Vincent Raven
Age 45
Title The Legendary Raven
Nickname Vincent
Status Unknown
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Height 6'2"
Weight 190 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (Formerly) Hunters and Huntresses (Formerly)
Team N/A
Partner Eliza Dove
Occupation Hunter (Formerly)
Jobs N/A
Additional Info
Likes Fighting, Justice
Dislikes Grimm, Weak
Special Skills Strong, extremely intelligent,
Weaknesses Overconfidence, Arrogance


Vincent is a taller man, with a thinner body structure.  He has long brown hair that he ties back into a ponytail down his back.  He wears a dress shirt with the first few button undone and the collar propped up.  He wears a long hooded black coat with thick black leather stitched over his chest with blue string.  The blue embroirded head of a raven is over the the chest while steel plates are on his shoulders.  The black sleeves are long and just start to cover his studded fingerless gloves.  He wears gray slacks with the long tails of the coat reaching his ankles.  He also wears black dress shoes.  A belt is over his coat to hold Reaping Shadow.  A scar is across his right cheek.


Vincent is an introverted person.  He seems distant, cold and calculative.  Almost like he isn't a human being but a robot.  However, he is very human.  SInce being born into the Raven family, Vincent has a drive to be the best all around warrior there is to be.  So, even at a young age, he began to study various styles of weapon and hand-to-hand combat.  He has a deep desire to protect anyone and everyone he can, which leads him into reckless situations.

However, over the years, he also became more confidant in his own abilities.  He felt nothing could defeat him.  That all changed with his wife's death.  He then became afraid and cold, he seemed to show no emotion.  And when he walked away from the Hunters, he was even bitter.

Powers and Abilities

At a young age, Vincent was a prodigy in fighting.  He was excellent with a rapier, his speed and precision accurate.  He mastered rapier styled movements before attending battle school.  In Signal, he encountered many fighters who had mastered the 5-2-1 style, and felt the need to pick up that style.  Over the course of his time in Signal, he learned the Staring TIger, Lunging Serpent, Idle Turtle, Raging Bull and Crimson Phoenix stances.  Though he only had Reaping Shadow, Vincent had believe learning a dual wielding style would help him if he were to find himself with two blades, however that may be.

After graduating Signal and moving on to Beacon, Vincent encountered many more different weapons and fighting styles to learn from.  Finding himself a little overwhelmed with these new styles, the Raven learned how to adapt to these new styles.  He also began to study these new weapons and styles, adopting them to his own techniques.  By the time he graduated Beacon, Vincent knew how to use a handful of weapons beyond Reaping Shadow.

Through his Hunter years, Vincent enountered many more styles of fighting and found himself learning more and more.  Soon, Vincent was known to be able to fight with most known weapons with a degree of proficency like that of a Signal student, not mastered but proficent enough if he were to be disarmed in battle or without Reaping Shadow.  However, he would be easily bested by people who had spent years mastering these weapons.  He was still best known for his mastery of swordsmanship.  With Reaping Shadow, Vincent is fast and hits his attack points with extreme accuracy.  He doesn't waste time with flashy movements, he's straight to the point.  Even at a distance he is an excellent marskman, though he usually fights close up.

Besides weapon styles, Vincent was known to be excellent at using his surrounding to fight off Grimm and other enemies.  Some rumors even suggest that he killed a Grimm with nothing but a lamp post found in a living room.


Vincent was born into the prestigious Raven Family, a family of well known warriors who were legends amongst the Hunters and Huntresses.  Born into this powerful family with combat mastery, he inherited some of those skills and was considered a prodigy even with his own family.  However, he spent a lot of his time alone in training until he met the joyful spirit known as Eliza Dove.  Vincent found himself with her quite often when not practicing, getting into trouble but enjoying adventures together.  They attended Signal together and became rivals to push each other whie maintaining their close friendship.

At age 17, Vincent was accepted into Beacon alongside Eliza.  He led a team and started to realize his deeper feeling for Eliza as she was developing stronger feelings for him.  By the end of their time in Beacon, Vincent finally became a romantic partner to Eliza.  Still partnered to her, Vincent and Eliza led many missions together.  Finally, after 3 years, Vincent proposed to Eliza in which she accepted.  Through this victory, he became a much brighter and loving person witht he world.  He was invincible, and he was more delighted that his wife bore a son 10 years later.

Having made a deal with Hunter and Huntress leadership, Vincent and Eliza were given one last mission before they were allowed a few years leave to raise their son.  It was to take out a marauder group that had been attacking several settlements.  Moving to intercept them, Vincent and Eliza made plans to apprehend them the next day.  Vincent antcipated a full victory.  Fate would have other plans.

On the battlefield, Vincent let his emotions get the better of him as he saw a mother and her child being threatened with death.  He moved in to attack and a fight sparked between Vincent and Eliza with the maraduers.  During the fight, Vincent was about to take a killing blow when Eliza took the killing blow herself.  As she died in his arms, Eliza told him to protect their son.  And as she left the world, something within Vincent broke.  The warmth he had was now gone.  All 100 marauders were slaughtered by his hand alone in rage.

Returning to Vale, he buried her in the graveyard and turned his back on the Hunters and Huntresses.  Taking his infant son, he went into Forever Fall 17 years ago and hasn't been seen since.



Reaping Shadow

Vincent's weapon is named the Reaping Shadow.

Reaping Shadow is a rapier-pistol combination.  The majority of the steel gun as well as the blade are pitch black, with the metal hammer and sights as well as the bird head at the end of the hadle made of blue-dyed steel.  The two and a half foot blade can collapse down into the pistol, which can fire off small bullets coated with ice dust.  Each mag he carries has a max of five shots and he carries a total of five mags.  The reloading compartment is on the side as labeled in the drawing.  It pops out to the side so Vincent can reload.  The range of the pistol itself has a distance of fifty feet before becoming inaccurate.


This is LordKeyZ 8th OC

It is unknown, currently, if he is alive or dead.  The age in his bar indicates how old he would be now

His theme song is Handlebars by Flobots

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