Verimill Cyra (Pronounced Ver-Ri-Mill Seer-Ra) is the adopted daughter of Orran Deaulanor. She is a deer/doe faunus that currently attends Haven Academy and is in her third year of enrollment.

Verimill Cyra
Age 19
Nickname Veri
Status Alive
Color Vermillion
Race Faunus
Species Deer/Doe
Born May 26
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Tanned
Hair Vermillion
Eyes Vermillion
Semblance Flames of Rebirth
Height 5"9
Weight 144 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Archipel Hafen

Erlerwei Industries Sanctum Academy

Haven Academy

Occupation Student


Personal Status
Relatives Orran Deaulanor - Adoptive Father

Ise Deaulanor - Adoptive Mother

Sia Blühen - Aunt-In-Law Mateus Deaulanor - Brother

Blood Parents - Unknown

Character Theme

Masaru Yokoyama - Reincarnation
Battle Theme

Masaru Yokoyama - Aspiration


Verimill has the appearance of a tall statured young female. She has long vermillion hair styled in a ponytail positioned at the back right of her head, and a second braid on her left behind her deer faunus ears. She has tanned skin with a small skin disorder that lightened parts of her face from the rest of her body. Her definitive faunus feature is her long stretched ears.

She wears a mistral inspired multi-layered outfit with an assortment of accessories for her casual attire. The first layer she wears is a dark-grey short sleeved shirt with a gold trim lace. Overtop of her shirt, she wears a black one piece dress with a gold trim outlining the top of the dress. The dress has three slits, two on each side of the dress that goes up to her thighs and the rear going up to her knees. The back two split parts of the dress has a ornate design that resembles petals. The last layer she wears is a short shawl that covers her collar and shoulders and is attached to the dress through buttons and laces. The shoes she wears are black elevated flats resembling zori with a flower ornament on the golden colored hanao.

On top of her dress above her hips and on her waist, she wears a vermillion and a gradiant colored sash that ties neatly behind her back. On her ankles she wears vermillion and gold colored cloth anklets that are tied by black died hemp ropes with bells attached to them. Gotten at a accessory shop in the city of Kamin, she has a golden chocker that curves round at each end. Her emblem is a phoenix's wing, drawn into a circle, which resembles her father's feather emblem. It is displayed on the back of the collar/shoulder shawl.


Verimill has a playful yet dignified nature. She can be at times overly rowdy and ambitious, and can bites things more than she can chew. If need be, she can switch from being her usual self to someone presentable as she is the daughter of the company. Although the majority of the workers know what her true self is, many visitors don't. When she ventures around Erlerwei, she brings joy and entertainment to the workers of Erlerwei, uplifting their spirits which spurs them to work harder.

Like her father, she prioritizes on being kind and joyful towards others and then being able to switch gears instantaneously into a more serious mode. At times she is naive as she always looks at the positive outlooks of life and that she's willing to help as long as the cause is just and lines with her sense of morality.

At times, she has gotten herself into difficult situations through her playful nature, as she often skips her tutor lessons and wanders into the streets of Kamin and into Erlerwei Industries.


At the age of six, Verimill was already orphaned and homeless. Stranded at the town of Kuchinashi, she hid and scavenged in order to survive. The thoughts of survival filled her mind and cleared anything else. She had no memories of her past, let alone of her parents. She was later found by Orran Deaulanor, her future adoptive father. It took time for him to entice her, mainly with food and clothing. Even though she ignored them at first, she slowly grew to accept them while being skeptical of him. It wasn't until he asked her if she wanted to leave. That question shook her to the core, the thought of not having to ravenge through trash and trying to stay warm during the night brought her to tears. Will she be a normal girl? Who knew unless she took the risk. With acceptance, she agreed and accompanied Orran back to the Archipel Hafen District. Filling out the paperwork, she was officially adopted into the Deaulanor family. In order to not confuse her, he registered her with her maiden name, instead of taking on his.

