How many times do I have to say it?! Call me Lynn! L-Y-N-N Lynn!!!
— by Lynn
ChibiMaker Lyr

Chibi(Verona) Lyr

This character is apart of Team RAVN and was created by ChibiMaker
The idea for the character is still there and I appreciate you don't use her without my permission. Thanks!

Name: Verna Lynn

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Weight: 127 lbs

Height: 5' 4"

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Hazel

Team: RAVN

Team Color: Verdure (Green)


Lynn is a girl with short green hair with bangs that cover one of her eyes. She, just like the other members of Team RAVN, wears a black outfit with a hint of a dark green on her part. She wears short shorts with long gray socks and a pair of hiking boots. Her attire is more combat ready in regards to stealth than highly fashionable as you can see, because of the light clothing and the gun hoster on her side.


First rule when associating with her, Don't call her Verna. She despises her first name, and gets angry when you call her that. Besides that, Lynn is still a cold-hearted person; which explains why she's on team RAVN in the first place. She loves insulting others (like under classmen and Raven Crim) and acts like a complete tom-boy, that's one of the reasons why people mistake her for a boy and think RAVN is an all guy team. She's also a military nut, but unlike Ruby Rose who spazzes out over the weapons she sees, Lynn usually just shows her affection by doing maintenance on her weapons.

Lynn's main view on fighting is that it it's purpose is for terminating all foes who oppose you. There's no way to convince them to talk things out, so there's no point in trying. "If you don't want to get murdered, then don't get it the way." There was one who shared a dissimilar view and said that killing wasn't the only way to get passed obstacles in your way. "You may have no other choice and are forced to fight, but you don't have to take someone's life in the process." said Beacon student first year Rina Rouge.

Weapons and Abilities

Lynn uses a black military knife rogue style in everyday combat. It's the tool that she uses for many things like cutting wood or someone's throat. Additionally, her knife can also transform at will into a pistol that uses Dust ammunition for long ranged attacks. She's more of a covert ops person, so she doesn't prefer a fancy weapon.

Basic Abilities: Lynn is pretty stealthy and doesn't like long battles. She can hide herself efficiently in the shadows and is good at sneaking up on her prey. Lynn prefers to work with her teammate Noire Lansroh and take care of their enemies swift and fatally. When her weapons are thrown across the room, Lynn can continue the fight using hand-to-hand combat; she can deal a really mean punch and is skilled in bone-breaking techniques.


Lynn's Aura is a standard defense with minor healing abilities and is green in color. Her Semblance allows her to move as stealthy as a ninja, as well as give her a bit of a cloaking ability. She can turn invisible only for a short 10 minutes, but she's limited to only walking, sneaking, and crawling around. If she runs or tries to attack someone, she'll become visible again.


Growing up in a military family, Lynn has always loved fighting and battles, even the cold truths about them. Her father has trained her and taught her every technique he knows ever since she was 10, and Lynn was able to endure all of the hardships. There were times where she struggled, but she pulled through just to prove that some girls play rough. They even went hunting together and she enjoyed every moment of it, especially the killing part. At the age of 17, Lynn showed off her skills and was accepted into Beacon Academy and was assigned to Team RAVN with her good friend Noire Lansroh and the others.

Extra Tidbits

  • Verna is the feminine form of Vernon, and also assiciated with vernus the Latin word for spring. 
  • Lynn comes from an old English surname derived from Welsh llyn, "lake".
  • She was originally going to use a glaive, but I thought she'd be better with a military persona.
  • Lynn owns a pet snake and keeps it in their dorm.

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