I never thought about leading. I only wanted to help others, not lead them.
— Vesta, on her motivations for becoming a Huntress


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Vesta Lionheart (Vest-ah) is the leader of the team VALR. Her weapon of choice is a Shield Trigger Shot Blade (STSB) named Rosetta & Gemma.


Vesta has white long hair which she has braided and she has blue eyes. Because she is a Cat Faunus, she was born with cat ears. She is about the average height for her age. She wears a white and black dress with red triming. She also has white sleeves, a black stocking on her right leg and white boots with metal guards on them. Her symbol shows up on her chest.


Vesta is the kind of girl that wants to see everyone happy. She will try to cheer up her friends and even people she hasn't known for long. If two people are arguing she won't try to side with one of the two she will try to side with both and help strive for a result both sides likes. This has helped her and caused her many problems during the course of her life.

Vesta tends to act shy around any man she is around that she hasn't known for long. During her childhood her mother died and her father left her alone with a human lady. Because of this event she felt afraid of them that they will leave her if she was to get to close to them. It is because of this that she has also developed an affection for girls and not guys.

Vesta has also grown to play and enjoy being with kids. She met a young faunus girl that was beaten that she couldn't bear to leave alone so she asked her step mother if she could take her in. She feels that she has to try to make sure no one has to go through what she had to or at least make it easier for them.

Vesta views humans as kind people even though some aren't so kind. She doesn't blame them for the death of her mother either. She feels that they have just been lead down the wrong path. She also feels the same way about the White Fang. Both races can live in harmony and she wants to prove it.

Her reasoning for wanting to go to beacon is because she wants to know she can show everyone that Faunus aren't bad. She became a huntress to prove that they can live together and if they work together anything is possible. She also wants to protect the people she loves.

Vesta doesn't like the idea of having to lead though. She feels that she will fail her team and that they will get hurt because of her. But over the time that she has been to Beacon she has learned that she shouldn't have to worry about failing them. She realized that not only is she supposed to help them but she has to let her teammates help her.


Vesta had a rough life growing up. When she was young her mother died and her father left her with a human lady and then he disappeared. They lived together for a few years maintaining a dust shop when one day Vesta heard crying in an alley next to the store and she went out to look. When she went out she found a wolf Faunus girl crying in a corner. Vesta lended her a hand but the girl cowered in fear as Vesta realized that three men showed up. They were there to beat up the faunus and Vesta stood up to protect the girl but instead she got beat up not the girl. Vesta's foster mother came out and got them to leave and she took the two girls inside. Vesta asked her if they could keep her so she wouldn't have to go through that again. Her mother agreed to the idea and the family of three were together, enjoying their lives.

When Vesta became 14 years old she learned that the men from before were showing up to bother us because we took the girl in. The next time Vesta decided to leave the house they stalked her until no one was around and they went up to her and beat her up. She felt that she needed to go somewhere quiet and peaceful away from the store so after a few days after she began to go to the library to read some books. She came across a book about hunters and huntresses and it peaked her interest. She remembered how her parents were both hunters/huntresses. From that day she kept coming to read more about them. While she was reading about it a man holding a mug with a logo on it came up to her and told her that if she was that interested in hunters and huntresses that she should look into joining Beacon. He then handed her a book that entailed everything about Beacon and he told her that if she could prove that she belonged there that she could come. He then left her and she began to look through the book. Once she finished reading she closed the book and realized that the logo on his mug was on the cover. She passed it off as mere coincidence and looked into making a weapon and understanding the concept of Aura and Semblances.

After two years had passed she put together a weapon she could call her own and got a good understanding of how Aura works. It was only after the first year that she learned how her semblance worked. She trained with it for the next year to get a good grasp of how it works. She went out during this time as she trained her hardest at fighting with some training dummies she put together and after a while she went out to find some small groups of Beowolves to train on.

After she got prepared she decided to send a letter in to see if she would be accepted. On her way she ran into the same men again but this time they looked different and where in a bigger group, like a gang of criminals or something. They were wearing shades and had axes. They told her to come with them as they were pointing their axes at her and she decided to go with them but not because she was ignorant of why. She felt like this would be a good test. They brought her to a warehouse and they told her how much of a pain she was and how stupid Faunus are and about how many Faunus they had beaten up before her. It didn't faze her though. They drew their axes and charged her. She pulled out her signature weapon and fought them, one to twenty. Instead of finishing them she picked them up from being knocked down. She told them that they should apologize to the girl and try to live a good life instead of going down this road. She told them to have faith in her that they would do well for a good life if they put an effort into it. So they decided to turn themselves in and began to work to make up for it. Their thoughts on Faunus also changed that day.

She sent the letter in and went back home. After a couple of months she got her letter of acceptance. She told her mother and her sister that it was her time to leave and that she would miss them. They wished her luck and her mother gave her some money to get herself some nice clothing for her time there. They thanked her for being there and then Vesta left. She picked up an outfit that fits her and then she asked to get a symbol added to her dress. This symbol was to represent a sacred flame. A flame that was to shine towards a better future. From then on her life changed.

Capabilities and Powers

Capabilities: Vesta excels in Short range combat and Tactics. She has an eye for spotting things before anyone else notices it and can use her weapon to hit their weak points. When it comes to combat she certainly is not the strongest on her team but she tries to fight while searching for an opening or weakness.

Semblance: Vesta's Semblance allows her to create a tap into the type of dust used in the bullet. This imbues her weapon with the element of the bullet type she has chosen. Here is a list of the following bullets she typically uses:

  • Flame: This can allow her to create a burst of flames to push the blade to swing faster. These flames aren't your average orange or red flames though, they are white flames. This is also her most common type of bullet.
  • Ice: This covers the blade in a ice cold sheet of ice making the blade very sharp. She doesn't use these bullets as much as her Flame bullets though.
  • Lightning: This allows her to shoot lightning as she thrusts the blade forward. She rarely uses this kind of bullet though because she doesn't have much of them so she tries to conserve them.

Faunus Abilities: As a Faunus she naturally has enhanced night vision compared to a human.


  • The name Vesta also means "Keeper of the Sacred Flame" while Lionheart means "Brave" so if you rearrange those meanings a bit you will get "Brave Keeper of the Sacred Flame" which will tie into her character.

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