Wolfsbane Online is a multinational multiplayer online game with both open world and arena locations for players to race, battle and explore.


The gameplay for the game is quite smooth with realistic graphics and locations based on the world of Vytal. Players can equip their avatars with any of the ingame weapons and abilities from the start of the game to make sure that all the players have a fair advantage in the arenas.

Combat gameplay is used for the arenas and multiple missions that are in the world of Wolfbane. The missions vary from hunting Grimm to protecting train and batting rogue hunters. It is mainly in third person but players with sniper guns sometimes prefer to use first person gameplay.

Races can take place in the city areas. The main vehicle people use are motorbikes. The vehicle gameplay if very fast and addictive. Some players often use the bikes to get around quickly.

Players can customize their characters with a large variety of clothing and weapons. 

Notes and trivia

  • Wolfsbane is the name of a purple flower.
  • The racing gameplay it similar to Burnout Paradise.

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