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Virginia Demad
Age 27
Title Pouncer
Nickname Madwoman
Color Yellow
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale white
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 6ft5
Weight 89kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Dupidore's Navy
Team *Unknown Team(previous)
Occupation Terrorist

Virginia Demad is a  Cheetah Faunus and one of the minor antagonists in The Four Huntsmen story. She is a terrorist part of Gary Panner's group Remington's Disciples. Her weapon is a Rapid Fire Dust Claws (RFDC) called Stab Eight.


Virginia is pale woman of an above average stature and is very lean. She has blone bob cut hair, with a few bangs on her hair and blue eyes. Virginia has small pointy ears, giving her a look of a cheetah. Her most prominent feature is that she has a very long yellow tail with black spots, the same as as a cheetah's. A very noticable feature about virginia is her trademark eye patch that she wears.

For apparel, Virginia wear an orange shirt that is roughly tucked in a wriggly black bow. She wears black ripped jeans and she has a yellow belt with made hole. Virginia seems to have jagged pairs of brown sandals that she wears even when it's cold outside.


Virginia has a carefree way of living and is very relaxed in what she does. This way of living allows her to not worry all lot and not complain. Also, she is very interested in fighting all lot of the time and because of this, she scares her team. Virginia is very complacent in combat, always trash talking her opponents to demoralise them in battle and weaken them.

However, Virginia is not smart at all, she normally mistakes different things and because of her eyepatch, her sense of direction is mixed. Virginia is also very dirty minded as seen with her fight against Onyx Rocker. She lacks all lot perspective, since she refuses to see someones side of things.


Virginia lived on small island with no name, her parents had been striving for her to get to the best kingdoms in Vytal and she had no siblings. She seemed to be a very unhappy child as there wasn't all lot of people and hated how she had a damaged eye. However, there was a few Grimm invasions on the island and it was protected.

One day a large group of people that had protested against faunus rights had been exiled to Virginia's island by accident, not realising there was inhabitants on the island. Many of them were very hostile to actual folks on the island. The exiles had claimed power and ruled over the village but they hated it there and had blamed the Faunus for their suffering life. Out of anger, the exiles had killed about 43% of the Faunus population that lived in the island besides Virginia. Virginia had started to cry on that day and wanted to start an uprising.

When Virginia turned seven years old, she noticed that the islanders had started an uprising against the villagers. Virgina had been influenced by this fighting and this had got her love for fighting. A man called Raul had helped study the art of fighting so she could fight other people, so he had taught her how to fight Grimm.

After, Raul had took Virginia to Vytal so that she could fight more often. While in Vytal, Virginia had started fights with other people and liked these fights. These fights made her love fighting all lot more often. However, Raul was killled due to one of Virginia's fights and Raul had gave Virginia her eyepatch.

When Virginia turned 24, her fights had got her the attention of Gary Panner. Gary had decided to recruit her due to her skills ans would use her for his goal.

Abilities and Powers

Viriginia is a very abled body person, she has very tremoundes agility as she is able to change her direction very quickly. This is seen with her fight against Onyx Rocker. Also, Virginia's agility helps her take on more enemies much easier.

A noticable feature of Virginia is that she is very fast and can run towards her enemies easily and catch up to them. She seems to have gymnastic skill as she is able to do flips and backflips over her opponent. With her speed, this lets her do different kind of attacks on her opponents.

Despite this, Virginia has very low endurance as she rushes into fights all lot without thinking. This lets her opponents easily beat her and this low endurance had go her defeated by Rufus Sabbia. Moreover, Virginia does no have very good hearing, therefore, this leaves her vulnerable to stealthy attacks from behind.

Virginia can use her weapon, Stab Eight to punch her opponent in the gut and cause them bleed. This is because she has long and sharp points that elongate. The weapon has a barrel at the side, to allow her to shoot sub machine gun dust ammo. This allows her to take her opponent from a medium to short combat. The weapon lets her use her fast speed to take out her enemy as quick as possible. Since her claws are not sharp enough, his means she can not deal a good damage to her opponents. To combat this, her speed lets her strike all lot of times, letting her inflict damage on to her opponents.

Virginia has a very yellow aura and her semblance is that her jump height is increased, allowing her to jump at great distances. This lets her do things like spying and suprise attacks much easier.


  • Virginia is based on(name and personality wise) on Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.
  • Demad is taken from mad and the opposite of anger is happiness, which the colour of yellow.

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