And what can I do for you, this fine evening?
— Vermont

Vermont Giada
Age 27
Title The Chaotic Tender
Alias Vermont
Status Alive
Color Jade
Gender Male
Race Human
Species People
Born 6th of October
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Jade
Height 6ft 3
Weight 190 pounds
Professional Status
Affiliation His Bar
Occupation Bar Owner. Part-Time Huntsman. Mercenary.
Additional Info
Emblem VermontSymbol
Likes Good Drinks, Good fights, His regular patrons.
Dislikes People messing up his bar, People fighting in his bar.
Special Skills Fighting, Bar tending, Listening, Mixing amazing drinks.
Weaknesses People threatening to mess up his bar.
Battle Theme

Angel with a Shotgun-The Cab


Vermont is a tall pale man with well styled short black hair which reaches just to his ears. His hair somehow always seems to stay perfectly styled no matter what the situation he is in is. His pale skin accentuates his Jade green eyes which  are often sitting behind his azure lensed glasses. Vermont is a tall man and he often seems taller than he actually is when he's standing behind his beloved bar plying his trade.

Vermont is always seen wearing his bar-tending outfit. Black Waistcoat, with jade thread woven into the coat, next to the buttons,in wavy patterns reminiscent of an icy wind. His black tie which is also woven with a symmetrical jade patterning in the same curvy lined style as his waistcoat. Under his waistcoat he wears a crisp white shirt with the sleeves often rolled up past his elbows.

Dark pants, along with heavy but still functional shoes, which are seemingly carved with lines of white which cross over one another forming odd patterns. The shoes are also heavily reinforced making them stiff and slightly non pliant. Along with a white wash rag in his back pocket. The rag itself is patterned in the same recurring jade lines. Vermont's patrons often wonder why he has the rag as it is never dirty and he is rarely seen using it. 


Described by his patrons as kind, caring, funny, a good listener, and problem advisor. Vermont is very well liked in his  bar which is shown by its popularity. However while seeming to be a very mellow person, an attack on one of his patrons or his bar is taken as an attack on himself and he will leap to the defence of his bar, and no body wants to be in a fight with Vermont Giada when he as been angered. Vermont cares deeply about his pub and it's patrons.

Always up for a joke, a talk or a good flirt with a lovely woman Vermont is an ideal pub owner. Seeming older than his years and often talking to people much older than him about their problems most think Vermont is a very young looking 40 year old. Along with this, he is an oddly perceptive person, often seeing problems that people have be they physical or emotional or psychological. This at times scares people as they don't know how he does it. Despite his usually happy exterior Vermont can sometimes become rather reserved and distant. As well as occasionally acting like a kid, being very crass and almost childish at times.


Vermont owns and operates his bar, Schrodinger's Ursa. After the death of his team, he found a dilapidated bar in the city for sale and with a small loan from his parents he bought the place and in just over a year, finished renovating it into the place that it is today. Vermont can be a strict man when it comes to his bar and out the front is a sign detailing the rules of the bar.

1) No fighting

2) No Racism 

3) No breaking bar property.

4) Other rules may advise, Drink minimum may be enforced on some nights.

Vermont also does part time work as a merc hunting grim in order to keep his skills sharp and to earn a little extra cash to pour into the bar to make it better and better.

Weapon and Skills 

Game Changer:

Vermont's weapon is a modified pool cue he built himself. Carried on his back in a sheath or never far from his gras under the bar, Game Changer can be used both as a pool cue on Thursday night pool and as a deadly dangerous weapon. Crafted from over 30 individual segments bound together. Each segment can be coated in dust fed from a vial on the inside of the segment. When in it's pool cue form, Vermont uses it much like a quarter staff, often covering each end with different types of Dust, usually impact but sometimes fire or lightning. In its second form Game Changer, retains it's appearance of a sword, however acts like a whip when used instead. In this Form Vermont uses the Great range of the weapon, as well as striking with blasts of Dust whenever the whip makes contact with someone. The third form of GC is potentially, the most unique. Called 'Shatter' Vermont is able to blast apart GC into it's individual segments, sending them flying outwards, at enemies. While in this form, the dust infused into each segment can still be activated.