In order to provide both Mateus and her, Orran hires a private tutor for them. She often was semi-rebellious and prioritized fun over studies but still maintained a sufficient enough grade to get the tutor off her back. When she escapes from the tutor, she often tours around the manufacturing company of Erlerwei Industries. She has traveled there so often that it has gotten to a point that she and her tutor were issued pernament visitor badges by one of the secretaries. The workers also took a liking to her and allowed her to watch while they worked. She tried to absorb as much as she can before being dragged off by the tutor. During one of her outings, she discovers her father's personal silhouette in maintenance within one the storage facilities of the building. Even though she didn't understand the specifics and technicalities of it, she was tranced by its sheer design and sleekness.

At the age of twelve, a year before her entrance exam to Sanctum. She tries crafting her own weapon without the help of anyone. In order to create her idea, she secretly used some of Erlerwei's old manufacturing machines with the supervision of a few workers that she got along exceptionally well with. All without letting her father know. Their group did eventually get caught by him while creating the core of the silhouette. Even though he was upset at her, he couldn't help but dote her, as she took the risk to do this without him knowing. He helps her finish her silhouette and gave her one of the prototype Aerial Exoskeletons for her to use. As it was an older model, it wasn't installed with CATSAI but housed a older operating system that Orran then reprogrammed to suit her. 

Her initial resolve of becoming a huntsmen was to be like her father Orran, allowing herself to give younger people like her a new chance at life. Although he was at first against her becoming one, he couldnt go against her dedication and resolve. In preparation for the exam, he thoroughly trained her in sword play, and in certain aspects of the Fate Slinger fighting style. He also taught her what it means to be a huntsman, and what where their duty lies with other important skills to survival. She uses her newborn experience and equipment to pass the exam. Even though she doesn't have as much experience as other applicants, her sheer dedication pushed her through to pass. As a parting gift, Orran gives her a large sum of lien and a custom ordered scroll. So that if she ever needed anything, he will be there if she needed it.

Vermill adapted quickly to Sanctum, progressing through her classes and exams. Once the entrance for Haven rolled around, she took it at a moment's notice. Using her training from Orran as a base, she improved on it to create her own style of fighting with her Phoenix silhouette. She was able to pass the exam and become a freshman student at Haven Academy. Her first and second years was relatively lax with her team, clearing their mission and assignments. As she grew during her years at schooling; every year during break, she heads back to Erlerwei to have her exoskeleton refitted to match for her bodily growth.

As she is now in her third year, she headed to the Vytal festival during break. Although she didn't make the qualifiers in Haven, she wanted to atleast watch so that she can give tips to her brother Mateus if he wanted to tryout in the latter years. She met up with her father and they watch the tournament together. When the events of the tournament happened, she rushed along Orran to their hotel and prepared for battle. They formed a two man squad and helped fight in the minor attrition battles. Once they were finished, Orran sends her to go rest up while he continued on. Once the situation was resolved, she parted ways with Orran and took the first flight back to Haven. When she arrived, her teammates were worried sick about her. She assured them that she was fine and that they saved as much as they could. Although she felt inside that she could have done more. She took it upon her self to train herself more in preparations for the next fight.

As schooling was postponed until further notice, Verimill and her brother flies back to their home in Arch-Haven. In order to pass the time, they take on small jobs within the city of Kamin. She herself wants to go back to Vale and help with relief efforts but was denied by her father, as he deemed it too unstable at this point of time.



When Verimill first started created her Phoenix Silhouette, she uses one of the Prototype Aerial Exoskeletons as the unit to carry and power her silhouette. It housed a custom operating system written for her as her unit was one of the old productions that predated the use of CATSAI. Some time after the Battle of Beacon, she was sent one of the second iteration Zweite Exoskeleton from her father, Orran. It came with everything to maintain the new unit while still being compatible with the equipment that Verimill currently has. The new exoskeleton had enhanced specs and houses the newly developed OS; the Drive Interface Variable Arms OS (DIVA). 

