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I've lost my future, however I will not lose hope for humanity.
— Wisteria Kristoff

Wisteria Kristoff
Wisteria sillouette
Age 19
Status Active
Color Wisteria
Gender Female
Race 1/2 Fauna 1/2 Human
Handedness Ambidextrious
Complexion Tanned
Hair Light Lavender
Eyes Golden
Height 5"10 inches / 177.8 cm
Weight 63.5
Professional Status
Affiliation Signal Academy Graduate
Team N/A
Occupation Missing Person
Jobs Gardener

Hidden among the red trees, this small and fragile flower is protected by the fiercest of people. Even though she yearns to be free, she knows that she is in danger from others. Especially due to the loss of her feet...

General Info

(More to come later, thats not on the chart above)




Unlike her sister, Wisteria is a kind soul. Shes soft and gentle with everyone she meets, and generally obfuscates the truth to make sure nobody worries about her. Even though shes wheelchair bound, she generally does not complain about it, though she will ask for help if she is stuck due to terrain or Stairs.


History is on hold at the moment, as the creator want to wait till more information about Fauna is released before setting stuff in stone.


  • The fairytale that Wisteria, and her sister Eimear are based off Kisa the Cat and Bianciabelle & the Snake
  • She has one sister, Eimear Kristoff
  • Wisteria's color is Wisteria (Very original, yes)
  • Wisteria does not have a weapon, however shes very good at using Dust

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