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Wendy Castrenn is the marksman of team EDWS, partnered with Elroy Osmail.

Wendy Castrenn
Wendy sketch
Age 20 (vol 1-3) 21 (Vol 4)
Color white smoke
Gender Female
Race Mediterranean/Caucasian
Species human
Handedness righthanded
Complexion light olive
Hair White
Eyes Hazel
Semblance Ghost Eye
Height 1.72 m
Weight 67 Kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon academy, Signal Academy
Partner Elroy Osmail
Occupation Huntress


Wendy has a lean but well toned body, the result of years of training to prepare her for military life and afterwards out of pure habit. She keeps her white hair in a ponytail with a few loose strands falling just past her face.

She wears combat boots, sturdy grey jeans with two magazine pouches strapped to her hips holding 3 Dust magazines each and with six shotgun caddies on her belt each containing six custom shells. Next is a simple white buttoned shirt and over that matte grey harness with ammo pouches for her rifle. Finally are her tough fingerless gloves, knee pads and elbow pads that are darker shade of charcoal grey compared to the lighter grey and white of the chest harness.


Wendy is a woman who knew from an early age who she is, she is someone who helps people. certain of herself and quick in taking action, she is direct and to the point, but in a tactfull manner instead of her partner Elroy's obliviously blunt manner. While she isn't the leader of team EDWS she takes an active role in keeping them well organized and sfrom the day they were assigned to their dorm.

She has been called both mockingly and later affectionately the team-mom of EDWS, and while she doesn't like the title, she doesn't argue with them over her role. Wendy is a creature of habit and likes to have things organized and predictable when possible.

It was actually rather hard for her to adjust to actual combat when she was younger due to the occasional unpredicted situations that cropped up, but thanks to her Semblance and her taking on the role as team scout and marksman she is the first to find out about new factors and will make sure to clue the rest of her team in on what she sees.


Reliant Sentinel:

Wendy's primary weapon is a Combination Shotgun/Rifle she calls Reliant Sentinel. The weapon looks like a shotgun and a bull-pup rifle built on the same frame.

Normally compacted in a more portable form, depending on which weapon she needs Wendy deploys either the shotgun or the marksman rifle modes for easier handling, however aside from the fire-select there is nothing that prevents both weapons from being use simultaneously, so Wendy can switch between the two with only the flip of a switch. the third mode of the weapon takes a slightly longer transformation, splitting the barrels of the two guns apart to form the two prongs of the energy cannon.

The rifle mode uses the same integrated Dust system that Dagobert Drephos uses to apply Dust to a standard bullet fired from the rifle and allows Wendy to make use of Ice, fire and lightning dust. The cartridge for this Dust system is the same type she uses for her backup handguns, however due to the weapon not needing to create a full projectile out of the dust alone it is much more efficient with the Rifle mode allowing for 60 shots to be coated in Dust before depletion

The Shotgun Mode is in and of itself a bit more not that special, but still comes with a dual-mode mechanism to fire both semi-automatic and pump-action to allow lower powered speciality rounds to be used. Typically Wendy loads it in advance with normal or dust infused buckshot and only loads the speciality rounds when needed in the moment.

The energy cannon mode is Wendy's answer to enemy armour. A classic two pronged magnetic contained energy weapon, it charges for five seconds before discharging a continuous particle beam for two seconds, inflicting catastrophic damage to even the thickest of Grimm armour. the only drawback is that after firing it needs at least an hour to cool down to prevent damage to the entire platform, it also fully drains the Dust cartridge otherwise used for the rifle mode and needs at least a 80% charge to be present to properly fire.

Retaliation Gemini:

While Wendy's primary weapon is extremely versatile and she knows how to fight with it at any range, there are still scenarios where Reliant Sentinel is too big and unwieldy to use in combat. For that purpose Wendy has Retaliation Gemini, a set of twin Dust pistols that use the same large cartridge as the Internal Dust System in Reliant Sentinel. Wendy is trained to use one or both of the pistols in hand to hand combat to defend herself while landing powerful Dust shots on her target, she always has at least one of these on her person, not being someone who wants to be caught unarmed in case of trouble.

Shotgun Speciality Rounds:

Flare: Simple high visibility flare for emergencies, but Huntsmen have been using these for more creative purposes for as long as there have been flares.

