Thou shalt not harm this maiden!
— Will defending Nina from a Grimm

William Burns
Tad Uncolored
Age 17
Title Team DAWN Close Quarters Specialist
Nickname Will
Status Active
Color Burnt Orange
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Tanned
Hair Dark Orange
Eyes Red
Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team DAWN
Partner Sapphire
Occupation Student, Member of Team DAWN
Jobs N/A
Additional Info
Emblem ImosaEmblem10
Likes Peace, his team
Dislikes "Dishonorable Scoundrels"
Special Skills Incredibly strong, loyal, level-headed
Weaknesses His Family Code


Tad, out of all the members in Team NTGL, stands the tallest. He is built like a mountain with strong arms and rock-solid chest. He has longer, dark orange hair with a scar across his right cheek. His large shoulder pads are made of steel, the indented part orange and the edges red. His left arm is heavily armored with red and orange steel armor while his left arm has only a leather brace. He wars a red shirt with a brown strap starting from his right shoulder down to his left him. A metal clasp with his emblem emblazoned upon it hold the strap together. He wears armor on his hips and wears jeans. He wars metal knee pads and his boots are plated with metal. A pouch hangs from his belt on the back side, containing red Dust vials.


Tad has the mind and personality of a noble knight. He holds a sense of honor that most people don't. He believes in fair combat, to not fight an unarmed opponent and to not endanger any civilians. He also has the old sense of chivalry. He doesn't believe ladies are defenseless, he actually admires their prowess and has said numerous times that he was blessed to be under "Lady Browns" and even more blessed to be her battle partner. He just will defend a woman, as his Family Code dictates. He speaks in Old English, so others find him confusing at moments to interpret. He also, due to his family's legacy, feels that he needs to live up to the reputation and do something extraordinary to be accepted into the legacy.

In battle, Tad is calm. He's had years upon years of experience with combat because of his family. He takes the threat head on, enjoying the "honor of battle". He doesn't look for fights, but he enjoys testing his skills. He takes defeat (at the hands of other students) honorably and learns to better himself. He will defend his friends and comrades, and his Semblance reflects that.

Powers and Abilities

Tad has a Shield Semblance. A glyph, colored orange, appears in front of him and acts like a shield when he calls upon it. A large, ornate orange circle appears and acts like a wall. He can use this glyph to also ram into targets. It can, however, only defend the front leaving enemies the opening to attack from behind. Also, the longer he holds up the shield and the more damage it takes, the weaker he gets.

His combat style is similar to that of a Guardian knight. His heavy armor protects him from heavy damage as he uses his greatsword, Valiant Flame, to deal massive amounts of damage. Most who use a greatsword of Valiant's massive size would only be limited to wide strokes. However, through years of training and body-building, Tad can use the sword with relative ease. Almost like if he were wielding a simple sword. However, this limits him to only forward assault. Much like his Semblance, he is vulnerable from the sides and from behind. Which is why he values team work so much.


Thaddeus was born into the Burns Family, a well-known family of powerful Hunters and Huntresses. All of his life, Thaddeus was surrounded by warriors of honor and grace. At his young age, he felt the pressure to be a warrior of that legacy and he was determined to have that happen. So, naturally, when he was of age in his family he began to train. Unlike most of his family, he adopted the greatsword. He didn't like the shield, it slowed him down. In fact, he often used his sword as his shield while moving in to attack. This frontal attack behavior, eventually, led to several of his defeats and the scar across his cheek. When he was ready, his parents sent him to Signal.

In Signal, Tad was oblivious of his charms around women. He didn't realize that some girls like gentlemen like himself and his Old English was somehow enticing to the opposite sex. However, he was also respected by many of his male peers for how he handled himself in combat. When he turned 17 and graduated from Signal, Thaddeus moved on to Beacon.

When the team selection test began, Thaddeus moved though the forests at a relaxed pace. He fought Ursas and Beowolfs with ease. And then he happened upon a goat faunus girl who was at the mercy of an Ursa Major. Moving quickly to her defense, Thaddeus slayed the beast and became Sapphire's partner. Together, they reached the temple where they found two other students, Root Masterson and Aaron Orchid  being chased by a pack of Ursa led by an Ursa Major. Together, all four worked together to defeat the Grimm and claimed the White Pawn Pieces. These four then became Team NTGL, with Nina as the leader. And thus, the stories of Team NTGL began.


Valiant Rough

Valiant Fire and "Burn Mode"

Thaddeus uses the greatsword, Valiant Flame. Valiant is a five foot, wide, steel sword with a single, orange strip running down the blade. The blade itself is the crossguard as well. The hilt is about a foot long and wrapped in leather. The hilt is several inches thick and a golden pommel rests on the end of it. It is extremely heavy, but Thaddeus can wield it easily.

The sword, however, has a second function. A press of a button opens up four, half foot sections of the blade and releases red Dust. A spark ignites the Dust and an explosion of fire. A powerful tool used in fighting larger enemies. It can be used to stun his opponenet so he can move in and deliver more blows or it can add an extra powwerful kick in his strike. The golden pommel is where Tad can reload a tube of red Dust powder, and he keeps three plus the one he uses on him in a pouch.


  • This was LordKeyZ's 5th OC
  • Imosa created the emblem

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