Guilt and pain is what bring men down. Guilt and pain is what drives me.
— Vergil Engel
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Vergil Engel
Vergil Engel 2
Age 16
Nickname Scarface, Little Birdy
Status Active
Color Dark Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Height 5'7"
Weight 160
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Jobs None
Additional Info
Likes Destroying Grimm and has a strange fond love for food.
Dislikes Seeing a child or someone else in pain, bullies, Grimm, and childish people.
Special Skills Superb swordsmanship, deadly accuracy, along with the endurance to withstand a whole day of nonstop fighting.

He is also able to remember the exact taste of every piece of food he has ever eaten.

Weaknesses People talking smack about his childhood and his parents, sending him into a rage.

Failing to protect someone from a Grimm attack will fill him up with more guilt, making him more reclusive and anti-social to others. Along with creating more deep seeded anger, resulting in a lack of teamwork.

Character Theme

Blazblue Rebellion Acoustic Remix
Battle Theme

Blazblue Rebellion Vocal


Vergil Engel is a new student to Beacon Academy and member of the team (still searching). His main weapon is the Flugel, a blade that has been pasted down through his family for generations. The blade itself is usually coated in dust to leave more of an impact during fighting. Vergil perfers close combat fighting, but can also fight at a distance with his weapon's Flugel feather capablity.


Vergil is of average height and is quite fit for the age of sixteen. His body underneath the garb of raggy clothing, is covered in scars from years of training. Vergil's eye color is red and his hair black, his clothing is patterened to reflect both colors. His choosing of the colors red and black is due to his parents, his father who used to be seen in red clothing and his mother in black. His reasoning as to why he wears the ragged clothing, is because its light. Unlike armor his clothing won't hold him back in terms of speed. The clothing also represents his personality, a lone wanderer. He has a scar stretching down from the left side of his forehead through the left eye, which is made up of a brighter iris red and his pupil like that of an animal. He can often be seen with his left eye closed instead of open, never giving an exact reason why to those who ask, but instead changes the subject.


Over the many years Vergil has become unconversational and somewhat tactless. He typically is very lonesome and keeps to himself, but when required by the team to get something done, he is willing to work with others to achieve the goal. Though Vergil may be quiet he does speak at times, and often when he does speak, it is either with a snarky comment or a wise response. His views on the world are cold and harsh, and often does he express that when someone is ignorant to him or of the world. He does not put up with bullying from others to himself or another victim. If he believes someone has it coming to them, he will not hold back in a confrotation or fight against them. Vergil also has a deep vendetta with the Grimm of the world and would do anything to stop them from attacking people.

Weapon Description

Base Form                                                                                                                              

Flugel is typically coated in dust to increase impact when colliding with its target. The sword in it's base form is like another other sword. The sword is smaller than a average blade but is more durable. Once the blade, after resonating once with its master, can never be used by another wielder until the current owner dies or willing gives up the blade. If one tries to steal the blade or use it without acknowledgement from its current master, the blade will feel like a boulder to those who try lifiting it. Those acknowledged by the current wielder may only be able to access its base form, due to the current wielder's aura still resonated with the blade. The blade has served within the Engel family for generation after generation stretching back to the Faunus war.

Alter Form

While Flugel is in Alter Form, which activates when Vergil requires it and is basically a 2nd gear, the blade itself increases in its edge, length and strength to cut through tougher materials. The wing that sprouts out from the blade during this form is more than just for looks. The feathers made from the wing as razor sharp and can be used as unspecting bullets to a Grimm or other enemy when the blade is swung to them. The dust that is along the blade is absorbed into it, the blade converting its power to provide more of the feathers. Though when the dust runs out, the converstion stops and the feathers left on the wing is all that can be used. 

