Oh come on, you're leaving yourself open, any idiot can exploit that opening, oh wait, no I'm being to kind to the idiots, a blind monkey could exploit that
— Wolfe

Wolfe Black


Crimson Silverwood
Wolfe Black Year 1
Age 19
Nickname Big Bad Wolfe

Blood Wolf

Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Wolf
Born August 11
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Red and Blue
Height 6'9"
Weight 75kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Vix Valentine
Occupation Librarian, Medic, Mechanic
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (Alive, Location unknown)

Father (Alive, location unknown) Sister (Missing)

Additional Info
Emblem Wolfe Emblem
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Wolfe Black, Born Crimson Silverwood is a young man, tall and well built, with always messy brown hair and rings around his eyes due to mild insomnia. As a Faunus he has ears he proudly shows off. He has distinctive scars on his body due to fights he got into at a young age. He wears a full length brown coat over a leather vest and combat leather leggings. His feet are covered by basic boots. On his right arm there is an armband of silver and gold, a memento from his sister. His belt is a basic black leather belt with a pouch that holds vials of his different combat medicines. He wears glasses that are tinted to cover his eyes.

He has recently acquired a scar on his left eye after an incident with Zircon Juliet, his red eye now a more blood red from the scar.

His Emblem is tattooed on his back as a reminder to who he is and the conviction of family to him, as a member of the Silverwood family


A calm and quiet disposition provides Wolfe with a sense of mystery. He keeps to himself because he never wants to trouble anyone with his own personal demons. He is very shy and nervous around others, not so much that it hinders him; he does tense up in those sorts of situations when he has to meet new people. However he does get on well with other Faunus and people who understand him as well as showing interest in his ideals and his interest’s. He is also very protective of his friends. Despite his mysterious sense, he is quite friendly when he opens up to people he feels comfortable with.

Wolfe is a bookworm and is constantly reading. He has designed a prototype of his exoskeleton only in a blueprint form, and is constantly trying to get funding from wealthy people to begin creating at least his prototype suit to at least test his idea and hopefully begin to make more improvements

Because of his appearance and his distance, people often harass him, and mock him because of his ideals.

He has issues with certain things. He dislikes public speaking, being asked questions about his scars, being mocked because of his appearance, and someone disrupting his reading.

His speech pattern in normally calm and serene, however when he does get

into states of anger, he's as firm as a military general and is easily given respect from it.

In fights though, he is a keen strategist, able to formulate plans on the go. He has been known to taunt his foes as a way of attracting there attention hoping to protect his team.

After the Windstorm massacre, Wolfe developed a slight savageness when fighting. It is only shown when he gets injured or he says a trigger word.


Born into a Faunus family he was constantly bullied by humans and always remained by himself due to the hate he received. He was constantly in his older sister’s shadow and wanted to make a name for himself.

He began training in Close Quarter Combat at a young age to be able to stand up for himself, one day he got into a fight with some humans who ganged up on him and ended up severely injuring him although he was capable of fighting and had the height advantage, he was eventually overwhelmed by the attackers as he tired himself out, thus giving him his scars, they only stopped when his older sister appeared.

Since then he began to read books and theories on augmentation and began working on a prototype suit that he could use to amplify his own natural combat prowess. He began studying as a mechanic and researched Dust in order to make his dream a reality, an exoskeleton that augmented the body of its user. He has only ever designed blue prints and his Gauntlets. He decided to become a hunter to follow in his father’s footsteps, and to find his place in the world. 

Before he joined Signal, he took the name Wolfe Black in honor of his father, which was a tradition of the Silverwood family. He started to work with his father in the mines gathering ore for the blacksmithery and his mom in the communal kitchens which he discovered his knack for it. One day there was a riot in Windstorm City when Wolfe was beaten by an overseer for losing his quota of dust one day. Many of the faunus grew angry and started fights which caused the city to burn to ruin and many of the faunus to return to the Forest border towns. The Silverwood took over Pineore and took over the hotel that was once used by the governor as a compound, as a "hotel" for the residents. Wolfe asked his parents to join Signal instead of living in the Valley, he needed to forget the past reluctantly they agreed.

Upon joining Signal he began working on the prototype of his mech suits. He started working on armor that was lightweight and durable and was able to function. He met Vix after she stole his plans one day, and they became good friends from it. After finalizing basic plans, he started working on his suit with Vix.

He applied to Beacon at the age of 17, and became the leader of team WAVE, which he took in stride,

Reports have indicated a figure fitting his sisters’ description in league with the White Fang



Part of team W.A.V.E., he was partnered with Arthur during the initiation and later joined up with Vix and Elisa

Vix Valentine

His best friend at Beacon and one of his team members. She is also a Faunus. They get on well like brother and sister. There is some interest between the two of them, however Vix is more open with the feelings which does cause Wolfe to become really nervous. 

