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Vespertilia Lavande
Vespertilia CG
Age 17
Nickname Lia
Status Active
Gender Female
Species Faunus, Bat
Born November 14, Scorpio
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Pale Caucasian
Hair Black
Eyes Violet
Height 5'1"
Weight 117 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team VRNL
Partner Rima Sheridan
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Quiet, darkness/night, soft speaking people, fruit, reading
Dislikes Loud noises, obnoxious people, daytime
Special Skills Excellent listener, observant, agile, night vision
Weaknesses Sensitivity to noise, nocturnal
Character Theme

Blurry (Puddle of Mudd)
Battle Theme

Nothing to Say (Slash Feat. M. Shadows)



Vespertilia in her combat/causal outfit, with Inversion Fang. (Although i did screw up with her nose on the left picture, due to a pen malfunction)

Vespertilia is short and slim, making her very small in appearance. She has messy, short black hair and bright violet eyes. She is a Bat Faunus, so she has a pair of light grey bat ears on top of her head, along with a small set of fangs.

During the day, she tends to wear a black hooded cloak to give herself shade throughout the day. During the night and in combat situations (under her cloak during the day), she wears a short sleeved shirt that zips down the front with two sets of pockets, usually for holding spare magazines. The shirt also has a patch with her symbol on each shoulder. She also has stylized shorts, along with kneesocks and lower leg guards. Her gloves have a couple open finger portions to it.


She is very quiet and tends not to be very outgoing to strangers. She will usually stay quiet unless something important needs to be said or she is spoken to. However, she is generally a nice person and will almost always be willing to hang out with friends, although she will usually remain an observer to conversations.


An orphan from a young age, she has spent almost all of her life in orphanages, not knowing who her parents were. While she was in orphanages, she was very rarely picked on because of her Faunus heritage since she would sleep through the day and come out at night when the other kids were asleep. She would spend her nights talking to the Nannies and, after they were asleep, read any books she could get ahold of. This is how she learned stories of Hunters and Huntresses. After she turned 13, she moved out to make it on her own, joining Signal Academy and graduating at 17, then moving on to Beacon.

Weapons and Combat

Vespertilia Weapon by Flora

Lia's Weapon, Inversion Fang, in its Rifle Mode. (Many thanks to Flora!)

Agile and accurate, Lia moves about the battlefield without much trouble. Her light weight helps her agility, allowing her to run and jump from place to place with ease. Unfortunatly, the tradeoff for her agility is that she isn't all that physically strong. 

She tends to keep her distance in a fight, picking off targets with the CRSSDB (Compact Rifle Solid State Dust Blade), or "Inversion Fang", and although she is willing to go into CQC, she will avoid it unless she doesn't have a choice. When she has to fight up close, she will use her agility to get the upper hand in the fight, getting behind her foe and dodging attacks.

The Inversion Fang is a bullpup style assault rifle with an integrated 4x scope. It fires .308 and a variety of Dust rounds at approx. 900 rounds per minute. It folds out into a large sword that is almost as tall as her. It projects a solid state white dust blade around it and the scope shifts back and is used as a handle.


Lia's semblance is Audiomancy, which is to say that she has the ability to control the flow and intensity of a sound. For example, she can either suppress something, such as a gunshot, to make it almost completely silent or amplify it to make it cripplingly deafening. This ability also allows her to redirect or funnel a sound to one spot or direction, to an extent. This can be used to create a noise to distract someone or something, while not giving away her current position. Using the two parts of it together, it can also help her to not damage her highly sensitive hearing. Should she decide to amplify a sound, she can direct it away from her and/or her allies. This semblance has an effective range of approximately 75 meters, where she has the most control of the sounds. Past this set point, the quality of her control degrades until about 110 meters, where it reaches its limit.


She has none as of yet.


Vespertilia was suggested to me by Cbonde101 and is the feminine word for 'bat' in Latin.

Lavande is French for Lavender.


  • Her weapon is a mix of a G11, F2000 and a sword.
  • Her name pertains to certain colors since, as Vespertilia is the feminine form of 'Bat' in Latin, bats make me think of night, and night, in turn, makes me picture black, or just dark colors in general.
  • Credit to User:Winter Edition for the infobox art.
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