Just she can't speak doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot to say.
— Silver standing up for V against a bully

Vivian "V" Maroon
Age 17
Title Team SLVR Member
Nickname V
Status Active
Color Maroon
Gender Female
Race Faunus (Fox)
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Maroon
Eyes Emerald
Height 5'9"
Weight 170 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team SLVR
Partner Silver Shirke
Occupation Student, Member of SLVR
Jobs Waitress at a local diner
Additional Info
Emblem Heart256
Likes Music, quiet, nature
Dislikes Fire, Bullies, Litterbugs
Special Skills Excellent in combat, motherly
Weaknesses Shy, Social Awkward, Mute
Character Theme

Simple and Clean Utada Hikaru
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Mara is a fox Faunus, with maroon fox ears just like her maroon hair that falls past her shoulders and is wrapped around to rest over her right shoulder. She wears a pink scarf with a maroon t-shirt, a pink scarf tied around her waist like a skirt, white shorts and knee high leather boots. White bandages are wrapped around her fore arms and she has leather armor over her chest and shoulders. A ammo pack is strapped to her left leg.


V is shy. With her inactive voice, most people cannot understand her. Even some people can't understand the signing that she does. This led her to be social awkward and reclusive around a lot of people. However, one can understand her, they can see past her shy shell and see the beautiful girl underneath. She is quiet, sweet and thoughtful of her teammates. Someone that people can depend on.

There is, however, a different side of her that she is even surprised about. A more rough and protective side of her. And only one person brings it out of her. Silver. Whenever he gets in trouble, gets severely hurt in combat or does something else that cause harm unto himself without a valid reason in her eyes, she becomes rough with him. Even as far as to sign at him that he's an idiot and other things. But she would also show fierce protectiveness and remain at his bedside until he got better.

In battle, she remains calm and confidant. All of her initial timidness and doubt vanish, leaving behind this person to deal with the threat. Not witty like Silver, she keeps quiet and takes orders from Silver without a second thought.

Powers and Abilities

V is a more stealth-like member of the team, able to be unnaturally quiet. So, she became the infiltrator of the team in which they used her for recon and other stealth-like jobs. Due to lack of close combat experience she relies on her quiet nature to remain undetected. She has become quite skilled in silent steps and climbing, Parkour being a skill she is quite adept at.

In open combat, V favors are more ranged approach. She uses her whip to attack opponents at a distance or use her environment to gain the upper hand in the fight. She has little close combat experience, and instead when in close quarters relies on her shotgun and simple kicks and dodges to deal with her enemies.

(Semblance to come soon)


V used to live in a village outside of the country of Vale, closer to the edge of Forever Fall. She lived on a farm with her mother, father and three young siblings. However, one day when Mara was 9, a group of mysterious warriors came through V's village and began to pillage it. These warriors began rounding up young children and infants and executing teenagers and adults. Fires were set to village buildings, adults were slaughtered. In an effort to save their children, V's father told V to take the younger siblings and rush off into Forever Fall and run, never looking back. V rushed her siblings out of the house, but not before she saw a hooded man kill her father and mother.

Dashing out into the forest, V and her brothers and sister were being chased by a squad of the mysterious warriors. One by one, they captured V's siblings. V kept running, and she would've have been captured too if an Ursa Major hadn't attacked the warriors. Remembering her mother's lessons about herbs she could eat, V made her way to Vale. She remembered the city because her uncle lived there. V soon found her uncle and told him the story. Devastated but relieved that V was alive, the Uncle took V in as his own child.

However, after that incident, V couldn't speak a word. Traumatic events causing her brain to stop sending signals to her vocal chords as a way to compensate for the loss of her family. However, it was also on that day she decided to become a Huntress, so that no one else would have to feel the pain that she had felt. She attended Signal where she learned her combat skills and became specialized in stealth. Though her years at Signal, though, she remained distant and shy because no one wanted to talk to the girl with no voice. She quickly learned sign language and writing out her thoughts in explicit detail. After graduating and being accepted into Beacon at age 17, V felt excited but nervous. She soon met her future partner, Silver, and the two started to become friends.

After a night of restless sleep, V and many others were sent out into Forever Fall to retrieve the relics and create teams. She was cornered by Beowolves when V came into rescue her. They became partner and they soon met up with Lilly and Reyna. Together, they defeated a powerful Beowolf Alpha and claimed the white bishop pieces. V then became a member of Team SLVR with Silver. In order to have money for themselves, Silver introduced V and the others to a local diner to help get jobs. V became a waitress and the stories of Team SLVR began.


The weapon V uses is named Flame Fox

Whip Mode

FF Whip

Flame Fox (Whip Mode)

In whip mode, the primary mode of Flame Fox, the whip itself is made out of black leather with the steel bit at the end dyed crimson. The metal casing is maroon with black circuit markings. The whip can extend to about twenty feet in length.

Shotgun Mode

FF Gun

Flame Fox Shotgun Mode

In shotgun mode, the barrel of the gun is black with maroon circuit board markings. The handle is black as well with a clear window into the ammo chamber. The gun uses Red Dust rounds for flame bursts to add more power into her attack. Each crystal has 10 shots and Mara carries at least ten crystals on her at all times, making it 100 shots.


This is LordKeyZ second OC

V was originally Mara but he changed her name and appearance

Imosa1 made her emblem

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