Arthur Kincaid

Despite the respect he is given, Wolfe has a distant thought that Arthur is just trying to hard to prove himself. He wants to fight him in order to test him.

Elisa Dianne Windstorm

He enjoys her company as a human being, but due to her wealth he secretly wants her to finance his research. But he just soldiers on with that issue

Fellow Students

Ciarán Abraham: After an eventful evening regarding his siter and a broken leg, Wolfe became good friends with Ciaran aka BlackBat. There relationship is rocky, after Wolfe revealed much of his familys past to him, even still there is no-one he would trust with his life than Ciaran

Dunkelblau Noname: His girlfriend. They met and the prom and everything seemed to go well. They have strong feelings for each other. Despite Noname's reluctance to be cuddled, Wolfe doesn't want to lose her.

Ranna Juliet: His adopted sister, he is very protective of her. He knows that she went through hell with her real sister and wants to help her open up to people, even if she scares people.


Wolfe employs a combat style using dual blades and hand to hand combat and is also semi useful at mid-range and long range combat.

His primary weapon is a homage to his ancestor Cobalts weapon, a pair of gauntlets that house two blades and a set of pistols named "Black Honor" and "Silverwoods Bane".

The blades are layered metal short swords that are held in the upper part of the gauntlets, the blades are the length of his forearm. The blades can be augmented with dust by them being coated in powder form whilst housed in the gauntlets.

The pistols are detachable and are custom made. Black Honor's pistol is a black gunmetal hand cannon, etched on the side in silver "Dentem et ungue" (Tooth and Claw), the gun fires standard pistol dust rounds in a magazine that houses 13 rounds.

Silverwoods Bane is a silver pistol etched on the side in black "Argentum Custodem Saltus" (Silver Forest Guardian). The pistol fires dust rounds and houses 13 rounds as well but these rounds are high impact rounds.

He also made (with help from Vix) his normal clothes into a set of armour that can retract metal plates to form his set of armor.

He primarily fights in a defensive stance opting to adapt to his opponent rather than attack head on.

He uses his glasses as a side weapon, although not a weapon he has a small array of lenses that can change his view allowing him to record his opponents actions for later use and pinpoints enemy attacks.


After the fall of Beacon however, Wolfe returned home to the Valley and there with all the time in the world, to work on his new suit. In doing so he made himself some combat armor made of a metal that is resitant to most grimm slashes, not impervious but resistant. He reforged his blades and gauntlets to twin crossswords that he can choose to use but he primarily fights with his fists keeping the names of the original but now made by fusing the two metals together. The guns have been reworked to have a faster rate of fire and accuracy in exchange he lowered the impact of the rounds.


Wolfe has done a variety of odd jobs to fund his weapon prototype research, particularly in the field of mechanics, tracking and some minor consultation work to people find his sister.

Fighting Style:

Wolfe was trained by his father in a form of Close Quarters Combat, that relies on adaptive fighting. The longer he fights the better understanding he has of his opponent. During his training he discovered his knack for it. Using his technological skills he used a pair of glasses that allowed him to record his opponents fighting. He would then review the tapes constantly hoping to find a weakness. However when he fights defensively he has to be alert of his surroundings, there have been issues when he was training where he backed himself into a corner and was beaten by Arthur. His reaction time isn't that great, to compensate that he has used his shield semblance to bolster his defenses.

Aura & Semblance

Wolfes aura is a silver color. Wolfes semblances is known as Silver Shroud. His semblance allows him to create a massive surge of his own natural prowess, speed, reflexes his auras natural shield etc. into overdrive for about at maximum 5 minutes at a time without too much aura loss, it drains him completely dry if used in excess and will need to recover.


  • Wolfe Emblem

    Wolfe's Emblem done by Rinnie Akiyama

Wolfe Black Head 2

Wolfe Side Shot By Paege Furber

  • Wolfe Black Head

    Wolfe Black Head Shot By Paege Furber

Trivia/Author Notes

  • Wolfe is a name he gave himself upon leaving the Valley in order to protect his family. In a future RP he will regain his real name (Future RP)
  • Dust B
  • owl Dance is the name of a Mumford and Son Song
  • He is the archtype of a beserker.
  • He got the nickname Big Bad Wolfe due to his height when compared to his team mate Vix
  • His name, his real name, Crimson Silverwood, his color is Silver from his last nam, the clans color of silver

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