.


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