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Smith (Father)
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Claire (Younger Sister)

Vulturn, real name Eden Vortigern, is a member of Team LEAV and a Beacon Academy student, as part of his necessary Hunter Familiarization Exchange as a 3rd-year Black Hunter student.

In truth, he is a member of the assassin Vortigern Clan and infiltrated the Black Hunters via a crafted backstory of running away from being trained to be an assassin. He is the de facto leader of the Clan's top assassin squad Remnant 9. He is the son of Smith Vortigern and Claire Vortigern, as well as being the remaining older brother of his sister Caroll, with their eldest brother Janitor 01, Zephyr disappearing off the face of Remnant at the age of 22, abandoning the then 5-year-old Vulturn.


Vulturn stands taller than most students, being only slightly shorter than Cardin Winchester. He possesses his family's light olive skin that can tan easily to a darker mocha and his black hair is short and swept-back, with a neat bunch of hair left that sticks out on his fringe and usually covers over one of his chestnut eyes, which are narrow in an Oriental look like Lie Ren. His thin lips usually keep silent on a frequently stone-cold face that has a diamond bone shape. His body structure is that of a gymnast, being slim and streamlined but with an athletic firmness in his muscles. He is, overall, not very handsome and may sometimes look outright devilish, with the aura of a sinister demon.

Vulturn wears the standard Beacon Academy uniform in class, though he has forgone the jacket and tied it around his waist due to the additional layer he is wearing inside. Other accessories include a neck-chain that has his symbol of a black murky skull and a pouch that is attached to his upper left arm that keeps small vials of Free-Flow, enough to be used in emergency combat. At the same time, he is also wearing his combat uniform underneath the casual clothes, composing of two layers. The first layer is a black form-fitting skin-tight spandex suit, which acts as a final defense against any accidents with Free-Flow due to its corrosive nature, giving Vulturn time to remove it if he lost track of Free-Flow's movements and allowed it to fall on him. Vulturn is perfectly comfortable fighting with this basic layer alone. The second layer is interchangeable but his preference is a gray-patterned winter vest with Vulturn's symbol on its back and white combat pants that have been specifically tailored to be able to stretch to allow Vulturn to utilize his flexibility. Both usually have pockets where Vulturn keeps secret tools and weapons during combat (usually more Free-Flow vials for a surprise attack).


What do you think now, Ruby? Can you see me as your friend now? I will teach you that the world will not take kindly to such sentiment! If you want to survive, you better be ready to go for the kill, even against a 'friend'!
— Vulturn as he teaches Ruby a lesson

Vulturn is as his clan has trained him to be: professional, no-nonsense, an almost utter lack of any external emotive expression. All this culminates in him carrying himself as very stone-cold both physically and mentally, with an unmoving portrait of a face and a very tight and strict stance.

His adherence to personal strictness causes him to be perfectly brutal in his assessment of others, be it either complaint or praise. His logic slices through the emotional mess of others like a hot knife, pointing out where they are exaggerating their chances of failure or success. And when it comes to the rules of the institution or organization, Vulturn has the same approach. If they are utterly illogical and ridiculous, Vulturn flagrantly criticizes them without restraint and may even ignore them, unless forced to do otherwise. His priorities are always mission first, personal responsibilities second, self-preparation third and having fun as a very distant last.

A background of fighting for his life 24/7 since youth has inculcated within him an extreme vigilance in a fight. Therefore, in every fight, even test duels, he is willing to go all out with intent to kill, to the point that before every test duel he has to be ordered to dispel such notions and keep himself in check. He never underestimates his opponents, but is also highly reluctant to show everything he's got, as a result of his childhood memories of reading heroic stories of second winds, divine interventions and hidden potential, hence he always keeps five or more trump cards up his sleeve and will always watch out for any sign that the tides of battle may swing. His idea of a perfect battle is quick and decisive, with him dominating all the way and with no chance of a second fight.

While with his Beacon team, Vulturn strives to be the best, always saying that they are unacceptable at the current moment and could do far better, leading to him butting heads with each and every one of his team, especially Elley, frequently on the point that while his logic makes him have legitimate claims, he is absolutely disregarding the feelings and efforts of his teammates, pressurizing them and also undermining Lear's leadership. He can be said, perhaps, to be arrogant because he never criticizes himself in public, only in private, as he sees no point in trying to 'show off his flaws'.

In his free time, Vulturn is frequently alone and isolated from the rest of his team, training by himself or doing his assignments. He did have intentions of wanting to have his team train together with him because it could be far more efficient, but they absolutely refused his hell-spawned training schedule, especially when classes are already very tiring by themselves. However, at times, he is joined by Artagnan, during the latter's times of insecurity over his poor performance, and it is at these moments that these two bond. When he does decide to have a break from training, he 'plays' in the gym, i.e. training himself in his gymnastics, body strength and speed, or study, mostly by himself with books borrowed from the library.


