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Viola Lindynn
Ts viola01 JAS big
Age 17 (Fall of Beacon)

18 (Post Time Skip)

Status Active
Color Violet
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Purple
Eyes Purple
Height 160 cm
Weight 45 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (Formerly)
Team Team VYLT (Formerly)
Partner Midori Yara (Formerly)
Occupation Huntress
Jobs Thief (Formerly)
Additional Info
Emblem Viola Symbol
Likes Strawberries, storms and tea.
Dislikes Night clubs, chocolate and coffee.


Pre Fall of Beacon:

Viola is a teenage girl of slightly shorter than average height with a thin build and a small bust. Viola has pale skin, purple eyes and slightly darker shaded purple hair which is nearly always styled up in a bun with her fringe swept to the left and tucked behind her ear. The sides of Viola's hair hang down to her chin, framing her face.


Viola's outfit consists of a purple sleeveless zip-up vest, high neck sleeveless purple mesh top, forearm length finger-less purple gloves with cut outs and purple shorts connected to thigh high purple boots by clipped straps.  She wears a black belt with a silver front clasp that hooks through the purple thigh holsters for Wisteria and Callerya.

Viola alt-outfit by JAS

Her alternate outfit consists of a double breasted purple and grey jacket with three grey buttons and grey belts around the wrists, black pants adorned with both purple and grey belts, an unclippable grey mini skirt with purple buttons and a pair of purple and grey riding boots. This outfit, code named Hustler, is more street than her regular outfit which is much more suited for stealth.

Viola has a small tattoo of a violet flower on the heel of her right foot which she got when she was fourteen years old. She chose this particular motif for two reasons, one because it was the flower which her gave her parents the inspiration for her name and two because they grew in abundance in the forest near her home.

Post Fall of Beacon:

Ts viola01 JAS big

Now sporting a bob style haircut with a choppy fringe that she cuts herself, Viola look is more mature and practical after spending several months alone on the road. Her thin build has become more athletic, the young rogue developing slight muscle as a result of all the fighting on the road to Anima and in turn Mistral.

Her new outfit consists of a quilted purple short sleeved hood with a grey lining, a grey tank top, fitted black pants and purple knee high boots. She also wears black elbow length finger less gloves and light grey fore arm armor. Her weapon holsters, while the same style as those she had while attending Beacon, are now grey in color. While she usually wears her hood when on the road or fighting, Viola tends to either lower it when she is inside and not fighting or take it off completely until she is going out again.


Pre Fall of Beacon:

Friendship doesn't come easy to Viola. She often regards people with a cold, calm demeanor, though due to her short temper, she can often be callous towards them too. Viola has little patience in dealing with other people's problems which leads to her coming off as being apathetic. This attitude likely developed as a defense mechanism against further possible pain after the loss she experienced as a child.

It takes a lot for Viola to allow people to get close to her, and even more for her to consider them friends. Those people who Viola considers friends will have her full loyalty and friendship for a very long time.

While Viola does have considerable combat skills, she doesn't brag about them or make a point of showing them off. This is also the case in several other areas, with Viola not wanting to be the center of attention, preferring instead to blend into the background until the situation requires otherwise.

Post Fall of Beacon:

After loosing her team, Viola's personality reverted back to being like it was before she met them. Angry and distant, she more often than not regards those she comes across with disregard unless they're paying her for a job or she's getting information from them; whether they want to give it or not. She throws herself into fighting with little regard for her own safety, and it's this lack of concern for personal safety that has seen her life be unnecessarily jeopardized on more than one occasion.

After encountering Claret Gainsboro and then later on the rest of her team, Viola's personality begins to relax once more after she accepts the fact that what happened to her team wasn't her fault and focuses her energy into stopping Olympia Tremaine from carrying out her plan.


Up To Fall of Beacon:


A younger Viola, recently out of a scrap with the law.

Viola lived with her parents and the rest of her clan in the small village outside of Lynaris outside of Vale. Her life was simple, helping her parents and the other villagers harvest crops and herd animals. However, one night when she was five years old, Viola was woken by the sounds of screaming. She was just rising from bed to see what was happening when her mother; who was a former Huntress, came rushing in.  She bundled Viola up in a purple cloak, told her to run as fast as she could into the woods and to hide there until she came to get her.  After giving a brave little nod, Viola's mother kissed her on the head and told her to go before leaving out the door.  Viola did as she was told, climbing out her bedroom window and running into the dense forest.  Sobbing slightly, Viola curled up in the hollow trunk of a tall tree and fell asleep, hoping that her mama and papa would find her soon.  They never did.

When Viola awoke the next morning, no one had come for her.  Afraid, cold after loosing her cloak and hungry, Viola started off home, only to be met with a grisly scene of death and destruction when she arrived.  Her parents and fellow clansmen were all dead and their village had been burnt to the ground.  Now scared and alone, Viola headed off to the city on the horizon she'd only ever seen from afar.

