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At least I'm not named after cheese!
— Victor replying back to Colby

Victor van Rijn
Age 19
Nickname Victo, Vicky, Vic, Vi, Vivi, Birdman, Planeboy, Fledgling, Birb, Buzz Lightyear, Flying Dutchman, Chicken Little, Captain Falcon, etc. (all these given by Candela)
Status Active
Color Turquoise
Gender Male
Race Faunus (Falcon)
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Pearl, mixed with cream/warm gray feathers
Eyes Mint
Semblance Impact manipulation
Height 188 cm
Weight 80 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CHRL
Partner Paz Himeyuri
Occupation Student
Jobs Pilot
Additional Info
Emblem Victoricon50
Likes Meat
Dislikes Nicknames
Special Skills - Fast fighter
- Aerial combat
- Highly offensive
Weaknesses - Lacks some armor
- Can have issues at dodging attacks


Victor is a tall, athletic young man with pearl-colored hair, mint eyes, and pale complexion. Since he's a peregrine falcon Faunus, his head's hair is mixed up with short cream/warm gray-colored feathers; most of them are located on his head's back.
His outfit consists of a white/turquoise shirt with silver and cerulean details, a dark teal tie, dark gray formal trousers with black details, black socks, and dark teal shoes with silver edges on the tips. He also wears a dark gray/dark teal pilot hat with silver details, a black utility belt, and the Witte Wieven, his weapons of choice.


Victor seems to be a cool, confident, and charming person outside, but actually he isn't as confident as he seems; he's a reserved guy that doesn't have the highest self-steem, and that lives under a considerable amount of pressure, both because he doesn't want to leave his family bad (specially after he didn't follow his family's path) and because he doesn't want to lose respect from people because of his Faunus heritage. He's fearful of making a fool of himself, and tries to be as "perfect" as possible.
However, he's a kind and helpful guy, though he sometimes can come off as boring or even naïve to people because his mentality is pretty formal, disciplined, and work-focused (therefore he doesn't know much about recreational activities or about socializing with people about stuff that doesn't have to do with school or work), so he prefers to listen to people instead of speaking to them; while he enjoys to socialize, he can be somewhat socially awkward because of this, since he sometimes doesn't know how to react or what to do in those situations. Despite his mentality and appareance, he's a warm person overall, and is loyal to his beloved ones.

He's a practical and clever person. He's noble as well and is sincere most of times, and doesn't like to play the "oppressed Faunus" card when he has to defend himself. Since he faces discrimination because of his heritage and his choice to become a Huntsman rather than keep working as a pilot, he stands for himself and doesn't let people to step over him, but this doesn't mean in any way that the critiques he faces don't hurt him; they can be painful to him, but he's reserved and doesn't like to show off his feelings when he feels sad.
While he's an obedient person most of times, he can be reckless and have daredevil tendencies from time to time; probably because he tends to bottle up all his stress and anxiety caused by external pressure until he can't hold it anymore. He can also get angry and snap when he stands bullying or critiques for too long.
He's the kind of person who likes (and needs) to get things done, no matter if it's dangerous to him. However, he always worries for the well-being of others.

He has some falcon-like behaviors, such as his diet; he tends to eat a lot of meat because of his heritage, and also has other behaviors such as always sleeping with his eyes covered.

In the time skip, Victor's reckless, rebel side shows up significantly a lot more, and he appears to have a colder, meaner personality now. He also seems to be more careless, though he's actually dealing with a lot of worries and guilt inside. He's also less hesitant in fighting back.


Victor comes from an old family of pilots, given their avian Faunus heritage; in his family, working in the aviation field was the norm, and the few ones that didn't follow that path confronted huge family pressure and even isolation from them. Because of this, Victor's childhood revolved around planes and airports, and his parents encouraged him to be interested on aviation and in the idea of flying. Eventually, as he grew up, Victor and his twin brother got interested on flying, but following the family's tradition wasn't the thing Victor actually wanted to do; he wasn't really sure if this was what he wanted to do with his life.

As he grew up, he secretly explored other options, other careers, and found Hunting pretty interesting, though he didn't mind much about this at first and just kept into aviation for a long time, not to mention he happened to have a natural talent at flying; his talent was so evident that his parents and the people that knew him considered him a child prodigy.
His parents kept encouraging him and his sibling at this, frequently being their copilot in practice flights, but eventually also forced him to deal with responsabilities that weren't really suitable for his young age.
When Victor became 10 years old, he could already pilot a plane, and his parents were impressed at his skill and how he behaved when he flyed. But as the time went by, Victor became more and more worried about his feelings and the pressure his family was unintentionally putting onto him. He chose to ignore his feelings and keep up with what his parents wished, but it reached a point that he couldn't hold on anymore.

In one of their usual trainings, Victor flyed as a pilot, having one of his parents as copilot, and his brother together with their another parent flyed in another plane. Things seemed to be as common as always at first, but a chain of several issues happened to culminate into a tragedy; both planes crashed just when they were going to take off.
Fortunately, everbody survived...but one of them didn't have as much luck as others; Victor's twin took almost all the damage. Severely injured, Victor's brother survived few days in the hospital, but he was able to see and to speak to his brother a last time before leaving.

