One shot, two shot, three shot, four shot, five shot, HEADSHOT! Did you see Wolfe, totally nailed that guy in the fazace
— Vix

Vi "Vix" Valentine
Age 17
Nickname Vixen, Vix
Color Pink
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Fox
Handedness Right
Complexion fair
Hair Copper
Eyes Green
Height 5'5"
Weight 40
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team W.A.V.E
Partner Wolfe Black

Elisa Dianne Windstorm Arthur Kincaid

Personal Status
Relatives Adopted Family (Unknown)
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Vix is an average built teenage girl. She has long copper hair kept back.. She has emerald green eyes, and fair skin. She has a relatively large orange tail with a white tip. Her standard outfit is a dark grey coat with a maroon shoulderpad that is adorned with fox tail like lappels. Underneath is a white t-shirt. The coat goes down to her knees which covers black leather pants and white boots. Her gloves are leather too, a deep green almost forest like. She has an elbow pad to help with the recoil of her rifle. 

Her weapon is held on her back by a bandolier that goes across her front. Her blade is hiused on her back. 

She has an eye scar from an incident at signal when she was pushed over and scuffed her face on the ground.


She is an upbeat, cheery person who goes through life at her own pace, often surprising people; although she never seems to pay attention in lectures she would always be high up in her classes. She is also very good at understanding other people and even showing kindness to others who are troubled. She is always looking for some fun, whether it is harmless or not. Playful and fun-loving, she is quite an affable person.


At a young age she was abandoned at an orphanage in the Windstorm Valley by her parents as they could not take care of her. She was adopted by a pro-faunus rights family at the age of 4, she lived with them happily, however due to the instability and hatred of Faunus she grew up hidden by this family as they lived in a very volitile area. Her adopted father taught her how to use a bow at the age of five with a toy bow which she took a natural talent for. Her mother on the other hand wanted her to practice making clothes for a living, becuase she felt that using the bow would draw attention to her.

At six years old, when the Windstrm Massacre happened, she and her family moved to Pineore with grace from Lady Scarlet as the Valentine Family had ties to the Silverwood Name. The family took residence in a manor on the outskirts on the hills, where they let her be free to be herself. 

When she was 10, they moved to Vale to help Vix get the education she needed. She spent her time with tutors until she went to Signal Academy and met Wolfe. She developed a small crush on him and spent time trying to get his attention, one day she took his blueprinted drawings from him and got into trouble from some bullies. They pulled her hair and tail and one of them pushed her to the floor which gave her her scar across her eye. As hse began to cry from the assault, Wolfe intervened and fought them off. This sparked the friendship between the two and they became inseperable. 

When she finished her time in Signal she went onto Beacon.

After Beacon Fall, she moved in with her partner Rose where she spent a majority of her time at home working on tailoring new clothes for her neighbourhood and hunters and huntresses who defend Vale.



The so called second in command of team W.A.V.E.

Wolfe Black

Her best friend at Beacon and one of her team members. As they are both faunus they have stuck together as much as they can, and have gotten on well like brother and sister, despite themselves being opposite to each other in terms of personality. There is some romantic tension between the two, with Vix often daydreaming about him and often stating that she doesn't like him embarressed.

Arthur Kincaid

Finds him bland and boring. However due to her apparent "bubbly" attitude, they are often at ends with each other, despite his respect for her as a warrior, she finds him obnoxious and boring and bland, and not much fun.

Elisa Dianne Windstorm

Her female BFF whom she met through the orientation. She enjoys her company and she is the nly person she trusts with her relatinship problems. She is very protective of her, due to her meekness at the academy and often stays back in fights with her to protect her, if things go sideways.


Rose Kelly: After an event with Luna, Wolfes sister, she developed a romantic relationship with Rose

Weapon and Abilities

Vix is skilled in cooking and in fabric technology, able to make lightweight clothing that is durable in combat. 


Primarily a long range fighter, she utilises a Dust Powered Revolver Sniper (DPRS) known as Bloody Valentine and a small sword for close range skirmishes.

The rifle is a mix between a revolver mechanism sniper rifle and a crossbow. The design of the weapon is a basic sniper rifle with the barrel being shaped like a crossbow with a revolver mechanisn that allows her to fire Dust Bolts of various elements.

Her blade is a short sword, with small dust crystals that coat the blade in whatever element is used,  as an extra defense for close range combat

Semblance: Radar sense

Her semblance manifests similarly to a radar. She can sense people and track their movements. She can see them like a "scent" color and she can easily track them. Using this does require focus and has a radius of 25 yards.

She can't use it while moving and needs a fixed point to use as the center of the radar, such as a pillar or the floor in front of her, as an anchor point

Trivia/Author Notes

  • Her coloring of pink is derived by her adopted families last name, many see pink as the clor of valentines day (note although pink is considered a "girly" color, as it is a shade of red it was used as a manly color due to red being symbolised as blood and rage, more manlier schools of thought)
  • Vi can mean Power or Force in Latin, and it is also the name of a Violet flower

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