Venture Hybridification

Venture Hybridification

Venture Hybridification is Natasha's Dust Rifle.


Venture Hybridification uses a Diamond shaped Dust crystal that is 2 feet long and 3 inches in diamater at the head. The crystal is rechargable.

Loading the ammo

First the scope is pushed forward which loosens the gold butt on the end of the stock. The stock butt is then removed which exposes the hole in which the crystal is put in. The crystal is loaded with the point towards the barrel. To lock it in place the process is reversed.


VH is a sleek high tech Dust rifle with black gold and silver details and Blue lights.


In the scope is a sophisticated targeting system that marks targets using facial recognition. It can mark multiple targets and doing so modifies the bullet firing accordingly.

Firing Modes

VH's bullets fire in thtrr modes:

  1. The standard mode: the beam fires like a bullet homes in and leaves an entry and exit wound. If two or more people are targeted the bullet splits immediately after leaving the barrel up to three targets.
  2. The explosive mode: The bullet homes in to it's target but instead of punching through it sticks to the target and explodes when Natasha pulls a pin under the scope. If two or more people are targeted the bullet splits immediately after leaving the barrel. The same split rule applies that applies to standard mode.
  3. Standard Fully automatic: this mode enables it to be used like an assault. This mode is combined with stand or explosive mode


The image and name are from Borderlands 2

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