Vulturn uses the Black Water Liberty, a mass of black-colored liquid infused with his Aura, in turn bending to his will as a shape-shifting weapon. The third Murasame Original, it is capable of transforming into almost any weapon, while also reconvert the Dust within it to form any necessary ammunition. Used as a mold-maker and portable forge by the legendary blacksmith, it also contains remnants of his Aura and in turn memories of his weapon blueprints, which can be replicated to form some of the strongest weapons in the world.

The sheer concentration of liquefied Dust also makes them able to disrupt the structure of soft foreign objects such as their user's bare flesh, making them the most dangerous weapon type, while the wounds they create are large, bloody and extremely lethal to opponents. The only known direct protection against this is Aura and metallic armor, though the fluidity of the weapon means it can seep through the gaps of the latter.

For his time in Beacon, Vulturn took with him 3 vials of the substance, each one equivalent to a mass of a man. The ultimate volume of Free-Flow is massive, resting within a large underground lake under the Vortigern fortress. A quarter of this is entitled to Vulturn in states of dire emergency and with it, he can form an arsenal to match armies.

In his disguise as a Black Hunter student, Vulturn was granted authorization to have and use their trademark Power Inverter weapons, with the ability to gain strength from biting into his enemy's Aura. His custom Power Inverter is a pair of black-green bracers with a noticeable bulk on the top of the arm. This bulk contains the bracers' main weapon, a long thick cable interspersed with fang-like blades that can be fired out from two barrels in the bracer, one forward-pointing over the fist and the other backward-pointing over the elbow. By keeping the cable short, the blades can stack atop one another to form a solid sword of adjustable length, up to as long as Ruby's own scythe blade, and by using both ends of the bracer, it can create a very long double-bladed staff, with the bulk of the bracer detaching off the arm to form into a usable grip for such a form.


Character Attributes
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: B Aura: A
Defense: C Agility: A+
Endurance: EX Technique: A
Intelligence: A Leadership: A
Experience: C Semblance: EX
  Dust Knowledge C
  Combat Sense A

Vulturn is one of the strongest fighters among Beacon students, dominating his peers, and used by the teachers as an example of the Black Hunter superiority enforced by their training. His power and defense are above average, but his agility, endurance and combat sense are incredible. His natural agility has him being extremely fast to the point that only the teachers could perceive him moving. Being slightly faster than Ruby with possessing greater control leads to some contention and rivalry between the two. Note that all these feats are approximately half of his true strength as a Vortigern assassin.

Vulturn's flexibility and balance is equivalent to that of a master-level gymnast: showing himself time and again to be able to slip out of tight situations through numerous flips, handstands, slides and rolls. He is able to bend into inhuman angles so as to allow him to attack from an unexpected direction and in many times, his opponents find themselves being struck right at the moment Vulturn slides right under one of their attacks.

Vulturn is also able to call upon an incredible amount of strength far exceeding any student in the Academy, to the point that he could manhandle an extremely large Nevermore. However, whenever he does this, his body would be straining from the effort, himself heavily out of breath, and the burden sends his arms uncontrollable shaking, betraying their weakness.

Due to his Vortigern training, Vulturn is also capable in most of their techniques. Of note are:

  • Arasian is his most practiced technique. It allows him to detect souls within a 50-meter radius, making ambushes futile, and also read every attack coming his way. He can do so on multiple opponents at once without difficulty. His powerful affinity to this technique is due to his Semblance's intimacy with space.
  • Gangas is what Vulturn uses to achieve blitzing speeds. He can move at phenomenal speeds in all directions, while also enhancing his kicks to even snap a Atlesian Paladin in two. Through brief pauses, he can leave blurred after-images to trick out his opponents.

Finally, the most lethal out of Vulturn's natural capabilities is his pinpoint combat sense, where he can quickly figure out the powers of his opponents, their limits and weaknesses through a very methodical, scientific thought process. He can get the rhythm and pattern of most fighting styles down within one or two short exchanges. Many attacks and abilities do not work on him by their third time of use, as he narrows down their flaws and crushes them. The most effective way to tackle him would be to keep on pulling out new moves and tricks in hopes of one of them taking him down, but his adherence to fighting at full force from the very start gives little time for such 'circus acts', as he describes them.


Vulturn's Aura permeates around him in a very thick black smog. At full power it is beyond 5 times the strength of the average Aura, with immense reserves that can allow moderate-intensity fighting for days. Vulturn's Aura enhances almost all his attributes by superhuman levels, with a mediocre defensive Shroud, due to it being considered unneeded as a result of his Semblance and his agility.