Viola, unable to get any help to investigate the tragedy that had befallen her and her family and without anyone left to look after her, grew up on the city streets.  Her small stature helped Viola in making a living as a pickpocket.  Her talent for this underhanded art was soon recognized by one of the local street gang leaders. He took her in, letting her stay at the gang clubhouse.  Though it was slow going at first, the two came to trust each other, with their relationship becoming very much that of a father and daughter.  

After a couple of years, Viola was old enough and had earned enough money to get a place of her own.  When she was sixteen, Viola decided that she wanted to become more than she was and do more with her life than be a criminal.  She wanted to attend Beacon Academy and become a Huntress.  As a way of saying thank you, and knowing of Viola's desire to do something more with her life, Grayson had her criminal record "expunged".  Though she was one of his organisations greatest assets, the happiness of the girl he'd taken in many years ago, the girl who he considered his daughter, ended up taking precedent over profit and he let her go with his blessing.  She passed the rigorous entrance exam thanks to the combat training she'd undertaken with members of Grayson's gang and was accepted for study at Beacon.

What still remains unknown to Viola to this day is that her clan and village were destroyed not just by Grimm, but also by a rival clan known as the Caladium.  This clan had always been more violent than their neighbors and, after being made an offer of dominion over hunting in the forest by a Dust mining company who wanted to mine the area where the village stood, incited a massive pack of Ursa and Ursa Major to attack the village.  The farmers stood little chance and were soon killed.  After the Grimm had dispersed, the Caladium proceeded to burn the village to the ground.

After being make the leader of Team VYLT, Viola had several encounters with a young woman called Claret Gainsboro who was a member of the White Fang. Viola and Claret first met and fought when Claret and a group of White Fang attempted to cause trouble at a Faunus civil rights protest Viola and her team were assisting the V.P.D in providing security for. Their last encounter came not during a mission, but when Viola was doing a night time food run getting pizza for herself and her team. She was heading for the pizzeria when she glimpsed Claret disappearing into an alley. Viola followed her to a warehouse and sneaked inside to discover it was full of what appeared to be stolen weapons and ammo. She didn't have a chance for a closer inspection as Claret soon discovered her presence and a fight ensued, spilling out onto the roof tops. Claret's life long training gave her the edge and Viola was knocked out by her. When she came to, Viola returned to the warehouse to find it empty and her rival no where to be found. Viola wouldn't encounter her again for almost a year.

The Fall of Beacon proved to be a tragic and traumatic time for Viola. While she was at Amity Stadium watching the fights, her team was at the fair grounds getting pizza. When the invasion began, Viola headed to Beacon and called the rest of her team telling them to meet her there. Viola reached Beacon on the back of a Nevermore and aided in it's defense, but never saw her team there. It was only after Beacon was evacuated and Viola made her way to the safe zone that she found her friends bodies with the rest of the dead that had been recovered.

They had been unable to get to Beacon and had stayed to defend a group of trapped civilians, most of them children. All the fighting coupled with the large number of Grimm they'd faced had caused them to become drained of Aura, overwhelmed and tragically killed.

Viola was broken at the losses of Midori, Leonardo and Tawny, and it was this heart break; coupled with anger, that eventually made her decide that she would leave Vale and head to Mistral, the place the woman on the broadcast had said she was from to find the people responsible for all the chaos and make them pay.

Post Fall of Beacon:

(What follows here is happening in an AU of mine.)

During the time skip, Viola began her travelling to Mistral. On odd occasions she worked as a mercenary, taking on short and/ or simple jobs to earn enough money for food, ammo and a bed at any of the inns she came across. During her travels, Viola had heard rumors about a group of Faunus extremists calling themselves the Blood Wing faction that were planning a series of terrorist attacks against the ruling councils of Remnant.

One night, after a long few days of fighting, Viola's search led her to the small town of Deseaux located in the swamps west of Mistral. Making her way to the local inn, she paid for a room for the night and was sitting at the bar having a drink when her rival Claret Gainsboro sat down beside her. A fight nearly erupted before Claret informed Viola that she was no longer associated with the White Fang after their actions led to the deaths of so many innocents in Vale, and that she knew Viola was looking for information on the attacks too. Claret offered a temporary truce and a possible alliance until they'd found the people planning the attacks, and while she was dubious about her, Viola accepted Claret's offer of assistance for the greater good and because she knew if her team were still alive, that's what they would all do. (These events are covered in greater detail in Reconciliation.)

The next morning, they left Deseaux together and headed for Mistral to meet up with the rest of Claret's team. It was during this leg of the journey they encountered a Nemean that had destroyed a trading caravan. They attempted to flee, knowing trying to fight the massive beast was beyond them, but Claret was badly injured in the attempt. Viola managed to secure one of the horses that had been a part of the caravan and, after helping Claret onto it, she climbed on too and they galloped off to the city.