Vermont's shoes:

Inlaid with impact dust. The heavy duty shoes have being reinforced with heavy leather and the dust is held on the outside of the shoes keeping it a safe  distance from his feet. When active, Vermont's  kicks are amplified by the impact dust allowing him to crack bones and shatter wood.


Vermont's semblance is called 'Room,' Vermont is able to mark non living objects with a glyph by touching them. These glyphs last for 6 hours after placing. Once placed the glyphs fade away. When activated, Room creates a sphere which is about 10 metres across around Vermont. Within this sphere he is freely able to manipulate any objects that are marked with his glyph. 'Room, can last for 20 minutes before collapsing, or until Vermont steps out of it. Vermont is always standing in the centre of room and the sphere moves with him. After it collapses there is a minute long recharge time.  

Fighting style:

When fighting, Vermont often quickly morphs GC through its first two forms, keeping his opponents off balance as he gets in close for strikes with the quarterstaff, before moving back and striking them with the exploding whip segments. With his semblance active however, Vermont's fighting style shifts entirely. While active he will constantly use shatter, attacking foes from all sides. Or he'll reform it into the whip mode, striking at impossible angles via manipulation. Fighting Vermont in his Bar however, is an entirely different story. Nearly everything that isn't nailed down in the Ursa is marked (he does it every morning). Fighting him in his bar turns into a battle of "can you deal with everything being thrown at you, all the time?"

People Reading:

A skill developed over multiple years, of being a bartender, and coupled with an natural instinct for reading people. Vermont is amazing at reading people, to an extent which amazes people, some of whom are convinced that he is psychic. However, he is simply amazing at reading people. He reads body language social keys and other such indicators to derive almost psychically what someone is thinking/feeling. This skill is not as strong in combat to any real usefulness and is really just something he uses at the bar to gauge what people are thinking, and the general mood of the room.


After being an amazing bartender for so many years in Vale, Vermont has built up a huge stockpile of goodwill. His patrons rich poor and all in-between have grown to love the Ursa, and Vermont. Vermont is incredibly well connected through the bar and through his work as a merc. People tell him rumors, and many powerful people are indebted to Vermont for his help be it big or small, due to this he is able to call in huge favors, while still knowing most of what is going on in Vale. Vermont is effectively a non selling information broker, he knows most of what is going on, however he doesn't intervene unless he is sure it involves him or the bar or someone he cars about, friend family or patron. That, and if need be he could raise a small army in a fight with a few calls.


Born into a family which had made much of their money through both trading and several well placed deals with the Schnee company led to Vermont's Family being incredibly well off having amassed a large amount of both wealth and connections. Vermont was an entitled spoiled child who's parent's indulged his every want. Despite this he was often brass crass and crude, lacking the refinement his parents had sought to impart on him from a young age. Vermont's behavior grew so terrible that several times he was brought home by the police for starting fights with the other kids due to them not agreeing with him or questioning him. 

Seeking a way to curb the worst of their son's problems, his parents tried to get him to take an interest in hunting, as an activity and possible job that could teach him responsibility and a respect for others, as well as an appreciation for the gifts he had access too. 

Their efforts paid off, and while Vermont's personality still left a lot to be desired he now had a vested interest in something that he wanted to do. Soon after Vermont begun using the pool cue's in the family home like quarter staffs, and this is where his plan's for Game Changer were formed. As the quarter staff was a weapon he felt right using, and he loved pool, a match made in heaven for the young Vermont. 

Vermont was soon accepted into Signal where with the help of a teacher he forged his weapon Game Changer, and discovered his Room Semblance. Despite the fact that his personality had hardly improved and he was still prone to being crass, and dismissive of others, often thinking of himself before them. He was still able to achieve a high ranking at signal graduation in the top 10 students of that year. 

