The desert is a harsh place. It often takes comfort and joy away from the naive and innocent and gives the gift of life to the cruel and unforgiving...
— Wesker Arancite
Wesker Arancite
Age 17
Alias Steampunk Cowboy
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race Egyptian
Species Human
Born November 14th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6'1"
Weight 140 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Occupation Formerly Mercenary
Character Theme

EGOIST - Planetes
Battle Theme

Hiroyuki Sawano - Hill of Sorrow



Wesker's parents lived in the deserts of Remnant as nomads long since the Arancite clan had abandoned their own side during the Great War. The original forerunners of the clan escaped to prevent any of their own family members from dying. The Arancites have always held a tradition of staying out of war, but in a war where every man was needed, they were treated as scum. Hence, the family escaped to the desert, and have been living there ever since.

True, it was a harsh environment. But the Arancites bore it as their price for abandoning the war.

Of course, there were people living in the desert, exiled as well. In the desert, though, they found common ground, and worked with each other to survive the strict, dry conditions. Death greeted most of them, and birth brought new lives into the community. Fights broke out, but were resolved, some longer than others. It wasn't a good life, but it wasn't all bad, either.

However, as time went on, the community in the desert suffered. Generation after generation, more and more people went faster than could be replaced. Eventually, Wesker, his sister, and his parents were all that was left. Pushed back by the desert, the family was forced to go back to Vale, where they were welcomed back with... less than open arms. Or more. They were welcomed back with harsh words, rotten food, and violence. Every day, the family would see more and more harassment from their neighbors just because their ancestors abandoned the war effort long ago.

Then one day, his parents disappeared, and he and his sister were left alone to fend for themselves. 

Wesker was 15 when the incident happened.


Wesker's weapon of choice, Desert Tempest, is a Reconnaisance Specialized Sonar Rifle (RSSR). The weapon in its main mode takes the form of a high-caliber, high powered semi-automatic rifle that fires penetrative rounds. The built-in scope, using a bit of yellow Dust, sends out sound waves in 3 second intervals, too high in pitch for the human ear to detect, allowing Wesker to detect targets even past obtstacles. The range of the weapon in this mode is about 1.3 miles. The weapon can also transform into twin pistols that also fire the same high caliber rounds at the same rate of fire: at about 1 round per second. However, the amount of recoil for this mode is desgined to be high for a reason, for he often uses the pistols in tandem with his martial arts skills. The third mode converts the weapon into a pair of shotgun knuckledusters supported by blasts of large amounts of Impact Dust, allowing for close combat when needed.

The drums of Desert Tempest use an incredibly large amount of powdered Impact Dust to propel the rounds over large distances. The rifle form of the RSSR reduces the kick for accuracy purposes. Each drum contains 20 rounds, and splits into mini-drums of 10 rounds each for the pistol modes. 

In his team, he acts as a scout and long-range support, communicating information back to his team leader and picking off targets from extended ranges.

Wesker uses a unique blend of Earth, made from combined Water, Fire, and Wind Dust, and Wind Dust, creating familiar sandstorm environments with his skill in Dust casting, his goggles protecting his eyes. 

Wesker's semblance, Perception, allows him to adjust his five senses at will. In short, he can dull senses to power up other senses, like reduce smell to enhance sight or hearing. It puts a strain on his body if he does keep his semblance on for too long or if he completely dulls/powers one sense to the extreme. With his semblance, though, he has the ability to detect enemies no matter what type of jamming they use. It also allows him to not feel pain for a time, as he can reduce touch to the minimum, at the expense of not feeling where his limbs are.


Wesker's face is usually stoic, as is his personality. He rarely says anything, other than greetings and conveying information. But if he is more comfortable with someone, his personality can warm up in proportion to how much he trusts the person.

He actually keeps a unique relationship with Lydia Sorahana and Grayson Terra, as they are all naturally quiet. The trio share an unusual sense of humor: sarcasm, and quiet, yet clever, inside jokes.


  • Arancite is a derivation of the Italian word for orange, arancione.

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