Upon arriving in Mistral and knowing that Claret's status as a criminal would make taking her to a hospital difficult, Viola instead took her to the house of Dorian Grayson; the man who'd raised her. The 'former' crime boss was happy to see Viola and used his connections to call in a doctor for Claret and find her team mates who were somewhere in the city. Once Claret was tended to and Lux, Rialta and Tynan arrived, they all began sharing with Dorian what they'd learned, who in turn filled in the gaps in their knowledge with what his network had relayed back to him.

Viola and the others eventually worked out that the Blood Wing faction was headed by a young woman familiar to Claret and her team, Olympia Tremaine, and so set about on their mission to find Olympia and put a stop to her plans before another tragedy like what happened in Vale and the Fall of Beacon could happen again.

Weapon and Abilities:


Viola wields a pair of transformable Revolver Knuckle Blades (RKB) called Wisteria and Callerya that have two forms:

  • The first form is a pair of revolvers with eight bullet capacity chambers and knuckle duster style grips. Viola most commonly uses .357 Gravity Dust rounds when using her weapon in this form. Viola can use the energy blasts created by the shots to propel herself upwards to greater heights than she can normally jump to.
  • The second form sees the main bodies of the guns tilt back and the barrels retract to be replaced with a pair of razor sharp blades. The blades are infused with Wind/ Air Dust. Viola uses the energy waves created from the slashing motions of the blades to propel herself at greater speeds than she normally moves at.

After the Fall of Beacon, Viola made a modification to her weapon. When her weapons were in their bladed form, she modified the triggers to fire the blades, effectively turning them into something similar to hook shots. The blades are tethered to the weapon frames by thin, light weight cables.

Wisteria and Callerya Transformation-000:06

Wisteria and Callerya Transformation-0


Whilst she lacks physical strength and there fore can't deal as much damage in a single hit as others, the rate in which Viola can land attacks more than compensates for it. Her excellent speed and agility are without a doubt her best assets in a fight, letting her evade more hits than she takes and adeptly use surrounding terrain to her advantage.

Viola's Aura color is bright purple.

Viola's Semblance is called Grip. Viola is able to cling to any solid surface by transferring energy to her feet and hands. This gives her a much wider range to attack from. As Viola becomes more proficient in using her Semblance and it begins to evolve, she is able to keep it active for longer with less energy expenditure and is even able to move with it active. She is currently attempting to see if she can use her Semblance to walk on unstable surfaces too.

In Battle:


Having grown up on the street, Viola had to learn how to fight rather than being taught by professionals. This lead to her fighting style being, as she would put it, crude but effective. She relies on brutal simplicity and dirty tricks (like throwing dirt/ dust into someones eyes) rather than refined and elegant attacks.

With Team:

When Viola was a member of Team VYLT, she defied the logic of her skill set placing her in a scout role. She assigned that job to Tawny and would often be found in the thick of the action. She would also often be found acting as Midori's guard when her partner would use his Semblance or being thrown through the air by Leonardo to reach airborne enemies.


  • Midori: Midori was Viola's partner and the person she was closest too. Midori was the person Viola could vent to without fear of being judged or him repeating what she'd said. He helped her grown in confidence when she was first made team leader and continued to subtly support her through their time together at Beacon. The two of them had planned to go on a date after the Vytal Festival, an eventuality that never ended up happening.
  • Leonardo: Leonardo had the uncanny ability to make Viola laugh, often at the wrong times. Viola's sarcastic humor was a strangely good fit for Leonardo's wit and charm. The two settled into a brother/ sister dynamic and enjoyed pressing each others buttons.
  • Tawny: Tawny and Viola were very much like sisters. They studied together all the time and would go to Vale for ice cream and other forms of take out food when Midori was buried in his books and Leonardo was being overly dramatic claiming he was so hungry he couldn't move. Tawny was also the one that finally convinced Viola to ask Midori out on a date.
  • Claret: Enemies who became allies, the relationship between Viola and Claret was volatile from the start. Things tempered somewhat between them after joining forces in Deseaux and eventually evolved into a friendship, surprising them both. They learned to rely on and trust each other, something Viola thought she'd never be able to do again. The two of them bonded over knowing what it was like to loose someone they loved; Claret with Orion and Viola with Midori and her team.


  • She has a teddy bear that she hides from everyone. It was hers as a child and the only thing she has from back then. She has constantly had it repaired over the years.
  • Her Semblance, Grip, ties into Viola's belief that she is unable to hold onto anything for long in her life, so her soul has given her the ability to hold onto or 'grip' things.


  • Viola alludes to Aladdin.
  • Viola is Italian for violet.
  • Caladium, the clan who killed Viola's, is the name of a flower that grows in the forest. All parts of the flower are very poisonous.
  • Wisteria and Callerya, the names of Viola's weapons, are species of purple flowers.




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