I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.

— Violetova Alexander

 Violetova Alexander is the leader, rogue and primary tactician of Team VSTJ. She is the wielder of Reine and Regent, the Dust-Wheellock Pistol Blades (DWPB), and the partner of Takara Rin.

Violetova Alexander
Age 17
Nickname Violet, Vee, Coquette
Status Active
Color Violet
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair White
Eyes Sky Blue (Left)

Purple (Right)

Semblance Gravitate
Height 175cm (5'9")
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team VSTJ
Partner Takara Rin
Occupation Heiress (Former)

Student (Former)

Personal Status
Relatives Vulcan Alexander (Father)

Whitney Alexander (Mother)

Caelus Alexander (Brother)

Additional Info
Emblem Gravitate
Likes Friendship, Having Fun, Hot Girls
Dislikes Disloyalty, Stuck-Ups, Leery Guys


Violetova is noted as being extremely attractive, standing out even among other huntresses, who are almost universally fit. Standing at a fairly impressive 1.75m even without her heeled boots, she is easily among the taller girls her age. She has a slim, prominently hourglass figure, large breasts and a lean musculature. However, while these are certainly enviable features, Violetova's true beauty lies elsewhere. Her skin is naturally fair without being pale, and her diligent maintanence has given it a soft, creamy look. Her hair is also fair, to the point of being stark white, falling a few inches past her shoulders at its longest point and styled in a manner that further enhances her sensuality. On her left side she pulls her hair back into three decorated cornrows, leaving her face completely visible. On her right side she sports slightly lifted bangs and soft waves falling onto and over her shoulder, cut in a layered manner with the ends flicked upwards. But what most would cite as Violetova's most attractive feature must be her completely heterochromatic eyes, with her left being a deep, nebulous violet and her left a bright sky blue. They're fairly larger, with an upwards-slanted almond shape and slightly hooded lids that give her a near permanent sultry gaze. Her eyelashes are thick and prominent at the outer edges while her eyebrows are slim and have a slight 'S' shaped curve, with both matching her hair colour. Her nose is slim and has a slightly upturned or celestial shape, and her lips are full and pouty, usually decorated with some subtle pink lipstick. Finally, her face has an overall heart shape, or a narrow chin tapering upwards into a somewhat broad forehead and a slight widow's peak.

Inspired by a blend of modern fashions and depictions of pirates and other seafarers, Violetova's standard attire consists of a low-cut, lace-up blouse with exposed shoulders and visible cleavage, over which rests a black leather waist cincher with numerous silver-buckled belts. The sleeves of her blouse tuck into a pair of dark leather gloves with fairly large cuffs on the forearms and delicate silver decoration. She also wears a pair of very form fitting, somewhat elastic dark purple pants that tuck into dark, leather cavalier boots with steel-capped two inch heels, steel ties and more silver decoration. The left side of her pants is decorated by a lighter, embroided vine-like pattern with additional floral decoration. A silver-buckled black leather belt is worn on her hips, with five slots for ammunition on the left rear, and two hardened leather loops that act as holsters for Reine and Regent. Over her belt she wears a long violet sash, wrapped snuggly around her waist with a knee-length tail that fades from purple to indigo and then light blue at the tip, with her emblem visible in stark white. Finally, Violetova wears a considerable amount of jewelry, the first of which being the numerous blue and purple beads decorating her cornrows. Additionally, the upper and lower braids both have a slim silver band, while the centre braid has a golden one. Around her neck and under the lace of her blouse she wears a silver pendant handing from a knotted black cord, consisting of a circle with her teacher's emblem within. Her left ear has a standard lobe and several helix piercings, where she wears several plain silver earrings and a hanging silver and amethyst teardrop variant.


If a single word might be used to describe Violetova's character, it would probably be 'forceful'. Brash, headstrong, independent and charismatic, she immediately asserted herself as the dominant force within her team even before her leadership was secured. Her extraverted, gregarious nature is a far cry from her more withdrawn or neutral teammates, and she often ends up dragging them with her on whatever adventure her whims leads her to take. Generally speaking she's very open and honest with what she's feeling, leading her to be both comically sensetive and comically blunt in how she expresses herself, condradictionally bursting into tears at someone's plight one second before rudely dismissing someone elses the next. In fact, she often shows a surprising amount cruelty and harshness towards other, especially those she views as having wronged her or indulged in self-pity.

Violetova's seeming cruelty actually has its roots in benevolence. She strongly believes in the idea of independence, and that it's best for people in need to rise up and help themselves. Having been born into a great deal of wealth, she enjoys fine food, quality clothes and advanced training, all of which she takes great pride in. She isn't afraid or ashamed in the slightest to flaunt her material goods to the people around her, even those who are much less fortunate. This is Violetova actively attempting to incite jealousy in the people around her, so that they might be inspired to work harder and obtain the same opportunities she has. However, that is not to say she is completely lacking in compassion or pity, far from it. She has a definite weakness for children and the disabled, especially the blind, and it wasn't rare to see her sharing food, drink and stories with the poorer children in her home kingdom of Mistral.

Something that Violetova might possess even more of than tyranical, inspiring charisma is libido. An utterly shameless flirt who targets any attractive girl she lays her eyes on (including her teammates), her charismatic aura, seductive charm and ludicrous good looks are a weapon of mass destruction... or they would be, if over 95% of the people she flirted with weren't straight women, leading to commical fits of sadness, frustration and depression that she then immediately recovers from. Something of note, despite her forceful and openly flirtatious personality, Violetova will immediately stop flirting if she feels to person is made seriously uncomfortable by her actions, and always begins flirting by determining whether her target is shy, timid, etc. This stems from the entire reason behind not just her flirting, but all of her highly sexualised actions, clothing and general appearance; empowerment. Having faced the harrowing experience of sexual abuse in the past, her decisions were actively made to help free herself from her own fear. Even now, Violetova has an inherent distrust of men and becomes intensely uncomfortable and even angered when men stare at her, and she promptly and coldly shuts down any attempts at flirting from them.

A key aspect of Violetova's character is her close relationship with her mentor Aeris Totaux. They are as close as or even closer than siblings, in spite of the rocky start brought about by the pupil's arrogance. Aeris taught Violetova not only about being a Huntress, but about living, so many of her personal philosophies are derived from those teachings. And of those philosophies, the one both teacher and student hold in highest regard is balance.  ... ... ...

Weapon(s) and Abilities




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