Weapons and Abilities

Gurin Katori V2

Designed by moi,This is how I always pictured it.


He carries dual uzi's with dust enhanced bullets that explode on impact with a medium sized blast radius. They also have small blades attached to them. Their name is Gurīn karitori, and are a pair of Bladed Automatic Short Rifles. He uses them to boost his jumping occasionally, as the explosions create a sort of boost.He is very proficient with long range weaponry, and is decent with polearms, he is excellent with one-handed swords, but refuses to use them, because they are too cliche.

 Incendiary Ammo

This ammo uses Fire Dust, and has the explosive power of 1/4th of a rocket propelled grenade. It travels at the same speed as your typical Uzi bullet.

Propulsion Ammo

Uses wind dust, to launch the user upwards. It also enhances speed. He uses this ammo solely for propulsion of himself. He has modified his gun to discard and reload ammowith the click of a second trigger, since he has to switch ammo so often in combat.

Cracked Ammo

In this ammo type, the shell is cracked, causing the round to explode on its way out of the barrel, Verda couples this with his Propelled Fist technique. Unlike normal propulsion ammo, this ammo does not need to strike a surface to erupt.

Hand to Hand 

Propelled Fist

He created this technique after realizing Jr. outmatched him in both hitting speed, and pure force. This technique uses Cracked Propulsion Ammo, meaning that the shell is cracked, so it explodes on its way out of the barrel. This technique is usually combined with his punches and elbows, The force of the fist or elbow being launched by the Wind Dust-powered ammunition causes a devastating impact. This technique makes Verda's hits faster and stronger than Jr.'s. But since this can only be used with a limited set of attacks, he constantly switches to his normal unenhanced fighting abilities.

Bent Lotus .

(Click the link for a more in-depth analysis)Bent lotus is a fighting style Verda created, after realized constant punching without gauntlets injured his hands. He uses the bending parts of his arms and legs, to create a harder more forceful impact, he only uses these parts of his body, both to block and kick, delivering more punishment, and being able to take more. This technique does have restrictions, as fighting with shorter parts of the body limits range, ultimately causing him to exert more effort. When coupled with his propelled fist technique it creates a quick and deadly combination. 


Have fun with those exploding bullets.


He  carries 2 7" daggers, in case he is fighting a sword user, and things get too close. He is second only to Jr. in Hand to hand combat.

His Hat:

He has modified his hat for ranged combat. He has fire-proofed it, so Jr. does not burn it in combat. If he throws it with enough strength, it can cut through flesh. It weighs 10 Ibs. due to the blades, so when he takes it off he becomes lighter, and quicker in Hand to Hand combat.

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