Zephyr is Vulturn's big brother, older by 17 years, and an inspiring role model. While Vulturn has been led to believe that Zephyr had died in a disastrous attempt to escape the Vortigern Clan, his decision to leave the clan as well was inspired by Zephyr's 'actions'. Vulturn recalls loving his big brother incredibly dearly and himself being an energetic little boy at that time, always glomping Zephyr everytime he saw him, pestering him to show him 'magic tricks', which in truth was Zephyr's Aura.


Caroll is Vulturn's younger sister by 12 years. As Caroll's birth also marked the death of his mother and alongside him undergoing the brutality that was assassin training, Vulturn was much more subdued around Caroll and did not had the enthusiasm to be a brother as Zephyr had for him. However, he tried his best, especially when their father Smith unintentionally neglected, and he was always the reserved, slightly smiling and accepting target of Caroll's pranks and mischiefs. Before his escape, Vulturn had shifted a great deal of expectations from the Vortigern Clan away from Caroll and generally worked hard to excel as an assassin so that the Clan won't need Caroll. However, when he could not take the stress anymore and escaped in an emotional act of selfishness, he internally wrecked himself for now exposing Caroll to the Clan's cruelty. As a result, the reason he trains so hard at Beacon Academy was because he made a promise to her to go back as a Hunter and rescue his sister.

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