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Verdantos is a tall young man of medium build, his hieght is greater than most boys his age. H

Amazing Art done by DustPeltX, Thank you SO much!

e has messy silver hair, a Grenice family trait. It extends past his eyes, barely brushing an old scar across his nose, his most uniquw trait is this scar, a cross shaped strip of pink flesh, acquired in a fiece battle with his parter. He is always wearing a green pirate's hat, with a skull and crossbones symbol. He has pale blue eyes, something no one in his family has possessed in three generations. Contrary to his expectations, Verdantos didn't recieve any powers from them. He has defined muscles, not thick muscles, like Jr, but ones that stick close to his arms.He usually wears green overcoat, with a silver strap coming across his pants, and green and silver camo pants when not in a Beacon Uniform. He also wears green steel toed boots, even while in Becon Uniform.


Verdantos is a rude and brash boy. He has a general disdain for anyone, moreso those of lower social status. He is easily irritable, and is prone to violence and destruction, including one incident when he attempted to drop a ceiling on a fellow beacon student. He is not prone to obedience, often angering when someone tries to take authority over him. He has a love for the finer things in life, clothes, private jets, all things supplied by his vast wealth. He often clashes with other kids in ideals, and has extreme trouble making comrades.

He likes to brag about his feats, and abilities, and they are numerous. His hatred for the less priviledged stems from his mother's excessive brain washing. If he feels any ounce of disrespect from someone of lower status than him, he wont hesitate to atteck them, verbally and physically. Though, even after all of this, he isn't a bad kid, he holds a soft spot for his teamate, Jr(By soft it entails that he will hesitate to drop a cieling on him.). Once you get past the initial stage of arrogance, he is suprisingly sociable.



Verdantos Grenice was born into a very wealthy family of humanitarians . The Grenice family owned an abundance of hospitals and clinics, orphanages and schools. His pirate hat comes from his deceased father, he gave it to him for his birthday, as he had always wanted to be a pirate. It was the day before his father went to speak at a White Fang rally. He was killed in his limo on the ride to the stadium.

His father was a loving man, kind, caring. He was fully against manufacturing Dust for weaponry . He taught Verda good values, how to love those with less, how to help the poor, and how to give all people a fair chance. He was always humored with Verda's over obsession with pirates, much to his mothers dismay. Verda's father was the first person, and the only person besides Jr., to call Verdantos, "Verda". Due to this, he holds a secret place for this name. Angering when anyone calls him it.

After his Father's Death

His mother kept him under protection at all times after this. He was always under her watchful eye. She had a general distaste for the lower class, something Verdantos unfortunately, adopted. His mother took full control of the business, taking it far from its humanitarian roots. She closed clinics and shut down the adoption agency, the same one that sent Jr. to Signal, when they could not find him a home. She became more and more militant, putting company funds into the weaponizing of dust. They replaced the ent ire Child Services sector with Dust Mining. His mother became infatuated with money and power, marrying abusive men, who beat Verda, and drained almost all of the good values his dad taught him. He only has one real connection to his dad; his hat.

Signal Academy

His mother sent him to Signal at age 13, in hopes to keep him away from the family business. Also to keep her husbands pleased. He arrived on the same day as another student, Jr. He made a hurtful remark about the "shitty sword" Jr. had on his back. He was quickly challenged to a duel, and easily defeated a disheveled Jr. But he recieved a scar across his nose when the other boy took him by suprise. From this point on he was determined to stay away from him. Verdantos tested very well in hand to hand combat. He was only surpassed by Jr. Azulon. He tested near the top of his class with firearms and swords manship. He was profiecient in leadership classes. But he recieved leadership of his own team after saving his headmaster's life.

He constantly clashes with his teamate Jr., usually over things with minimal circumstance. This causes his team to complete some missions late.

