X was once a soldier of Atlas; now he is a cold-blooded mercenary with dark intentions. We is willing to ally himself with Salem's Faction.


No one knows anything about him. He is always concealed in a full-body suit and a mask. His name, face, and origin is completely unknown. The only thing known about his is that he is a very dangerous mercenary. He mostly has a "X" theme to his design.

All that is known about him is that he was once a soldier for Atlas's military forces. He volunteered for an experiment on Aura to make the perfect warrior with unlimited power. The experiment was a success, and "X" had changed, more ways than one.

He rebelled against his superiors and attacked anyone who gets in his way. Since there was no way in killing him, the Atlas specialists were forced to imprison him. Eventually, he escaped, and wandering the world, doing what ever he pleases.

He seems familiar with Jaune Arc's family history leading back to the Great War.

Abilities & Powers

Because of the experiment, his skills in combat and uses for his Aura are almost unlimited.

X has a remarkable ability of regeneration. Due to the experiment, he can restore injuries inflicted to his body, and is immune to fatal strikes. X's suit is specially design to repair itself when damaged, even replace piece that are broken off. Even decapitation is useless against him. His severed head would just evaporate and a new head whole grow back instantly.

Spot Markers

His primary weapons are two long black bladed tonfas. It is revealed that the tonfas are two halves to a black blade sword with a cross hilt, which looks a lot like an "X".

Cross Shards

His secondary weapons are twin daggers with the same "X" hilts.

Another weapon he uses are X-shaped shuriken.


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