I'm not very efficient in combat. But I have to say, my weapons are really good in the right hands.
— Ivory Dietrich, commenting on White Darkness' potential.

White Darkness are Ivory's weapon of choice.

White Darkness
White Darkness

Ivory Dietrich


Wide-Range Aerial Daggers (WRADs)


Ranged, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Throwing Knives

This weapon is property of the Intellectual Rapist and Ivory Dietrich. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
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Weapon Description

"They're Dust-propelled daggers with magnetic properties connected to the brace he wears in his right hand. He prefers throwing them from a distance instead of using them in close quarters."

White Darkness are ten sets of daggers of varying design controlled via magnetism from Ivory's brace, however the range limit is 6 meters. It wasn't designed for heated combat against the Grim, being only used for self-defense against other humans. As such, Ivory keeps them under his cape.

Being based on the All-Range Aerial Blades (ARABs), it's not very powerful, being inferior in power.

It has three different variants based on the Dust Crystal in the hilt, with varying uses.

  • A purple Dust Crystal can be redirected or home into a target. He has five of them.
  • A red Dust Crystal is combustible on contact, causing explosions if it hits someone. He has three of them.
  • A yellow Dust Crystal can paralyze on contact, but the blade is made from pure silver to easily conduct the electricity, making it less sharper than the others. He has two of them.

Their use is often specific, but it's not powerful enough to take down more powerful enemies like a Spider Droid for example.

It's true use shines in stealth combat, allowing for quick kills.

History and Construction

It's a smaller, more portable version of the All-Range Aerial Blades. Ivory personally crafted it.

He researched a bit regarding the kinds of metal that reacts to Dust for use in the development of his weapon.

With that, he came up with the three designs used at the moment. His grandfather only had three kinds of Dust Crystals available, forcing Ivory to only utilize Purple, Red and Yellow Dust crystals.

Parts of the Red and Purple Dust variants are made from obsidian to increase the sharpness of the blade.

All ten daggers didn't cost Ivory any money, since the materials he needed were provided by his grandfather, which had a total cost of 3,000 Lien.


  • White Darkness refers to it's hidden nature, as well as it's hilt being white.
  • The name White Darkness originates from Wild Arms XF, as the name of the armor one of the main antagonist uses, though this can only be found out if you check his/her (long story) stats.

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