Fog-bomb: A utility round made with ice and steam dust to create a thick fogbank when it detonates on impact. makes for a great source of visual cover, or a dealy trap when combined with Lightning or Ice dust.

Raikou: A popular anti-grimm dust muinition that shoots electrified buckshot. Wendy especially likes to use it in combination with the Fog-bomb to send shocks through the entire cloud and strike multiple targets caught within.

Dust Dispersal Grenade: A thermobaric dust explosive that uses pressure instead of shrapnel to kill. First spreads the dust powder in a cloud of roughly 3 feet across before detonating. Powerful but expensive, Wendy only has 6 rounds after the Battle of beacon and prefers to not waste them.

Taccomm eye piece: This tactical combat computer serves as the hub of team EDWS' communication in the field and gives Wendy specialized sensors to enhance her vision in ways her Semblance cannot. Worn over her left eye like an eye patch the devices gives Wendy access to infrared vision, nightvision, up to 4x magnification and a video feed to the scope of Reliant Sentinel. The Taccomm links the earpieces of team EDWS and Dagobert's helmet, after he modified the system with what he deemed necessary anti-hack measures. While it only has a range of a couple hundred meters it is more secure than scroll communication.

Goldwind Booster (Post Fall of Beacon): the Goldwind Booster is a small black and yellow device developed by Starling and Dagobert that uses a mixture of Wind and Lightning Dust to provide a surge of energy and speed for 10 seconds on activation with 4 charges before needing recharging. Wendy's module is attached on her right arm for quick access in a pinch. when activated the dust glows bright yellow and a similar glow envelops the user.


Semblance: "Ghost Eye"

Wendy's semblance allows her to watch through the eyes of anyone she sees within 20 meters. This effect can chain through the perspective of someone she already sees through, but this requires her to keep the connection with multiple targets, which is more taxing to her mind and her aura. So far she has managed to keep up a reliable connection chain through 4 individuals for roughly a minute and she can maintain a simultaneous connection with up to 8 targets.

This allows her to keep track of the battle from several simultaneous points of view, including her team-mates'. Often Wendy will use this to the advantage of her team by keeping an eye on the entire team through each of their points of view, paying attention to any threats her friends might have missed while staying in contact with them through their earpieces.


Wendy mostly relies on her aura in a close range fight or to maintain her semblance, without much in the way of special techniques or elaborate Dust casting. This leaves her aura on a comparable level with most of the other thirdyears.


Wendy generally operates as her Team's marksman and scout, observing the battle from several angles and keeping her team informed on any threats if she does not eliminate them herself. She can change between close and long ranged combat on the fly and has practised her reloading to ensure she always has her weapon ready to fire, either with the rifle mode or the shotgun. In closer quarters Wendy is very good at fending off attackers with her weapon, either using buckshot or just whacking them with the stock or her bare fists. thanks to her semblance it is very hard to sneak up on her when she is already engaged with another opponent or with her team.

Combat Stats

Melee: 8/10 Wendy is trained in hand to hand combat and whether with her bare fists or with her weapons she has a rock solid defence and can even combine her marksmanship and her CQC styles to eliminate enemies at all times regardless of their proximity to her

Ranged: 10/10 Wendy is one of the best marksmen of her age and has an uncanny ability to land highly accurate shots without having to sight the target, thanks to her semblance and her finely tuned spacial awareness.

Armor: 4/10 relying on her hand to hand skill and her speed allows Wendy to forgo most protective armour. her outfit is sturdy but more meant to store her ammunition than offer any significant protection

Dust: 6/10 while not as adept in casting from pure Dust as Elroy and Starling Wendy knows how to wield Dust in firearms and knows how to make her won mixtures for specialized ammunition.

Aura: 6/10 between her semblance, her CQC style and her tendency to operate alone on the fringes of battle Wendy had to train hard to have her aura keep up with her preferred style of combat.

Speed: 8/10 While not the fastest of her team Wendy is agile and knows plenty about positioning in a fight and gladly exploits this knowledge to give herself and her team an edge.