It possesses the Semblance of Bypass, "Full-Name: Bypass - To Another World" which allows him to shift objects from one dimension to another, granting intangibility. Visually, the shifted part would have just vanished, but when it reappears, a sharp crack can be heard as the part 'bursts' back into the third dimension, with metaphorical black glass shards appearing around it. Compared to his father and his grandfather, Vulturn is the only one who can shift his own body into the other dimension without repercussions, thus he is the only one out of the three to know what is on the other side. In exchange, his Semblance is limited to his body and things he touch and consumes a severe amount of Aura to use. Because it can go through Auras, his Semblance can deal grievous injuries very easily, such as by directly hitting a vital organ, and hence he is barred from using it at the Academy. A less-considered side-effect is that he can use highly-concentrated Aura to nullify Dust, due to his Aura forming a space in between dimensions, hence the Dust are equivalent to being away from Remnant.

Bypass can be prevented from initiating by enveloping the targeted body part with an equivalent concentration of Aura, but once the body part vanishes into the other dimension, Bypass cannot be negated, hence Vulturn tends to initiate the Semblance a distance from his opponent to avoid this flaw, even if this does telegraph his incoming attack.

Other Skills

As part of his assassin training, Vulturn has consummate knowledge about the nature of Aura and the techniques in using it, displayed during his one-year stint of teaching an insecure Art about using his Aura and becoming a better fighter. Art noted during his lessons that Vulturn's metaphors and descriptions are more brutal and morbid compared to those in the Beacon classes, a consequence of the source of his own training. His philosophy regarding Aura differs from Pyrrha's, in that, rather than being a shield of protection for the group, Aura is a sword of action and acts as a power for the individual that can only be truly utilized with personal conviction and decisiveness.

He also has partial expertise in the usage of Dust. While he lacks the talent to freely combine Dust or use powdered Dust as a full-blown weapon, he knows the more common Dust types and is able to use powdered Dust as a tool, such as using Fire as an impromptu torch and Lightning to short-circuit electronics. He can also shape Dust crystals into bullets through Liberty to grant elemental effects to his liquid weapon.

Having traveled to Beacon from the Black Hunter Academy in Mistral, Vulturn has also amassed an adequate degree of survival knowledge, such as an understanding of the Creatures of Grimm, leaning more towards the survival-relevant and practical aspects rather than the theoretical (e.g. names, types, powers), hence not helping him as much in Grimm Studies classes than expected.

Furthermore, Vulturn is skilled at empathy, his sharp eye and unbiased analysis making it easy for him to read the feelings of others. While he deems it irrational to allow emotions to sway you, Vulturn acknowledges that emotions themselves are important to the decision-making process of too many people to just ignore. Whereas others might obsess over trying to deal with the symptoms, his method of dealing with rampant emotions is to target and rip out the roots themselves. This apt regard had Ozpin decide to appoint Vulturn as a Student Counselor.



Artagnan: Got off to a bad start due to Vulturn's disabling of Art's childhood friend Tesion. Art's failing performance forced him to seek for a combat tutor and he found one in Vulturn. Realizing the amount he pushes himself for his own goal causes Art to see him in a new light and he came to respect Vulturn.

Elley Godwind: Elley is initially suspicious of Vulturn, believing that a Black Hunter like him is up to no good being in Beacon. She challenges him every step of the way, but over time, as they grew familiar with one another, this sort of back-forth arguing became more akin to a social game between comrades.

Lear: Lear begins as the most open to Vulturn and always tries to pull him in even when the others did not. Vulturn does not regard him very highly due to his interpretation of Lear abandoning his royal background as cowardice.

Remnant 9

Tearia: Vulturn's arranged fiancee in the Vortigern Clan. Trusts her and sees her as one of his closest friends, but does not love her.

Briar: Adopted cousin. Vulturn is one of the few people that can see through her display of strength and understands how fragile she really is. Hence, he tends to check up on her to assess her state of mind and her suitability for the mission.


Smith: His father, though Vulturn does not acknowledge him as so. Smith's current dedication to the Vortigern Clan and his resultant inability to notice how the Clan has caused his family to suffer has alienated Vulturn.

Caroll: His little sister, she is his main motivation in continuing his work for the Vortigern Clan, as he feels guilty for leaving her behind when he managed to escape the Clan for two years before getting caught again, as well as seeing more and more of his mother as she grows up.


  • In direct contrast to his older brother, Vulturn is named after Vulturnus, the Roman god of the east wind, while Zephyr is the Greek god of the west wind.
  • Vulturn also uses the same Free-Flow that Smith and Zephyr uses, due to it being a traditional family weapon.
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