Even thou her unit wasn't as damaged as his; he sent it as a precaution for further incidents. She gratefully accepts it and adjusts it to match with her Phoenix Silhouette. The update process for hers went a lot more smoothly than if she were to do it herself, due to that Orran pre-programmed a update for her silhouette into the exoskeleton using a copy of her old OS as a base. She finishes the upgrade with programming it with her own finishing touches to make it her own.

Verimill's personal Adaptable Phase Revision (APR) armor color scheme is a orange-red tinge covering the exoskeleton with her emblem on the backpack core. When the Phoenix stilhouette is equipped, the APR changes from her personal color scheme to a color design depicting a phoenix. As the Trailblazer Limiter Release Protocol was deemed still in its testing phases and risky, it has been sealed behind a master lock that is accessible only to Orran.


The "Phoenix" Silhouette is a weapon storage system that Verimill uses in combat. It is classified as a Single-Winged Storage (SWS) Silhouette. It is mainly used to house her Phoenix Feathers. When collapsed, it looks like a folded wing and when the storage is fully opened, it looks like a fully spread wing. When her Phoenix Feathers are stored onto the silhouette, they can either be: charged by the silhouette or be manually programmed for different situations. Both are managed by the exoskeleton's interface terminal.

The Phoenix Silhouette has two known modes:

  1. Standby: All Phoenix Feathers are stored into their slots within the silhouette and the wing is collapsed.
  2. Variable Output: Depending on the situation, she can dictate how many Phoenix Feathers she needs through the opening of her winged storage. She can open her silhouette depending on how many she needs, varying from one Phoenix Feather to six. Which depicts a bird opening its wingspan.

Phoenix Feather

The Phoenix Feather's are her Cybernetic Bladarangs, classified as CyBR. She can use them as either a thrown boomerang or a melee blade. They have built in with mini-verniers and ailerons on both sides of the bladarang that helps direct its flightpath by pairing up with the silhouette's OS through a wireless signal. When flying, they fly along a pre-determined flight path programmed by her. If needed, she can manually direct their flightpath by interacting with her exoskeleton terminal. Due to OS constraints, even with the new DIVA OS; she can only have three Feathers active in their flight forms at once.

At one end of the bladarang lies a handle so that she can use it as a melee blade weapon. When used as a melee weapon, it functions like a khukuri. By converging the ailerons on the inner side of bladarang together, they create a point that functions as the blade of the weapon. She can use the mini-verniers on the opposite side to boost the velocity of her swing, giving her increased cutting power. Within the internals of the bladarang are the electrical components, including its custom chargable battery, microcomputers and circuits that power and control the propulsion and other functions of the weapon. 

Abilities and Fighting Style


Flames of Rebirth: Her semblance allows her to speed up the rate of regeneration factor of anything within the rune circle that she manifests. When activated, Verimill creates a rune circle around her that expands 5 meters around her with a 3 foot inner circle where she stands. In order to add some flare to it, she lines the inner circle with her Phoenix Feathers standing up. The Phoenix Feathers outline the center of the circle, as it provides a small guide to designate the furthest limit she can move before having her semblance released. Although her semblance isn't as efficient to use towards huntsman (as they have their aura to help them heal), it is perfectly viable when treating anyone that isn't protected by aura and can sustain physical injuries. In order to designate where her semblance is active towards an injury, she has to make eye contact with said wound. Her healing regeneration only applies to surface injuries, as she can't see interior injuries.

As her semblance is very useful in the battlefield, it does have some drawbacks:

  1. When active, she has to be stationary within the rune circle, as she is the epicenter of it. If she makes any directional movements that moves her from the center of the circle, the semblance dissipates and its effects are reduced.
  2. Verimill's semblance technically doesn't "heal" but only speeds up the regeneration rate of a person, such as scabs, cuts,etc. Anything injuries that can be healed naturally. It cannot fully heal dismembered limbs and any unnatural/fatal injuries. She can use it to help stabilize a gravely injured person but they would still require outside medical help.  The average speed that a person is "healed" is roughly 3-5 times faster than normal.
  3. Verimill can only sustain her semblance for a maximum of 10 minutes before her aura drains to critical levels. She has to be weary on where and when to use it as the wrong situation can prove deadly for her if her aura depletes. She can use her semblance again after an hour of cooldown time.