Wendy never really expected to become a huntress. Being brought up in a military family she expected to become an officer just like her father and sister. However after a year in Officer School it became clear that while she had the drive and could look after her charges well she has far more talent with a rifle and was urged by her instructors to consider a career path to make better use of that. While it was tough for her to decide what to do next not that her original plan to follow in her family's footsteps she decided with some help from her family to enrol at Signal the next year. her adjustment to Signal was slow at first but toward the end of her first year she started to open up a bit to the rest of the students. Wendy wasn't that keen on socializing at first, she had to get a grip on her future again. There still were a few surprises in for her at Signal though, like her learning that while she had excelled at the firing range before as one of the academy's best now at signal there were plenty that were leagues ahead of her.

Still, something akin to pride had nestled inside her heart and she pushed herself forward, practising her semblance, learning to use it with her weapon, designing her weapon to never leave her at a disadvantage. she wasn't the best sniper, she wasn't the best close range fighter, but she learned to excel at both. in her efforts to prepare for the unknown she found herself relying on versatility and found great comfort in that. by the time she graduated Signal she was far more confident in fighting Grimm in the field, and about life in general. She was prepared to deal with whatever that emerald forest would throw at her. she didn't quite expect Elroy though.

During her first day at beacon Wendy spent most of it reconnecting with her friends from Signal, and researching the initiation. She would learn she wasn't alone in doing her research as a another future student made quite the effort to circumvent the random element of the Beacon initiation. Elroy Osmail had been one of a couple friendly new faces she met during her first day at Beacon and he had made a bit of small talk, mentioning having heard of her accomplishments at Signal with the marksman competitions they occasionally held, it had seemed anything but noteworthy to her at the time but when she found Elroy Osmail appearing out of thin air before her just as she had landed in the Emerald forest she already had the suspicion there was no random chance involved in that meeting.

Elroy and Wendy would join with Starling Leadswell and Dagobert Drephos, two other Signal students, who had managed similarly to Elroy to avoid contact with other firstyears to specifically find the other, and Elroy had Starling had appearantly already decided to cooperate in forming a team. Wendy only learned most of this in the weeks after their initiation, but given how smoothly the entire thing went for them in the first place already had her suspect as much.

After the formation of team EDWS Elroy quickly made clear his intent for the team to qualify for the Vytal tournament in their first year, and so plenty of training, sparring and planning was put into that goal. Wendy found her role within the team quickly as the one who kept an eye on the health of the team, making sure Elroy didn't push himself of her team too far too quickly. Team EDWS did well enough to qualify for the 39th Vytal tournament and managed to reach the first singles round. After the tournament team EDWS had gained a degree of recognition in Vale. Although they hadn't advanced as far as others their fights had been memorable thanks to Elroy and Dagobert's infectious enthusiasm. this small amount of fame might have been what inspired Elroy's plan to begin with.

During one of their longer solo missions in their second year team EDWS got to know themselves better. the suspension of their usual routine managed to give them time to talk and discuss things beyond the usual topics related to their school work or the mission at hand and they learned that each of them had certain misgivings with the way the Vale Council ran things. Elroy had plenty to say about the radicalization of the extremist Faunus, while Starling had the insider insight of her father in regards to the relation between Vale city and its outlying territories. Dagobert knew that Atlas kept designing weapons for war instead of means to fight the Grimm and Wendy knew deep down that Vale was not ready to protect itself if those weapons were to be put to use by Atlas. Elroy was quick to demand solutions and devise plans for it, while Wendy and the rest of the team initially dismissed this as wishful thinking throughout that second year he managed to convince them. they could use their status as Hunters to gain the influence necessary to fix the problems they saw with Vale. between the four of them Wendy was sure they would find a way to fix Vale.

(Volume 1-3 period to be worked out in RPs)

Post-Battle of Beacon

Wendy saw a new side of her team during the battle of beacon. Team EDWS fought as one to defend the armoury during the evacuation but Wendy had never seen Elroy fight with such fury, or command his team like he did. In the heat of battle Wendy did not argue with him about what to do with the White Fang but seeing the Grimm attack them just as easily as the students still was chilling to behold. In the aftermath Wendy noticed just how hard the events had hit her team, Dagobert naturally was hit hard by the death of his mother but nobody else seemed to notice just how badly Elroy was doing in the aftermath.


  • Artwork by Rainshadowed
  • Wendy is derived from the Welsh name Gwendolen and other names beginning with the element Gwen meaning "white, fair, blessed".
  • all members of team EDWS have one skill they show an exceptional amount of skill and talent for. Wendy's being her markmanship
  • Credit to Alex Wingace and Jadefire for helping me with the semblance.
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