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Xanthe Radiance
Rinmaru Xanthe
Age 17
Nickname Xan
Status Active
Color Sunny yellow
Gender Female
Race Human
Born TBA
Handedness Right
Complexion Lightly tanned
Hair Gold
Eyes Pink
Height 4'9
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team TBA
Occupation First-year student
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents (both active)
Xanthe Radiance (pronounced zan-thay) is a first year student of Beacon Academy. Her team is still in the making.

(Post BoB stuff will be added once her team is created.)


Xanthe is a small size for her age, standing at 4'9. She has lightly tanned skin and her eyes are a bright and warming pink. Her golden hair is kept in two buns on the side of her head, with some hair hanging loose. She is normally smiling, and looks a little younger than she actually is (looking maybe 15).

Xanthe's clothing colours are pink and gold. She wears a pink, collared short with elbow-length sleeves and a golden vest (left open) over it. She wears dark blue jeans with pink leg warmers over them, as well as golden running shoes.

For formal occasions, Xanthe wears a pink, knee-length dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves. These sleeves are see-through, and reach halfway down Xanthe's forearms. The bottom of her dress has sequins on it, which sparkle in the light. She wears pink dress shoes.


Xanthe is a bright, bubbly and cheerful person, generally fun to be around. She's recklessly optimistic to the point of almost being annoying.

Regardless of how fun she is to be around, Xan is actually pretty blunt to people's emotions. It's hard for her to catch onto how people are feeling, and a lot of the time, she blurts out a completely rude and inconsiderate comment without knowing how rude it actually is. What's more is that she often says this in a cheerful tone, which makes her seem more rude.

To add to a slightly more negative image of Xan, she has one of the shortest fuses you'll ever witness. She can get mad about tons of different things, ranging from failing her classes to being annoyed. When she's really mad, she might actually throw a childish temper tantrum, complete with stomping and all that jazz.

Behind her childish behavior is an extreme fear of being alone. Xanthe can't stand it whatsoever- one can only imagine how desperate she must have been for a partner during initiation. She always needs to be with at least one person, and sometimes, it doesn't matter who that one person is. This allowed her to be used and manipulated (though she's grown to learn how to avoid this happening). Though Xanthe is more of a group person, preferring to be with multiple people instead of just one.

Still, Xan is willing to spend time with just one person if it means something to the other person (especially if that person is important to her). She'll listen to their problems, not speaking until they've told her what they need to. When on one-on-one time with her, being with Xanthe is almost like doing therapy, which isn't something you'd really expect from her.

To add to Xanthe's more positive side, she is always willing to do things for someone. She'll fix your weapon, go clothes shopping for you, bake you cookies - you name it, and Xanthe will be willing to do it. She's not gullible, though, and she'll know if you want her to do something dangerous or law-breaking.

Xanthe also has next to no sense of shame, making her very confident.

She also doesn't want for people to suffer in any way, which is the reason why she decided to become a Huntress. It's likely that this extends to the Faunus as well.


Xanthe was born in a small town in Atlas. It had less tech and machinery than the bigger Atlas towns, so Xanthe never really grew up around tech like other Atlas kids.

At first, Xanthe was never really interested in becoming a Huntress. Her parents were normal and her first fifteen years were normal as well. She was quite content with letting the professionals save the world instead of her doing it.

She was always quite the troublemaker in school. Young Xanthe often sassed her teachers when she didn't get what she wanted, sometimes even throwing books. This landed her in detention a lot. When she was between the ages of five and eight, there were always other kids in detention with her. But after she turned nin, the people she often ended up in detention with slowly maturing while Xanthe's short fuse and frustration remained. She often ended up in detention alone. During these times, she discovered her fear of being alone, sometimes even having panic attacks.

After realizing the effect detention had on her, Xanthe stepped up her act. She was a completely different person, and she'd do anything to avoid being left alone. Only her close friends knew this was an actual fear - others just thought she was needy.

