A Doctor
"It's not that my advice doesn't make sense, you just don't know what it means... not yet at least"


Wing (born Vemir Wallachia Wing) is a staff member at Beacon Academy. Little has been known about him, but he has been hired by Ozpin to be the school's Psyhciatrist. He is a well known figure on the campus, often giving strange advice to students, with stranger results.

Early Life

Due to Wing's mysterious nature, little of his life was revealed. However he has revealed he hails from a town on the Eastern Dragon, just north of Mistral. He has claimed one of his anscestors were a part of the famed "Raid on the White Castle", almost killing the Schnee Imperial Family. When asked about his opinion on the Schnee family (particulary Weiss Schnee) he stated he "didn't really care".

Beacon Academy

Wing was hired by the Headmaster, Ozpin,  to replace an older psyhchiatrist who retired the year before. Wing (who had no training for the job whatsoever) fit the bill. Reasons for hiring him all lie with Ozpin, who hired him despite not knowing him or thinking he had any experiance. Despite the oddity, Wing's "mystery man mojo" paid off, students (while confused) were enlightened by the strange set of wisdom he brought to the table.


Wing is a mysterious individual. When doing a seminar, he often requests the students be sent to a random area on campus in order to meet them. He also apperently is aware of other fictional dimensions (and as such 4th wall awareness) but does not come forward with it due to risk of being ostratized. He is also very cautious about who he works with (some say paronoid), to the point where a seemingly petty argument could be seen as his death warrent, thus causing him to wait it off until the situation settles down. While seen as a bit... peculier, he does care about what people think of him and doesn't stop counsiling until the patient in question succeeds, many attribute their success (including curricular and romantic goals alike) to Wing, but he is never really there to hear it.


While his likeness may seem... familiar to some, please note this was common attire for doctors in the Renaissance. Aside from this, this character is as original as fiction can allow.

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