Soon afterwards, Vermont was accepted into Beacon. After his initiation Vermont to his surprise was made leader of his own team and now had people looking to him for direction. This responsibility was good for Vermont, as it made him start to consider others before himself, and ask how his actions would affect those around him. being a team leader taught Vermont many important lessons and helped to shape him into the man that he is today. 

After graduating Beacon as one of the top teams of the year Team VNSR was ready for anything. However, soon after graduation, on one of their first few missions, they were called out to clear out a pack of beowolves, simple stuff. However, much to their surpass a Nevermore showed up, and begun to pull them apart. Vermont tried to stay with his team and fight with them to the end. However, his teammates wouldn't have it. They told their leader, (Whom all of them cared for deeply) to let them stay back and take down the Nevermore so that he could get back to Vale to get reinforcements in case any more unexpected surprises showed up. Vermont was unwilling to leave his team, and it took them a while to convince him. 

Finally leaving but promising to come back Vermont ran to Vale. When he returned however he found nothing left of his teammates. It is believed the Nevermore carried them away to devour them, and Vermont accepts that this is most likely the truth. And despite the assurances of the families that he did the right thing, and that they do not blame him for the choice that their children made, Vermont as the team leader felt deeply responsible for this. 

In the months that followed Vermont feel into a deep depression, taking on part time merc work hunting Grimm, to keep himself afloat he drifted around Vale, removing himself from his family and the family of his dead team members for a long time. Until one day when he found a dilapidated run down bar, that was for sale. Seeing a place that required so much fixing, but that had the potential to be something amazing, kindled a spark in Vermont that he had felt was lost until then. Soon after, by taking a small loan from his parent's Vermont bought, and over the course of a year, renovated the bar to its current status. 

When building the bar, Vermont felt closer to who he had been than he had in a long time. Deciding that the bar would serve a dual purpose as both his love and a shrine for his dead teammates, Vermont hung pictures of them above the mantle of his fireplace. 

Through owning a bar Vermont has found that it is the second greatest love of his life, and he had a natural talent for it. So much so that soon he became one of the best known bartenders in all of Vale, and his pub became one of the most famous. 

As the Years have gone by Vermont has slowly begun to forgive himself for what happened however it may be a long time before he is who he was. And as his family and close friends have noticed, he hasn't brought someone that close to his heart again since what happened. 

Currently, Vermont works the bar and helps people with their problems, be they big or small. He is always ready to listen and help. 

For a more detailed story on Vermont's time at Beacon, his team, and their unfortunate demise see the still in progress fanfic.

Team AZRE Beginnings and Endings


Vermont Giada- Leader, close range fighter, brawler. gender: male. Status: alive.

Zefkin Scarlet- Second in command, and Vermont's girlfriend. Sniper/scout. Gender: Female. Status: MIA

Nile Rosseta- Mid range fighter. Gender: female. Status: MIA

Solaro Rosseta- Close range fighter. Vermont's best friend. Gender: male. Status: MIA

Schrodinger's Ursa 

The Ursa is Vermont's pub. Small and cozy it has a long dark wood bar that runs most of the length of the room. A cheerful fireplace crackles in the corner most nights providing a good deal of light and warmth. Behind the bar is a great number of bottles. The contents of which are mostly unknown however Vermont is an expert at mixing them into a number of delightful concoctions. Above the fireplace hang three pictures with a vase of flowers on the mantle. No one know's who these three people are but those who stay till closing swear they see Vermont staring at them. The bar is cozily cramped with soft chars and good tables. Most of the wood is shinned and polished to a healthy glow. Next to the entrance of the bar is a printed version of the rules, however Vermont is known to add rules if he feels like it, however they are mostly related to drinking.

Schrodinger's Ursa


-This is the first time i have written trivia about my character

-Vermont's protectiveness over his bar and patrons is loosely based on Anton Shudder of the Skulduggery Pleasant books

-Vermont comes from french for Green Mountain

-VNSR pronounced Venusaur is a reference to Pokemon


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