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White Stag
White Stag
Title White Stag
Classification Deer
Ranking Unrank
Abilities Speed.
Strength Unknown
Weakness Unknown

Grimm Register: Tianee Musk



A deer, bigger than regular deer with antlers that is roughly 3 feet in height and spreads out at every directions. Covered in a layer of white fur with the Grimm traits being black instead of white. Eyes glows red just like a normal Grimm would.


White Stag can only be found living with other deers, acts like the leader of the pack - however it never be with a pack for too long, always seems to be on the move. It will never stay 5 miles closer to any human's settlement, and will flee at the sight of human.

White Stag's diet are grass, moss, leaves and clean water. It is capable of eating fruit and vegetable if it found any.


  • Strength: Speed. Antlers are assumed to be able to pierced through flesh.
  • Weakness: Unknown.

Recommended Method:

Not available.

Additional Notes:

  • There is only one White Stag currently in existance.
  • Evades capture at every attempts.
  • Does not actively attack humans or other Grimms, and only defend itself against anything it deems as threat, before flee shortly afterward.

Author Notes:

Credits for the name and art goes to: and

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