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Abilities & Powers

Vergil is well versed in the art of combat since he has had many years of training taught by his grandmother, a former huntress. Due to Vergil's less bulky structure, he soley focuses on speed and accuracy, which with his years of training have refined him into a fine swordsmen. With his grandmother's training, Vergil has been able to tapt into his aura. Vergil also has greater jumping ability, making him able to leapt great distances. His Fugel is bound to him since it has resonated with his aura, meaning no one else can wield it if it is taken from him. Also with the feathers produced from Fugel's Alter Form, they can be shot to the enemy via swinging the sword in their direction, the feathers themselves acting as unexpecting bullets to the enemy. His vision is better than the average man due to his half faunus heritage, this showing in his left eye. He does banter a bit to provoke the enemy to attack and make them lose focus, also he does not get cocky, he wishes to end the fight as soon as possible and if needed with a killing blow. Vergil has had experience fighting dozens of Grimm before in his training, granting him the knowledge and endurance to last a full day fighting the grimm before falling to the ground from exuastion. Since he is at the age of sixteen though, his skills are still devleoping and evolving so he is still not the huntsmen he wants to be.


Vergil's family comes from a long line of huntsmen and huntresses, this was no exception to his parents. His mother was a faunus and his father human. His father was the current wielder of the Flugel, which back then was said to have white feathers. Vergil lived as a child with his parents for 4 years until one day as they made their way home, they were attacked by a group of Grimm. Both parents would normally be able to fend off such numbers, but with their child there they had to protect him and fight as well. Vergil was protected by his mother as his father fought off the Grimm himself. As it seemed to be gaining in their favor, a Grimm took Vergil by surprise and attacked him. The claw connected, but left only a scar going down his left eye as the Grimm was knocked away by the mother. Though this sealed her fate as she was also attacked by surprise, a Grimm coming up from behind her and delivered the killing blow. Vergil watched the horror as his father fought off the rest of the Grimm in rage, receiving plenty of wounds but eventually fended them off. After burying his mother, his father died a few days later from the wounds he had received during the ordeal leaving him parentless.

With no one to guide him and offer support, his grandmother took him into her care. After awhile Vergil was lost in depression and unsure what to do, his grandmother saw this and offered to train him to be a huntsmen since she herself was a former huntress. Feeling anger to the Grimm, Vergil agreed and trained to be a huntsmen. Over the years Vergil had received scars from the intense training, but all drove him to become a better huntsmen. With the years that pasted he felt guilty for his parents deaths, along with being powerless. He also took in the racial hatred of some humans as he lived through those years. Taking it all in, his left eye along with the scar became symbolic for him. The scar from caused him loss, the eye which was hated, but also a place to store the anger, a place to store the strife. Putting it all into his eye, he would only open his left eye when the time required him to unleash it all.

As the years rolled by Vergil earned his father's blade which was kept hidden by his grandmother, as a final test before passing his training. He had to vist the same forest in which the Grimm had attacked him and fight off the Grimm's for 3 days. During his time in the forest, he reflected on his past there. Realizing how his fate turned out, he did not want other children to suffer the same fate. Taking an oath upon himself, when he became a offical huntsmen, he was going to protect all that he could and destroy the Grimm. After those 3 gurling days were over, Vergil finally pasted his training. Though as it seemed fate deemed it so, his grandmother soon died of old age after. After wandering a bit, he heard of Beacon Academy and took interest in it. With no one to help with getting into Beacon, Vergil forged his papers and had to go to great lengths to make his lies believable. Non the less he made it in. He hopes that with Beacon's vast knowledge, he could learn more about the Grimm and be able to fight more of them.

Influences/Creator statements

The shape of Vergil's blade came from F.F 10's brotherhood blade admittedly. In no way shape or form did the name Vergil come from DMC or Dante's Inferno, the thought actually crossed my mind after I made the character. I had to make several revisions of this character before making this, the original was going to be a half human half Grimm with the left eye being the cause of the Grimm side. If some parts seem confusing to others or too much information, I will have no problem editing that. Lastly for the background, I was going to make it short and mysterous but figured I might as well explain the whole background including family background. So sorry if it is a long read. And yes, the image is mine. I kinda messed up awhile back and released it back accident you can check its offical author to see if its me.

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