I won't lose anyone! Not ever again!
— Vihrea, speaking to an unknown person during a battle.
Vihrea Toukka
Age 17
Nickname "Rea"
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Female
Race Human
Born March 20
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Olive
Hair Green
Eyes Gold
Semblance Technomancy


Height 175 cm
Weight 60 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AVLC
Partner Cam Wells
Occupation Student (former)
Jobs Dust Miner


Personal Status
Relatives None Living
Additional Info
Likes Weapons


Dislikes White Fang


Special Skills Weaponsmithing


Weaknesses Low Aura Pool,

Bad Academics, Bugs, Scary Things

Battle Theme

ACE+ - Mechanical Rhythm

Vihrea "Rea" Toukka is an original character created by Electric Spark. She is a member of Team AVLC and is the second character introduced of the group. Her weapon is a Multi-Dagger Dust Chakram (MDDC) named Five Points. She has yet to make an appearance.


Clocking in at 5'9", Vihrea isn't what you'd call a delicate flower. Her burning golden eyes are framed by her green hair, which is cut short just below her neckline and fans outward in the back. Her naturally fair-colored skin has been adjusted to an olive tone from a working life. Her muscles are fairly toned from years of hard manual labor in the Schnee Dust mines.

Her clothes aren't for looks, they're geared towards utility with few embellishments. She wears an open, green zippered hoodie with golden details over a yellow tube top, but it's more commonly found wrapped around her waist by the arms, especially when she's working on a weapon or invention. A belt holds up her well-fitting black jeans, along with two small pouches decorated with her emblem on either hip that store a small assortment of tools, and her reserve supply of Dust. The five daggers that compromise her weapon are also thrust into loops along this belt. A standard pair of green boots with gold trim completes her outfit.

During class, she wears the normal Beacon Academy uniform, with no alterations.


Hotheaded, brash, and brusque, Vihrea takes crap from nobody and doesn't give any. Even her neutral expression seems to be a scowl, one that only vanishes if she's fighting or working on a new project. Her words are abrasive and rough, and she's picked up quite the colorful vocabulary from her time working in the Dust mines of Atlas. She's blunt and brutally honest, and never afraid to speak her mind, especially if it's something she's got a solid opinion about. Most of the time, she comes off as cynical and pessimistic. She's extremely headstrong, but can get easily riled up and carried away.

That doesn't mean Vihrea is incapable of kindness. She routinely shows pity and concern, especially for those growing up with a "broken" family. She's also got a weakness for weapons, especially if they use Dust in interesting ways. One you show her a weapon, she'll examine it from end to end and ask you if she can take it apart. Don't let her though, she has a habit of installing unusual modifications. To a lesser extent, she has a penchant for tech or mechanical things in general. Aside from that, she also scares easily, and is mortified of bugs (especially caterpillars), and scary things (ghosts, skeletons, etc.).

She has a deep-seated hatred for the White Fang. She's distrustful of any and all Faunus in general, but if one mentions involvement in the organization, either now or in the past, she won't hesitate to throw down. 


Toukka Arms was a weapon shop of fair renown, headquartered in the capital city of Atlas. It enjoyed modest success, and became renowned for producing armaments that utilized Dust for unique added effects, alongside standard weapon fare. Eventually, they even started making contracts with large companies for weapons, even though it was little more than a glorified family business. Thanks to her upbringing, Vihrea was exposed to all types of weapons and Dust from even her earliest moments.

Her father died when she was only a few years old, her younger brother barely able to crawl. Her mother kept the shop open, however, and continued the business with the help of her own mother and a few hired hands. It wasn't the most glamorous upbringing, but Vihrea couldn't ask for one better. If she wasn't at school, she was helping out around the shop and learning the tricks of the trade from her mother. She even took extra classes in school on Mechanical Engineering, Weaponsmithing, and Dust Applications. She never had a second thought to her path in life: she would take over the shop as the third generation, and make it the largest weapons supplier in Atlas. Childhood Naïveté.

Soon after the leadership in the White Fang changed, its members found themselves in need of weapons. Naturally, one of the stops on the list of the Atlas Region members would be Toukka Arms. At the time, the staff were working on a rather large order of standard weapons for the Schnee Dust Company's Security Forces. So when three White Fang members bought up all the other weapons in stock, they also demanded the order be sold to them as well. When Ms. Toukka informed them that the shipment wasn't for sale, they became rowdy and left.

A few days later, on her way home from a supplemental class on Ranged Weapon Retrieval Techniques, Vihrea was met with the most terrible sight she'd ever laid eyes on. Toukka Arms was ablaze. Witnesses said the trio of White Fang members had returned, bearing firebombs. They set the shop on fire, then stole the finished weapons order and ran. Her mother, grandmother, and younger brother...her entire living family perished that day. After the fire had been extinguished, she dug through the rubble and uncovered their charred remains, along with her mother's masterpiece, Five Points.

Vihrea made an oath that day. She would rebuild Toukka Arms, but not until after she found those three Faunus and exacted her vengeance. If she needed to take down the entire White Fang in the process, then so be it. To do that, she needed to get stronger.

She was a ward of the state for a while, but she eventually landed a job working in the Schnee Dust Mines thanks to her mother's contacts. She labored away for five years in the dark, quarrying for Dust and fixing broken machinery. She grew strong and resourceful, and gained the lingo and mentality of a rough and tumble miner. After a year of work, she was able to begin self-financing an education at a combat school in Atlas. Fueled by her rage, she poured her heart and soul into her Combat training. She graduated near the top of her class, and was accepted into Beacon.