You're young, what you want. Don't do what they want you to do.

Victor, besides feeling devastated, was surprised at his brother's comment, since he didn't tell to anybody that he actually wanted to do something else with his life.

You want to be a Huntsman...right?...I know that you can do it.

The incident, besides leaving a big emptiness and sadness in him, triggered his urge to do what he really wanted with his life.
Victor went against his parents' will, claiming that the only thing he wanted to do was to become a Huntsman. His parents, obviously, didn't take his decision positively, and tried to force their career onto him as he was their only child left, and they didn't want the family tradition and business to end with them. In the end, they didn't suceed, and ended up having mostly bitter feelings towards Victor and his choice.
Victor, being 13 at the time of the accident, chose to study at a hunting academy, and his parents demanded him to be one of the best, if not the best student of his class, and to leave him and his family on top, which became a hard task to him since his parents didn't really support him and also put a lot of pressure over him. Victor had no choice but standing that considerable additional charge, besides having to deal with his sudden loss.
When Victor became 17 years old, he applied for studying in Beacon and got accepted.

Time skip

After the Fall of Beacon, Victor told to his team that he was going back to Atlas, but he actually lied. His actual ubication is somewhere in the suburbs of Vale, though nobody from the team is aware of this. Victor now is a lot more rebellious, and refuses to go back to his parents' place at all costs because he's aware that they'll push him to work as a pilot. He's also apparently starting to hang out with certain street gangs, and fight on the streets sometimes to not lose his rhythm and earn some money.



Witte Wieven

Victor has the Dual Aerodynamic Dust System (DADS) Witte Wieven as his weapons. They're a pair of gauntlets, and each one of them have a foldeable plane-like "wing" which canalizes Dust and that can be used for slashing and also allow Victor to glide; they can also switch position for melee combat on land.

For ranged combat, the gauntlets can shoot flechettes made of Dust.
They're named after the Dutch legendary creatures of the same name.


Victor is a remarkably agile, fast, highly offfensive fighter which can perform both terrestial and aerial combat, and both melee and ranged combat (and seems to be knowledgeable in hand-to-hand combat to some excent). He's basically an assassin type, since he quickly dishes out lots of damage. Also, his attacks tend to be rather unpredictable and makes his enemies keep distance from him; surprise is key in his combat style.
Weakness-wise, sometimes he can have issues dodging attacks when he's performing aerial combat (specially when he does diving attacks), and while he doesn't lack stamina he might lack some armor, though besides his Aura and Semblance he can also rely on his weapons to some excent, using them as an improvised shield.
His Aura's colour is white, and his Semblance is called Flight or Fight; it consists of being capable to control the impacts of his own body. He can change the intensity of them by will, but this ability is limited by his body and Aura's resistance; if he strongly crashes against something (when using it in an offensive way) he can get injured as his Semblance doesn't increase his body's resistance. Victor usually uses his Semblance for propelling and keeping himself into flight (his Semblance technically can grant him aerodynamism) or for decreasing the impact of physical attacks recieved over his body (for example, making bullets shoot to him "bounce" off). When he uses his Semblance, his body (or the part(s) of his body that increase or decrease the impact) gets a faint, white glow that leaves a fog-like trail.


  • Candela Quitral: Candela is the only person of the team that Victor can call a friend; or in better words, Candela is the only person who's warm and welcoming to him. Because of this, he's very loyal to his leader and always follows her orders. As time went by he became very close to her.
  • Paz Himeyuri: Victor has a merely professional (and beneficial) relationship with her due to her cold, asocial behavior. Victor tried to befriend her at first, but in the end he gave up. He doesn't seem to be aware that Paz actually appreciates him.
  • Colby London: Victor has a bad relationship with Colby since he always treat him badly, ignoring his accomplishments and laughing at his failures; Colby doesn't respect him at all and enjoys bullying him. While Victor himself acts like if those insults don't affect him, they actually make him feel worse.


  • He alludes to the Tenerife airport disaster, the deadliest aviation accident in history.
    • His name is a mix of the aircrafts' names that crashed on the accident, "Clipper Victor" and "Rijn".
    • "Victor" means "he who conquers" in Latin. His name alludes to the Victoria blue dye, since "Victoria" is the female form of his name.
    • "Victor" also represents the letter V in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
    • "van Rijn" literally means "from Rhine" in Dutch, but also happens to be Rembrandt's surname.
    • His Semblance alludes both to the fact it was a plane crash, and to the fact that the poor visibility caused by the fog present in the place was one of the factors that contributed to the accident.
  • He's from Atlas, but went to Vale for studying because he didn't want to be near his parents.
  • He's specifically a Peregrine Falcon Faunus, a bird known for its impressive flying speed and which is sometimed used in airports for scaring away birds to reduce the risk of bird-plane strikes. His Faunus trait are the feathers that can be found on his head, mixed up with his hair.
    • He was pretty whiny vocal as a child, just like baby Peregrine Falcons. He also had white hair and white feathers back then.
  • He's an ISTJ.
  • He's a good cook.
  • He speaks in Dunglish when drunk.
  • The improvised shield picture/idea belongs to Delta-06.

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