Fighting Style:

Like her father, she uses a hybridization of swordplay and ranged fighting. Instead of using firearms, she uses her Phoenix Silhouette, which houses her special bladarangs. She can either throw them as a ranged weapon or use them in melee combat like a khukuri. Within her team, she functions as a variable combat medic; as she is able to fight in difference variations. Whether she's using her Phoenix Feathers for melee or ranged combat or using her semblance for support purposes.

When fighting in melee combat, she uses a derivative of Orran's Fate Slinger Fighting style. She adapts the melee aspect by fighting in point-blank range of the enemy, giving them no room to retaliate to her swift attacks amplified by her equipment. When fighting at a ranged distance, she uses her Feathers as bladed boomeragns that can either orbit her for defense or be manually controlled for offense through her terminal.


  • Programming: Taking after her adoptive father Orran, she learned he basics of programming so that she can maintain and update the back-end of her own equipment without needing assistance. Although she does understand the technicalities, she does sometimes needs help from the programmers back at Erlerwei Industries when she gets stumped.
  • Mathematics: Even though she skipped a majority of her classes with her tutor, she still gains a grasp at mathematics and its applications. She uses vectors and calculations to program and map out flight patterns for her Phoenix Feathers.
  • Acrobatics: When skipping her lessons, she had to accurately and efficiently move around to avoid her tutor. Which allowered her to quick move and parkour around terrain with ease.
  • Crafting/Metal Work: Another skill that she took after Orran and through her own sense of discovery. At a younger age, she was fascinated by her father's work; which inspired her to make her own. Watching the smiths while they work, they eventually taught her some of their techniques. This eventually came to her creating her Phoenix Silhouette with the help of Orran.
  • Night Vision: As a faunus, she has exceptional sight within the night. Allowing her to visibly see throughout the night and perform reconnaissance if needed to.


  • Vulnerable when using semblance: When using Flames of Rebirth, she has to be stationary within the center of the rune circle for her semblance to take effect. When using her semblance, it leaves her vulnerable to attack as she has to mainly focus on maintaining it.
  • Power levels of equipment: As she uses an exoskeleton with a silhouette, she needs to monitor the power levels to make sure they don't run out on her. As her Aerial exoskeleton uses the ESB for power, it doesn't last as long as the DRB batteries, so she has to recharge it every now and then. Or else it will become inoperable. Although her new Zweite exoskeleton has both batteries installed, she still has to monitor the levels to make sure everything is stable.


  • Orran Deaulanor - Verimill's Adoptive father. He gave her a home when she had no where else to go to. He heads Erlerwei Industries as its Chief Executive Officer which is based in the Archipel Hafen District.
  • Mateus Deaulanor - Verimill's younger brother. He is two years younger than her and attends the same Huntsman academy of Haven like her. Unlike her, he is in his first year of enrolment. They have a friendly relationship and hang out with each other often when they are not with their teams.


  • Verimill is a shortened anagram of Vermillion, which is a pigment of red color created from Cinnabar.
  • Verimill loosely alludes to Suzaku/Zhu Que, the Fire Phoenix of the South from the Four Symbols of the Chinese Constellations/Si Xiang.
  • Cyra is persian for sun, throne or lord. Her full name could mean either Vermillion Lord, Vermillion Throne or Vermillion Sun. In this context, her name means Vermillion Sun. This is due to that the Phoenix represents the south, the season of summer and the fire element of the taoist element system, which can be alluded to the sun. The phoenix also represents rebirth as she was granted a new life when she was adopted by Orran.
  • Credits to 102vvv and QTuzi for her artwork and design. 
  • Her Exoskeleton, is based on the exoskeletons from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Her silhouette's appearance resembles that of Wing Gundam Fenice with its wing's spread out. The Phoenix Feathers that she uses as weapons are inspired by Tales of Graces Malik Caesar's weapon type: the bladarang .

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