During her first year at Beacon Academy, Vihrea was inducted into Team AVLC after makign eye contact with Cam Wells in the Emerald Forest. She immediately caused friction in the group as heated arguments would often flare up between herself and Lanse Nanhai regarding their differing views on Faunus. However, her relationships with the other team members have warmed recently, to the point where she feels comfortable around her allies and even performs weapons maintenance for them.

Team AVLC was chosen as a representative of Beacon Academy in the Vytal Festival tournament, and won their first round. Vihrea, however, was not chosen as a team member during the Doubles round, a decision she is a a bit sour over. During the Battle of Beacon, Vihrea was shopping in downtown Vale. She participated in the defense of the city, using her Semblance to great effect against Atlas' mechanized forces. After the fall of Beacon, she started a journey across Remnant, with the goal of tracking down her partner, Cam.

Abilities & Powers

Vihrea is familiar with nearly every type of weapon and dust mechanism, even those on large machinery. She's a bona fide wizard when it comes to anything mechanical or electrical, but this means that anything that exists outside her knowledge base can easily take her by surprise. If she's caught off guard, she can be extremely stubborn in attempting to understand its mechanisms. She's also extremely skilled at juggling, which she puts to good use in combination with her fighting style and Dust Jacket. She's been known to juggle things seemingly subconsciously if she's bored or simply has some down time.

In battle, Vihrea does her best to keep away from the middle of the fighting, preferring to use Five Points to deliver Dust effects from afar. However, she makes a point to almost never be without a weapon, so it's rare for her to keep all five daggers inside her weapon at once, her preferred tactic to keep one or two in her hands at all times. She can't do much at midrange, but close-up, you'll notice that she fights savagely, often juggling between three to all five daggers in the air above her, each with a different Dust effect, to take down one or multiple foes in her path.

Vihrea's semblance is known as "Mechateer". She can project her Aura into a mechanical object and move control it as an extension of herself. Although Hunters and Huntresses can do this with their weapons, Vihrea takes it to the next level and can manipulate cars, cranes, and more. Obviously, the bigger the device she wants to control, the more energy she must expend. For instance, she can take over the mechanical systems of a Bullhead, but only for a few minutes before she is exhausted. To limit this even futher, she must be within 50 feet of the object she wants to control, with the difficulty increasing with distance. She cannot alter digital components, so she cannot hack into a computer or short out electrical systems with her Semblance.

However, the most useful application of this Semblance is against opponents in combat. Similar to how Pyrrha can alter the trajectory of a foe's strikes via her polarity semblance, Vihrea can also exercise a bit of control over her opponent's weapon. However, this ability is severely limited if an opponent is using their weapon as an aura conduit. Her limit is causing the gun portion of a weapon to fire at a random time, and jamming a weapon during its transformation. Of course, weapons without mechanical components (such as Crocea Mors) are completely immune to her shenanigans.

She also uses her Semblance to activate the Dust Vents on Five Point, allowing her to change the trajectory of her weapon at will, allowing her to cause it to fly in any direction or return to her.

Her aura pool is well below average, and even a few hits are enough to take her into the red. For this reason, she doesn't get into the thick of battles unless she can help it. Her aura radiates a dark green hue.

Vihrea Toukka's Stats :

Primary Role Controller
Secondary Role Striker
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Vihrea's weapon is Five Points, a Multi-Dagger Dust Chakram (MDDC).

In its standard form, Five Points appears as a single spiked chakram with five crossbars. However, closer inspection reveals that all five are actually daggers, which can be individually removed. When one is removed, the rest automatically slide into position around the ring that provides the most stability (5 makes a star, 4 a cross, 3 a "Y", and 2 an "I"). If only one dagger remains, it forcefully ejects, and the chakram's ring collapses into a bracelet, which Vihrea wears around her wrist.

However, the meat of the weapon is its daggers. Each is laden with a different type of Dust (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White). Normally, this wouldn't make them very unique, but because of Vihrea's Semblance, she can activate their abilities even when she isn't holding the daggers or chakram in her hand. This allows the user to easily use Dust even from far away via throwing the chakram.

In addition, the daggers each contain Dust Vents below their handles. These vents store up pressure caused by the discharge of Dust effects. Vihrea can then activate these vents with her Semblance to alter the trajectory of the chakram and daggers, allowing her to send them flying in any direction she pleases, or return to her after she has thrown them. This comes into major play when she is fighting in close combat with Five Points in dagger form, as it makes it much easier to juggle and attack with all five daggers at the same time.

Five Points, of course, refers to the five daggers that make up the core of the weapon.


Argent Cloche

Lanse Nanhai

Cam Wells


Vihrea Toukka, from Finnish, translates into "Green Caterpillar"

Vihrea alludes to the titular character of the nursery rhyme "Little Arabella Miller".

  • In the rhyme, a caterpillar crawls on Arabella's mother/brother/grandmother (depending on the version).

Five Points was originally intended to be recalled using Magnetic Dust, but the lack of evidence to support its existence prompted a different approach.

Vihrea makes all of her weapons from scratch, preferring not to use store-bought parts unless it's absolutely necessary. As such, one might find her poking around in junkyards in her free time.

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