Info on The Grenice Dust Corp

The Grenice Dust Corp. was originally a Humanitarian Company, named the Miles Grenice Corporation, after the founder, Verdantos' grandfather. All of the company funds were spent on helping  the city of Vale, and finding good homes for children. They built Airship stations, and other forms of transportation. They built Free Clinics, for the poor and underprivileged. The founder eventua

lly had two children, one of which died while his mother was in labor. Both the child and the mother passed. Miles Grenice's multi-billion dollar company eventually went to his first, and only, child, Terrence Grenice. Terrence was a kind and compasionate person., showing a great love for all people, surpassing that of even his father. He eventually married Lauren Croitia, and had their only sonVerdantos Grenice . His wife believed that the company could make so much money investing in mining Dust. But, Terrance firmly believed against the weaponization of Dust. On his way to promote the opening of a new adoption agency, he was assasinated.

The Rule of Lauren Grenice.

After the death of Terrence, Lauren quickly took control of the company. She instantly took out all of Verda's reserved shares of the company, and sold them to the highest bidder. She completely cut all of the funding of the Free Clinics, and the Adoption Agency. She funneled every spare cent the sompany had into Dust mining, and caused an upraor amongst the Board members. The protest quickly ceased, when the company's profit increased ten-fold. The ones who continued to argue, mysteriously disapeared.  Lauren married multiple men, all inheritors of billions of dollars.  She gave them company shares, and in the process, cut pay for all their mining workers in fouths. She had many sons with them also, all inheriting more of the comp



any than Verdantos. No one knows why Lauren snubbed her son, but some speculate, that it is due to him bein to malleable, and could be manipulated to taking the company back to its roots.

Company Heirs

Tordo Beckinshire, inherits 1/4th of all company shares, in case of the death of his father.

Verdantos Grenice inherits 0.001% of all company shares, in the event of the death of his mother.

Quin Celice, Inherits 1/5th of all company shares, in case of the death of his father.

Gurin Katori

The original desigh, the blade was facing the wrong way, the hilt was different, and the barrel was smaller.

Weapons and Abilities

Gurin Katori V2

Designed by moi,This is how I always pictured it.


He carries dual uzi's with dust enhanced bullets that explode on imp act with a medium sized blast radius. They also have small blades attached to them. Their name is Gurīn karitori, and are a pair of Bladed Automatic Short Rifles. He uses them to boost his jumping occasionally, as the explosions create a sort of boost.He is very proficient with long range weaponry, and is decent with polearms, he is excellent with one-handed swords, but refuses to use them, because they are too cliche.

 Incendiary Ammo

This ammo uses Fire Dust, and has the explosive power of 1/4th of a rocket propelled grenade. It travels at the same speed as your typical Uzi bullet.

Propulsion Ammo

Uses wind dust, to launch the user upwards. It also enhances speed. He uses this ammo solely for propulsion of himself. He has modified his gun to discard and reload ammowith the click of a second trigger, since he has to switch ammo so often in combat.

Cracked Ammo

In this ammo type, the shell is cracked, causing the round to explode on its way out of the barrel, Verda couples this with his Propelled Fist technique. Unlike normal propulsion ammo, this ammo does not need to strike a surface to erupt.

Hand to Hand 

Propelled Fist

He created this technique after realizing Jr. outmatched him in both hitting speed, and pure force. This technique uses Cracked Propulsion Ammo, meaning that the shell is cracked, so it explodes on its way out of the barrel. This technique is usually combined with his punches and elbows, The force of the fist or elbow being launched by the Wind Dust-powered ammunition causes a devastating impact. This technique makes Verda's hits faster and stronger than Jr.'s. But since this can only be used with a limited set of attacks, he constantly switches to his normal unenhanced fighting abilities.

Bent Lotus

Bent lotus is a fighting style Verda created, after realizing constant punching without gauntlets injured his hands.  He noticed that, all of his opponents that were skilled in Hand-to-Hand combat used gauntlets, including Jr.Azulon . He considered using gauntlets as well, but this hindered his skill with his main weapon, a pair of SMGs.