Eventually, at age 14, Xanthe had gone to a party with her friends, and ended up going home alone (thinking that since her home was fairly close to where this party was, she wouldn't have a problem walking alone). She was approached by a strange man, and due to her fears, she let him walk with her.

However, this man soon tried to assault her. Xanthe, with no combat practice and thus no way to protect herself, did the only thing she could - cry for help. Before anything bad could happen, a pair of adults chased her aggressor off. Xanthe later learned that these two were Hunters, something that made her realize that she wanted to be one as well.

Since she had missed her chance to go to a combat school*, Xanthe pleaded her rescuers to train her so she could become a Huntress. Her efforts paid off, and her training began. Under the watchful eyes of her two teachers, Xanthe worked hard to achieve her ambitions. She developed an interest in the properties of Dust, her favourite being Steam Dust, which she incorporated into her weapon.

Eventually, when Xanthe turned 17, her mentors decided that she could go to one of the academies. Xanthe's choice was Beacon. Her application was accepted, and she passed the entrance exam, getting put on Team (TBA).

*Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I assume that schools like Signal or Sanctum accept students at 12 (if they have a late year birthday) or 13. They train for four years then sign up for the academies.


To be determined in RPs and when her team is assembled.


Morning Star

Xanthe Radiance


Dust-powered shotgun

Weapon Derivation


Xanthe's weapon is a Dust-powered shotgun. It has no transforming features, but it is able to use a variety of different types of Dust. It is dubbed Morning Star.

Description: The shotgun is a little larger than average. It is a dull-ish gold colour. There is a slot in the handle for Xanthe to place a Dust crystal in. Her main Dust is Steam Dust, however she also uses Burn, Water and Ice Dust.

Xanthe utilizes this weapon in a similar way to a sniper rifle.

Dust Affects

  • Steam: When Xanthe shoots a bullet with Steam Dust in it, upon impact it will explode into a huge cloud of steam.
  • Ice: When Xanthe shoots a bullet with Ice Dust in it, it will freeze its intended target for about a minute.
  • Burn: When Xanthe shoots a bullet with Burn Dust in it, it will explode into flames on contact. Also can be combined with Water Dust as a replacement for Steam Dust.
  • Water: Only used when there's no Steam Dust. Xanthe would combine this with Burn Dust, which would result in steam.

If Xanthe were to simply shoot a Dust crystal, the effects would be the same. For Water and Burn's combination to occur this way, she would have to shoot a Burn Dust crystal with a Water bullet and vice versa.



Xanthe's Semblance is Radiance. It allows her to envelope herself in her aura, which will produce a glow around her body. This glow will become brighter, until it becomes a blinding light which will blind anyone who looks at it, whether they be friend or foe. This skill is very aura-draining for Xanthe, and if she keeps it shining longer than a minute, it will greatly drain her strength. Often, Xanthe can keep this up for about thirty seconds, but her record (while practicing) is almost five minutes. The cooldown depends on how long Xanthe keeps it up and how tired she is. The maximum it's ever taken to re-charge is about ten minutes, but oftentimes, it takes between 3 and 8 minutes.

Natural Abilities

Xanthe has a lot of energy and speed, even shown in everyday life, as she's always bouncing around happily. However - especially in combat - she lacks the endurance to keep this up.

Xanthe's accuracy is quite a force to be reckoned with. She has extremely sharp eyes, and can shoot from quite a distance. She serves as a sniper for her team.

Xanthe's aura is pink in colour, and she is noted to have quite a lot of it.

Xanthe Radiance's Stats :

Class TBA
Job Sniper
Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart


  • Xanthe's name comes from the Greek word meaning yellow or fair hair.
  • To be honest, I don't know if that's the correct pronunciation of Xan's name. That's how I pronounce it, but if that's not the actual pronunciation, then please tell me.
  • Steam Dust was confirmed in the 2015 livestream. It is also mentioned on the official wiki on the list of Dust types.
  • Her Semblance is recycled from Novala, one of my old OCs. It was renamed, though.
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