He uses the bending parts of his arms and legs, to create a harder, more forceful impact, he only uses these parts of his body, both to block and kick, delivering more punishment, and being able to take more. The surface of the elbow, and the kneecap is a more solid striking point than fists and feet. The lack of punching and kicking in this technique, make it harder to block, since he does not fully extend any part of his body, This technique does have restrictions, as fighting with shorter parts of the body limits range, ultimately causing him to exert more effort. When coupled with his propelled fist technique it creates a quick and deadly combination.


Scattering Petals

The move starts out with a spinning elbow to an opponents right cheek. This is followed up by another elbow on the opposite place. As the opponent recovers from the initial attack, Verdantos uses this moment to preform a jumping knee to the opponents chin. This moves in rapid succesion are supposed to rattle the assailants head in different directions, thus causing the brain to slam around in the skull, scattering the opponents balance and thought process.

Poison Roots

This move is supposed to to target the lower body, this the name. It starts out with a high knee to the opponents thigh, in some cases this causes a clot, putting the opponent in extreme pain, against skilled fighters, it just causes a minor lingering annoyance. It is followed by a knee strike to the back of the opponents knee, effectively driving the opponent to the ground, onto their knees. The final strike is an elbow to the back of the head, knocking an opponet to the ground.

No moves are a garunteed success, damage depends on an opponents skill level.


I was heavily inspired by the eight strike points of  Muay Thai, the hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Verda's starting pose, for his technique.

 I dropped the Fist and Foot portion, and focused heavily on the elbow, and knee strikes. This is to emphasize the fact that Verda was raised as a sheltered boy, so he is not one to take punishment, when he does not have to. This also aludes to his frustration at Jr.'s superior hand to hand skills.

If you would like to use this fighting style for one of your OC's please credit me, and link back to this page, thank you.


Have fun with those exploding bullets.

His Hat:

He has modified his hat for ranged combat. He has fire-proofed it, so Jr. does not burn it in combat. If he throws it with enough strength, it can cut through flesh. It weighs 10 Ibs. due to the blades, so when he takes it off he becomes lighter, and quicker in Hand to Hand combat.


His semblance is a mostly defensive ability. He surrounds himself in a six foot radius with razor thin horizontal squares of aura. It protects him from Melee range attacks, and slows down most objects eing hurled at him.



He has a, dificult, relationship with his teamate Jr. His main complaint is that Jr. acts too immature, and is constanly butting heads with his team leader. He constanly complains about having to "babysit" a 17 year old boy. He and Jr.'s relationship has been described as Abusive Big brother type. He first met Jr., at the gates of Signal Academy where they had a fight, after Verdantos insulted Jr.'s sword. The fight left both of them scarred. Jr, is the property of DragonBossGala, AKA Me.

Jr, Professional Annoying Bastard


Gears is one of Jr.'s best friends, therefore the bane of Verdantos' existence. He finds him annoying and childish and his constant teasing and nicknaming of everyone he meets irritates him as well. He first met him on the airship on the way to beacon, where he made the mistake if calling him "Greeny".Gears is the property of Ragadorus.

Verda V2


Nox is Verda's arch rival, these two constantly clash heads, and their  encounters often end up in extreme violence. Much to Verda's dismay, most of these encounters end in him losing. He tries his hardest to keep Jr from knowing this, dince Jr. naiively thinkd Verda is the strongest person in Beacon. He first met Nox at Beacon, where the blue-haored boy proceeded to slam Verda into the concrete. Nox is the property of Noctum Caeruleus.

Marcel Skye

Marcel is the only person in Beacon Verda considers a friend. Due to his extremely tolerant nature, he overlooks Verda's bluntness, and overall rudeness. He first met him at a Beacon Cafeteria, when he helped him up after a fight with two other students. Marcel is owned bye AzureMeso.

Other art


An amazing piece of work, by my good friend Ragadorus.

Some masterpieces.

Role Plays


First Day , a public RP started by RWBY4815

Extra Credit , A private RP started by Pheonix.


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